SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Witney Seibold vs. David Del Rio – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the singles matchup before the Schmoedown Throwdown! For this match, the other member of Critically Acclaimed makes his long-anticipated debut in the Singles Division, facing another new rookie looking to grab a piece of the action in this growing league.

On the eve of the Throwdown, who will earn their first victory? It’s Witney “The Beauty” Seibold versus David Del Rio!

As part of the new rookie class of 2019 handpicked by Chairman Kristian Harloff, David Del Rio is both a cinephile and a well-versed actor everywhere. From Nickelodeon’s The Troop, Fox’s Grease Live!, Universal’s Pitch Perfect, Blumhouse’s The Belko Experiment, to In The Heights on Broadway, David has done it all. Other than being an actor, he is also a fan of movies and an aspiring short film director.

What he hopes in his Schmoedown debut is to utilize his cinephile knowledge and actor experience to give the fans a huge first impression. For his first match, it will be a doozy as he will face an experienced competitor from Critically Acclaimed. David needs to be comfortable with the lights, the rules of the game, and the pressure of performing to an audience that comes from all over the world; that third part where his acting in live productions should help.

David Del Rio will need to put on a remarkable first impression, but if he scores a win then he will rocket up the rankings alongside Paul Oyama. Can this actor show that he is a huge cinephile with the knowledge to answer all the questions? Although his dream here is to make it to the next live event in New York, his journey begins here with “The Beauty.”

Since his Schmoedown debut two years ago, many Schmoedown fans and almost all the Growling Commando fans wanted to see Witney compete in the Singles Division. One of these fans being a Chris Clark. This Friday, Witney finally gets his opportunity to go solo and aim for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship. From his appearances in team matches as part of Critically Acclaimed, he has been in synergy with William Bibbiani by matching correct answers with him in Round One and helping him in Rounds Two and Three with impressive pulls from tough questions.

He is an adept competitor, but Witney will be watched under the microsope for how he will do alone. If there’s one thing that is certain, singles matches are a whole different beast from team matches. Witney’s keys to victory are to keep running the same way in Round One as in his team matches, don’t feel overwhelmed by the loneliness, and to make his Growling Commando fans proud.

It has been over a year for Witney to finally debut in singles play, but will he give Critcally Acclaimed a singles win to show that both him and William Bibbiani are great in both divisions?

Given that we do not know how depth David Del Rio’s knowledge of movies is, Witney Seibold will be the favorite for this Friday’s matchup. While many will be looking forward to seeing how Witney and the rookie will do, one person of interest is obviously Chris Clark. What I personally would like to see is how Chris will react to one of his favorite competitors and if he wins or loses. That is off-the-scale on how fascinating it is.

We will all find out as “The Beauty” debuts in singles play of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!


  1. I gotta go with Goliath on this one. Voting Witney. Plus, after the Brendan Meyer match I’m more convinced that the “actors who love movies” aren’t as prepared for the ring as they may think.

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