THE SCHMOEDOWN POWER INDEX: Who Are the Toughest Players in the League?


We’re just a few weeks into the season and the Singles League already has had some incredible and memorable matches. While many more players are waiting to make their 2019 debut and start jockeying for position to make a run at the Singles League title, let’s take a look at the current crop of players who play the game the best.

How do we determine who the best players in the game are? Using several statistical categories that we have been tracking the players over their careers a basic formula was used to come up with a Power Index (PI) Rating. This is by no means a perfect system but it is a start when trying to figure out how the players stack up against each other. In a game with so many variables it’s almost impossible to come up with a fair system for comparing. Doesn’t mean we can’t try!

These are the statistical categories that were used:

  1. Accuracy – Total correct answers divided by total questions (including steals)
  2. PPE – Possible Points Earned; total points earned divided by total possible points (including steals)
  3. Wins  Number of actual wins
  4. Win% – Win percentage; total wins divided by total matches
  5. KO/TKOs – Wins determined by a mathematical elimination scenario
  6. Steal%– Steal rate; total stolen questions divided by successful steal opportunities in round 2
  7. MoV – Margin of Victory; the difference between the number of points scored by the player and the number of points scored by their losing opponent

And the rankings are…

1. Dan Murrell (11-4)

PI Rating: 2.714

Dan may have suffered a devastating defeat in his first match of 2018 but to start off his 2019 season he put on one hell of a show in his title match against Ethan Erwin when he played a Perfect Accurate Match going 18 for 18 in route to his 3rd championship title in front of a packed house in Brooklyn, New York.

Dan holds a top 5 ranking in all 7 categories. He does rank number 1 in wins and KO/TKOs.

2. Rachel Cushing (4-2)

PI Rating: 3.000

Rachel is known to be the most dangerous triple threat the Schmedown has ever seen. However, since her title match loss to Samm Levine back in March 2018 she has yet to reappear in a match after she opted out of the 2018 Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. Instead she chose to focus on being a defending team champion as part of the Shirewolves. She’s the only player on this list in the top 6 to not have won a Singles League title. What does 2019 have in store for The Crusher?

Rachel holds a number 1 rank in 4 of the 7 categories; Accuracy, PPE, Steal%, MoV.

3. Ethan Erwin (7-2)

PI Rating: 4.857

We all know Ethan’s story by now. Rookie sensation takes league by storm, wins Singles League title. Ethan had one of the all-time great runs we’ve seen in the Schmoedown last year. The question is can he replicate that success again this year? Losing the belt in the season opener against Dan Murrell isn’t ideal but there’s plenty of season to go to reach the mountain top once again.

Ethan holds a top 5 ranking in 4 of 7 categories. His Win% of .778 ranks number 1.

4. John Rocha (11-7)

PI Rating: 6.614

Rocha has been playing this game for longer and more consistently than most players in the league. He became a 2-time champion last season defeating William Bibbiani but lost it to Ethan Erwin at the 2018 Spectacular. As a perennial contender for the belt it’s only a matter of time before he’s within arms reach of another title.

John Rocha is tied with Dan Murrell for most wins but in 4 categories (Accuracy & PPE, 7th, Win% & KO/TKOS, 6th) he’s just outside the top 5. Where his rating takes a hit is in his MoV which ranks in the middle of the pack (12th).

5. Mark Reilly (10-5)

PI Rating: 6.714

As the very first Schmoedown champion Mark Reilly has seen his share of ups and downs over the course of his Hall of Fame career. He’s played just about every big time name there is. He’s a 2x champion of the Singles League for a reason. However, last season he played just one match against Andrew Ghai and lost in a devastating TKO. This year proves to be starting off much better by notching a huge win over Drew McWeeny. It’s really nothing new if you’ve been following Mark Reilly’s career or if you’re within an earshot of Matthew Kearns. While Mark Reilly has seen a resurgence of play in the Teams League partnered up with Ben Bateman, the question remains if that can carry over to his Singles play. Early signs point to yes but will it last?

Mark Reilly holds a top 5 ranking in four categories; Wins, Win%, KO/TKOs & MoV. His Accuracy and PPE rank 12th and 13th respectively amongst active competitors.

6. William Bibbiani (5-5)

PI Rating: 6.857

William Bibbiani finally accomplished what was prophesied by Kristian Harloff when he first entered the league; to become a Singles League champion. Even though he was unable to defend it against John Rocha it finally looks like Bibbiani has turned around his bad luck. As one of the most accurate players in history he will be on a championship path once again.

William Bibbiani holds a top 5 ranking in Accuracy, Steal% & MoV. His .500 Win% prevents him from being higher on this list.

