THREE (HORSE)MEN AND A BENNY: What’s Does the Future Hold for the Five Horsemen?


Last Friday’s post-credits scene has already proved to be one of the most controversial of Season 6. We saw the remaining members of the Horsemen together again, the first time we’ve seen them all together in a very long time. During this meeting, Mark Reilly suggested that the faction could fill one of their vacant spots with his partner from Who’s the Boss, Ben “The Boss” Bateman.

This decision was met with indifference from the current champion, “Dangerous” Dan Murrell, but was vehemently shut down by “The Outlaw” John Rocha. The scene ended with Rocha storming away in anger and Dan going after him, telling Reilly he would talk to Rocha about it.

It’s certainly been an up-and-down couple of months for the Horsemen. Dan triumphantly won the singles belt, but before that Rocha lost his title, Reilly came up just short in teams, and Knost and Inman both stepped back for a period of time. It makes sense that Reilly would want to start to build the Horsemen back up with a fresh, hungry new player, but considering the history Rocha has had with Team Action, it makes just as much sense as to why The Outlaw wouldn’t want him on the team.

The biggest point is that we can’t be 100% sure whether or not Bateman and Tom Dagnino (who would likely follow his team into the Horsemen) have really turned over a new leaf. I have a whole theory I wrote about this but in short, getting tackled into a coffee table doesn’t suddenly turn you face. If they join up, maybe we will see a full face turn from Bateman and Dagnino. Maybe something else will happen that will turn them to the light.

However, the flip side to that is just as likely. Rocha seemed to be pretty adamant about not wanting Bateman to join the Horsemen, and Rocha is a guy who doesn’t budge about most things. This could cause a great divide between Reilly and Rocha, forcing Reilly to either leave the faction or leave Who’s the Boss. If the storyline plays out the way most fans expect, it would probably be the former (after all, Who’s the Boss has a contender’s match coming up at the Chicago live event). This would once again bring the Horsemen down to two players, just as they were during the second half 2017 and the first half of 2018.

However, there is one more factor at play here. And it’s not Bateman, it’s not Reilly or Rocha, it’s not even Andrew Ghai…

It’s Ken Napzok and Grace Hancock.

In another cutscene, the pair were shown entering the building, with Grace declaring “It’s good to be back.” Now, the Knights of Ken have basically turned in to KOrruption at this point, but adding Grace back into the mix reignites the legacy of The Lion’s Den, even though the name is no longer.

It’s important to remember that way back in the days of Season 3, there were only two factions: The Lion’s Den and The Four Horsemen. And because there were only the two, there was an instant rivalry formed. Top 10 and the Patriots faced off against each other three times, Bibbiani and Rocha have both played against JTE, and Knost and Dagnino squared off. The factions kept on crossing paths.

With Napzok and Hancock working together again, this could ignite a fire in Rocha to beat the members of whatever players they decide to manage. And that passion to beat them could drive him to add more members to the Horsemen. They might just need Ben Bateman.

However this Horsemen business shakes out, there’s no doubt that they will be playing a very active role in Season 6. Should Bateman and Dagnino join the Horsemen? If not them, who? Will The Lion’s Den be revamped? Let me know what you think!


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