SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Mark Reilly vs. Drew McWeeny – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with another preview this week with this Top 10 showdown in the Singles Division!

The next two contenders are both former champions and well-known names throughout the community. They have fallen on rough times in this division despite having some of their best days in teams last year, and they hope that this Friday’s match will give their new singles campaigns a much-needed jumpstart towards Dan Murrell’s singles title.

Who will be the one to earn that jumpstart? It’s high-caliber singles play between Mark “Yodi” Reilly and “The Godfather Drew McWeeny!

With a stellar Season 5, briefly becoming Team Champions with Samm Levine after defeating The Patriots, many expected to see Drew McWeeny to also have a stellar season in Singles. That was not the case. He was fraught with some close defeats, some unlucky moments, and numerous unfortunate circumstances, where his only shot at the singles title was in last year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. But he did not go far, as he was eliminated in the 1st Round by Marc Andreyko.

Now, Drew McWeeny enters this season with a lot of risks on his new singles campaign. By being ranked ninth in the Top 10 of the Singles Division contenders, Drew cannot afford to lose this matchup against a revered opponent like Mark Reilly. It could lead him ever closer to an early end to his fourth singles campaign. To win, Drew needs to rediscover his passion for the game and hone his knowledge. And as brutal as it was with his crucial losses last season, he also needs to enter with a positive mindset. With many more competitors vying for the belt, McWeeny cannot fall behind early.

Can he gain another victory to stay in the Top 10 Singles Rankings? We’ll find out when he faces a revered icon of the game.

Now a five-year veteran of the Schmoedown, Mark Reilly aims to launch high, with another stellar season to add to his hall-of-fame career. While he is on a strong team with Ben Bateman as Who’s The Boss, Reilly also needs to make his fifth singles campaign a successful one to join his fellow Horseman and friend Dan Murrell in the “Three-Time Champs Club.” Since returning from retirement by Rocha’s invitation to his faction last season, “Yodi” was filled with euphemism to compete and show that he is still an icon of this league. He didn’t achieve as much in Singles as he did in Teams, because that one loss to Andrew Ghai kept him from contending for the title belt.

Can this war-dog show that he can still hang with the new elites and the sustaining contenders? That’s what we need to find out on Friday. As the 6th ranked contender, a win here will push Reilly closer towards playing for the singles title that his friend Dan Murrell now holds. To win, he needs to be in the right mindset, resetting his path with a new start for this season. Whatever happened back then, it is done. Reilly needs to focus on earning that jumpstart to be in the title conversation right away. If he can do that, then we could see all three Horsemen possibly jockeying for that singles title. Hopefully, that would bolster the Horsemen more than it it would hurt them.

This match is a new “Square One” for both Mark Reilly and Drew McWeeny. Both are seeking a fresh new beginning for singles title contention. While the brilliance of McWeeny’s knowledge cannot be underestimated, Reilly’s knowledge cannot be underestimated as well.

Of the two, McWeeny will be the slight favorite to pull off the upset. You can tell that he is more than ready to prove himself, especially with his singles title aspirations not fulfilled. It will certainly be a close match, so get ready to begin this year’s Singles Division with a bang between two Top 10 contenders this Friday!



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