7. Mike Kalinowski (4-4)

PI Rating: 8.143

It may be surprising to see Mike Kalinowski crack the top 10 with a 4-4 record and a horrendous showing in a #1 Contenders Triple Threat match last year. After taking nearly the whole year away from Singles League play in 2018 and concentrating his efforts in the Innergeekdom League, Kalinowski still has done enough previously to get himself into the mix for a Singles League title run if he so chooses. Having won the Innergeekdom title, does Kalinowski have his sights on obtaining a second belt?

Mike Kalinowski does lack the prowess other players have when it comes to Accuracy and PPE. However, his numbers are buoyed on the back end with top 5 rankings in KO/TKOs, Steal% & MoV.

8. Jeff Sneider (7-5)

PI Rating: 8.286

Jeff Sneider has solidified his place in Schmoedown history being apart of the legendary run he had with the Patriots. When it comes to Singles League play he’s always a threat to ruin anyone’s day. While he hasn’t had many breakthrough wins and performances that blow you away he has always been a formidable opponent who commands your respect. Sneider’s most recent loss last year to William Bibbiani via KO was the lowest point of his career. Will Jeff Sneider use the new season as a new beginning and prove once and for all he is an elite player?

Jeff Sneider only ranks in the top 5 in MoV but in 4 other categories (PPE, Wins, Win%, KO/TKOs) he ranks in the top 10.

9. Drew McWeeny (4-5)

PI Rating: 8.571

What’s more shocking: McWeeny ranked #9 or the fact he is one game under .500? Drew McWeeny’s performances in matches have been so good that despite a 4-5 record he’s the only player with a sub .500 record to crack the top 10. For all the success he enjoyed in the Teams League he’s experienced the exact opposite in Singles. What would have been a big win against Mark Reilly here in the early going of the season instead became a missed opportunity to begin a run at the Singles title. If things don’t turn around quick he may very well have to wait for the tournament and that’s assuming he will even qualify for it.

Drew McWeeny ranks in the top 10 in 5 categories; Accuracy, PPE, KO/TKOs, Steal% & MoV.

10. Clarke Wolfe (8-7)

PI Rating: 9.143

Clarke Wolfe has been paving the way for women in the Schmoedown since 2016. While she wasn’t the first woman to play she definitely put the league on notice beginning with her first match against Josh Macuga. She has always been a dangerous player who can go on runs and take down the best the league has to offer. Having a title shot and being a tournament finalist last year has has only added to her already great legacy. Will this be the year she finally captures that elusive Singles title?

Clarke Wolfe holds a top 10 ranking in 4 categories; Accuracy, Wins, Steal% & MoV.

11. Ben Bateman (4-4)

PI Rating: 10.429

Ben Bateman’s performance in the Teams League hasn’t exactly produced the results he would like to see in Singles. Making it through The Gauntlet but failing to get out of the first round of the tournament last year felt like one step forward, two steps back. Can he make the leap this year?

12. Marc Andreyko (6-5)

PI Rating: 11.571

Marc Andreyko has always been a tough player but inconsistent play has prevented him from being among the elite players. However, last year he finally made his way to a title match. Even though he lost to William Bibbiani, Andreyko finally played at a high level consistently. Can he replicate that play now that the Fyffe Club has disbanded?

13. JTE (8-9)

PI Rating: 11.857

JTE somehow always manages to come up just short. Nevertheless he always surprises in defeat and in victory. Fans the world over eagerly await his return to play in the 2019 season.

14. Chance Ellison (1-1)

PI Rating: 12.571

As a rookie last year who debuted first in teams showed flashes of brilliance. When he debuted against eventual champion Ethan Erwin in a losing effort he firmly planted himself as someone not to take lightly. A hard fought season opening win against Jeannine is just what he needed if he hopes to prove the naysayers wrong.

15.  Lon Harris (3-2)

PI Rating: 13.000

Lon Harris technically made his debut at the very end of the 2017 season. Now having played through the entire 2018 season Lon Harris experienced the highs and lows of a long season and in the process became a well respected player. Now armed with experience can Lon Harris take the next step?

16.  Josh Macuga (8-10)

PI Rating: 14.286


17.  Scott Mantz (2-5)

PI Rating: 14.471

Scott Mantz may not be the most formidable foe at trivia as his record would indicate but it would be foolish to assume he’s an easy win.

18.  Andrew Ghai (2-1)

PI Rating: 14.571

Andrew Ghai shocked the world not once but twice in 2018. What does the Dastardly one have in store for 2019?

19.  Jeannine the Machine (2-3)

PI Rating: 15.143

A well respected rookie last year, she entered 2019 with a newfound confidence. While she may have lost in her first match this season there is no indication that this Machine is stopping any time soon.

20.  Stacy Howard (4-3)

PI Rating: 15.714

If you’ve forgotten about Stacy Howard don’t be surprised to be staring at an “L” at the end of the day. She can hang with the best of them and has the ability to pull answers when you least expect it.


    • I think his article only refers to current active players. Levine was not included because he’s currently not an active player in the league


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