SCHMOEDOWN THROWDOWN PREVIEW: Scream Queens vs. The Odd Couple! – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to the undercard match of the Schmoedown Throwdown!

This Top 10 team matchup is between a new team with their first chance to face a tougher team, and one of the best teams from last year’s Anarchy who is seeking to contend for The Shirewolves’ titles. The winner of this matchup will get to face Who’s The Boss for the title shot in the next live event in Chicago, the home of Frank Janisch and the second home to many fans of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

Which team will get their chance to face this menacing team in the Windy City? It’s Jeff Sneider and Marc Andreyko of The Odd Couple versus Haleigh Fouch and Kalyn Corrigan of The Scream Queens!

Although they only played in two team matches last season before the disruption that was Anarchy, The Scream Queens have showed the potential necessary to face a contending team from the Top 5. From their two wins over Gardenhosers and Only Stupid Answers, this team is primed to be tested. One of the two that is someone to look out for is Haleigh Fouch. As one of the two hosts of The Witching Hour podcast, she is certainly another horror expert alongside Clarke Wolfe. Also, she is someone that knows her general movie trivia very well. That is evidenced in how well she did in her Anarchy team with Eric Zipper in Anarchy.

If she can do well and get this team to pull off a huge upset, we could see a potential contender in Haleigh to go possibly in Singles. Kalyn needs to also contribute for this team and help her partner with the questions that could go deep. The Scream Queens is a team that is ready to show that they are ready to contend for the team titles where they have a road ahead with The Odd Couple first, then Who’s The Boss in Chicago. However, it’s a tough road because The Odd Couple are no slouch.

After a good showing at the Anarchy Tournament last year, The Odd Couple returns this season as a team that’s here to stay. Since giving his blessing for Emma Fyffe to be the Innergeekdom/Teams Commissioner over staying as a manager, Mark Andryko left the faction to go on his own. He talked to his manager from Anarchy, Roxy Striar, to reform the team.

Now back together with Jeff Sneider and manager Roxy, The Odd Couple seeks another chance to play for the team title shot in Chicago. In last year’s tournament, they have shown remarkable performances in their matches despite the odd dynamics between the two. It has led them up to their elimination by The Harris Brothers. Now in normal Teams play, this Top 5 team is aiming to climb to the top and face The Shirewolves.

But first, they must face this upcoming team the Scream Queens. While they may appear to be an easy obstacle for The Odd Couple to overcome, they need to be very careful about Haleigh. She showed how good she is in teams and can be a surprise. If they can give the same performance as their tourney matches and coordinate well with each other and their manager, then The Odd Couple could be going to Chicago. However, the wild card is Jeff Sneider because if he can’t figure out a question then it could mean problems for him and Marc.

In this undercard match, it will come down to if The Odd Couple still has it after months of absence or if The Scream Queens can prove they’re a legitimate contender. However, Sneider and Andreyko of The Odd Couple will be the clear favorites. Expect an entertaining one to open the first Schmoedown Throwdown. It’s the battle to go to Chicago for a shot at the team titles!


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