SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Paul Oyama vs. Brendan Meyer – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this much-anticipated preview to the debut of two new competitors in the Schmoedown Singles Division!

This Friday, a big movie enthusiast puts his knowledge into battle for the first time and one of the biggest multi-champions of the fan leagues follows in the footsteps of Chance Ellison into the majors.

Which of these two will walk away with their first ever? It’s Paul “Primetime” Oyama versus Brendan Meyer!

As one of the newest rookies of 2019, handpicked by Chairman Kristian Harloff, the Canadian movie nerd Brendan Meyer will make his debut this Friday in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. There’s not much I can go on except for how passionate he is with movies, in addition to being an actor. He claims that throughout his life, he has been reading and researching movies. How deep it goes is what we we’ll see from Brendan. If he goes very deep and can get those deep cuts, then this should be a rookie to look out for.

It’s always a great thing to see the league expand with new faces like Brendan. However, his first match will not be an easy one at all, because the opponent he will face is what many hardcore movie trivia fans are calling the next-best-thing.

Paul Oyama is the second competitor from the fan leagues of Full Metal Trivia and Multiplex to get the call-up to the major league known as the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. In comparison to the first one, Chance Ellison, there’s proof that Paul is the best prospect from those leagues. From the time I talked to Paul, he is excited to “dunk on anyone in [his] way on the road to the belt. And do it with flair.”

And yes, his record shows that he is a potentially legitimate contender to-be: 4-0 with 4 TKOs in Multiplex Movie Warzone, a winner of the 16-person Warzone Tournament, 4-1 in Multiplex Innergeekdom Teams with a team championship victory, 4-0 in Full Metal Classic with a championship victory over seven other people, 7-0 in Full Metal Teams with two title defenses, and 3-0 in Full Metal Singles with recently being called Singles Champion before the call-up.

This young player is seeking to rise quickly to the top and take both the Singles and Team Championships. While you may scoff at this and possibly call him overrated (even you, John Rocha), many people from the fan leagues vouch for his legitimacy as a top contender. Kaleb Koho and Brooklyn Vail from Multiplex both said that Paul is domant in all the divisions he plays in, with Koho adding that “no one is better at cutting a promo or is [as] quick witted as Paul,” and Vail affirming that Paul is “one of the most clutch players in the community.” Also, Koho believes that Paul is better than Chance.

Finally, here’s these two testimonies from the leading members of Full Metal Trivia and Multiplex:

“Paul’s time here at Full Metal Trivia has shown he is a competitor you should never underestimate. What some may view as arrogant has shown to be more confidence than anything. He approaches every match the same way; controlled. He is in full control from the moment he enters, to when he leaves. He plays like a champion every time he’s in the ring. And the record and stats show it. Paul Oyama will for sure make waves in the Schmoedown. He is a fantastic player and person, and it was an honor to see him grow from an 0-0 rookie, to singles and team champion!” -Jeff Varju, Full Metal Trivia

“I could always see his depth of knowledge from day one and it is very impressive. He has a passion with movies always learning and growing every match. He is a dangerous player for whoever he goes up against. He has blown us all away since day one and I have no doubt he will keep showing more and more in every match to come.” – Tim Smith, Commissioner of Multiplex

Paul is certainly the best prospect from the fan leagues, but how will that transfer over to the Movie Trivia Schmoedown and those bright lights? That is what we need to see. If he maintains his composure and does as well onstage as he does on a webcam, then 2019 could be the year we see Oyama dominate.

This is an intriguing singles match to watch, and a must-see for several hardcore trivia fans. With what we’ve been given, Paul has to be the favorite to win. But Brendan is an x-factor and anything could happen! As Friday comes, these two will put their passion for movie trivia on the line. They came from different paths, but have the same ambition. It’s the movie nerd versus the top prospect of the fan leagues!


  1. I feel like I should give it to “Primetime” just because he has the history with him. We’ve seen him perform and know he’s got what it takes. But I can’t root against my Canadian brother Brendan, so I gotta go with him. Sorry!


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