TEAM WARRIORS: Who Will Be Stacy Howard’s New Partner?


It’s a turbulent time in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Factions are fighting, recruiting and – in the case of the Viper Squad – losing one of their signature players. In the most recent match between Kevin Smets and David Moore, “Sassy” Stacy Howard walked out on her old manager Jay Washington, and it looks for all the world like she’s joining Grace Hancock in the troublemaking KOrruption faction.

It’s a major change for Stacy Howard, who’s stuck with Washington through thick and thin, and it looks like she’s going to need a new partner. The problem is, many of the greatest players in the league are currently tied down, so it may be harder than you’d think for The Sassy One to find the perfect match for her theatrical sensibilities and underrated movie trivia knowledge.

So let’s take a look at the most likely suspects, the players who could bring Stacy Howard to the top of the Schmoedown rankings, and possibly set the whole league on fire!


There aren’t many Schmoedown team players with a better track record than JTE. As half of The Patriots, he dominated the Schmoedown for almost two-and-a-half years, claiming the Team Championship belt and defending it a record six times, along with his ex-partner Jeff Sneider, and seriously improving his singles game that entire time.

JTE seemed poised to make a comeback last year in the Anarchy Tournament, as part of the Evil Geniuses, along with “Professor” Lon Harris. But fate had other plans, and due to an unfortunate accident, JTE had to sit out most of the tournament after one impressive win. Lon Harris enlisted his own brother, Jonathan Harris, to complete the tournament, and JTE hasn’t been seen on the Schmoedown stage since apart from an off-the-book exhibition match in January.

It’s only a matter of time before JTE makes his triumphant return, and a partnership with Stacy Howard could be just the way to do it. They are two of the most talented players in the game, and they are both frequently underestimated, so they have a lot in common. JTE’s extensive knowledge of specific categories like Sports and Sly & Arnie could mesh well with Stacy’s own expertise, and together they could equal more than the sum of their parts.

Lon Harris

Speaking of Lon Harris, after two devastating defeats with The Harris Brothers, it’s entirely possible that “The Professor” might be rethinking his choice of a teaching assistant. Jonathan got an unimpressive three points in their last round of play. Meanwhile, Lon Harris scored a rare perfect round. So perhaps a new partner is just what he needs.

And what a partner Stacy Howard could be! Lon Harris is one of the biggest characters in the league, and Stacy Howard is one of the most talented entertainers. With her theatricality and Lon’s boisterous persona they could quickly become one of the most entertaining teams on the roster. And with Stacy’s knowledge combined with Lon’s, they could also be on of the deadliest duos.

Paul Oyama

“Primetime” Paul Oyama recently made one of the most impressive Schmoedown rookie debuts in recent memory, and he’s already said he wants to play in the Teams Division. The only problem is, as he said on the most recent Schmoedown Rundown, most of the great players already have partners.

Most… but not all. Stacy Howard is a veteran of the league with an impressive library of knowledge, and an astounding flare for the stage. Oyama has the skills, but he hasn’t been fully tested yet, and a player like Stacy – who has seen some wins as well as defeats, and who knows a few things that a cocky, rookie partner could learn from – might be just what he needs to simmer down, find his character, and avoid making the same mistakes that other rookies (myself included) have often made in the past.

Marc Edward Heuck

Comedy Central’s ex-“Movie Geek” made a devastating Schmoedown debut last year in the Anarchy Tournament, on a team that also featured Witney “The Beauty” Seibold. They lost their one and only match, but they lost with an eye-popping 31 points, a score that would – on almost any other day – have eliminated some of the best teams in the history of the league.

Witney Seibold is currently on his way to a title match, as part of Critically Acclaimed, but it’s surprising that nobody has scooped up Marc Edward Heuck (pronounced “Hoyk”). He’s already proved he’s got the encyclopedic trivia necessary to excel in the Schmoedown, and with his creepy Hellraiser intro and delightfully bizarre post-game smacktalk, he seems to have already found the right character wavelength. He’s strange and intimidating, which could provide an entertaining counterpoint to the likable and lively Stacy Howard.

Grae Drake

Stacy Howard is one of the reigning champions of Schmoedown entrances, and in particular, one of the best the game has ever seen when it comes to costume design. Her former partner Brianne Chandler could match her theatricality in every way, but with Chandler out of the picture (for now, at least), there aren’t many other competitors who can keep up with the Sassy One.

Except, of course, for Grae Drake. The co-star of former team championship contenders M.O.D.O.K. hasn’t been seen for a while, but her partner Matt Atchity jumped ship and teamed up with Alonso Duralde during the Anarchy Tournament. Their new coalition, The Paddington Two, is on the leader boards but M.O.D.O.K. has been taken off the rankings altogether, and that means Grae Drake may be looking for a partner.

Grae Drake and Stacy Howard are two of the most entertaining personalities in the league, always eager to go 110% with their presentation, but would they have what it takes to be serious team competitors? It’s hard to say. Grae Drake had some impressive pulls but she hasn’t always nailed the deep cut questions. If they wanted to go the distance there’d have to be some serious study sessions, which shouldn’t be a problem for Howard, since she’s been steadily improving her game for years.

Mark Donica

Stacy Howard needs a partner, but it seems like a lot of the other great singles players are already teamed up, and the team players who are currently flying solo are mostly question marks. She may need to think outside the box and venture into another division, and there, in the Innergeekdom, she might find Mark Donica.

An Innergeekdom championship contender, nobody doubts that Donica knows his stuff. And there’s no particular reason to think his general movie knowledge doesn’t extend beyond the realm of the nerdy. But even if sci-fi/fantasy is his wheelhouse there’s no shortage of related questions that pop up in the Teams division, every single match. With Donica, Stacy could easily smoke many of her opponents in the second round, whenever geeky categories arise.

Indeed, Mark Donica might be the best available option for Stacy Howard. It sure as heck sounds (from her telltale ringtone) that she’s joining the KOrruption faction, and after Mark Donica and Ken Napzok’s stint together at the Lion’s Den, let’s just say that Donica has an “in” with that managerial team.

Who do YOU think Stacy should team up with? Did we forget anybody? Let us know in the comments!


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