MACHINE MONDAYS: The Art of the Schmoedown!


Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved to create art; whether it be clothes for my Barbie dolls or recreating my favorite comic book covers. When I started getting into YouTube content from creators who loved and discussed all the same geeky things I did, they became like celebrities to me and it was no different with the Schmoedown. I loved the personalities, the themed entrances and saw the same creativity I had grown up with, being expressed through some of my favorite competitors. That’s when I decided to use my BA in graphic design to make fan art for some of my favorite Schmoedown personalities.

When I started doing fan art for the Schmoedown competitors, I never expected anything from it. I just wanted to show these people who inspired me how awesome I thought they were. I had tons of ideas and made tons of things. It was just really fun and a great outlet to practice new styles and techniques. Someone mentioned they wanted to see a Team Trek design so I put something together and just put it out there. When Jason Inman and Scott Mantz took time to tell me they loved it I could not believe it and afterwards I had John Rocha asking me to make something for Team Top 10! 

After that I just kept going, making new things all the time. Some things hit, some didn’t but it was always fun coming up with ideas based around the characters and the stories that were constantly changing and building. It wasn’t long before the man behind all that world changing and building saw some of my work and asked me if they could use them in their Schmoes Know Tee shop! I was so excited! What an awesome platform to share my work and it’s work for something I was a huge fan of!

I made silly designs for all the iterations of the Lion’s Den and a design based on the Missfits and their awesome entrances. Then one team came along and proclaimed “Where’s The Belts?.” They got a design too! Brianne Chandler wins The Free 4 All with a kick ass entrance?! Hell yeah I had to make something. Team Action breaks up, “The Intern” Brandon Hanna calls for fans to choose a side? #TeamGhai and #TeamBateman had to happen. A fan who ran a “Kal The Schmoedog” Twitter called for a design so that super pup got one as well and to see how that design has brought smiles and fond memories is what makes creating art like this so special to me.

To see how I started this from just creating silly little tokens of admiration for the people who have made the Schmoedown so incredible, to making my own design for “The Machine” and now an Innergeekdom design for one of the best players in the history of the league, Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing, has been a study in creativity and reminds me why I love not just being a Schmoedown Competitor, but an artist.

– The Machine



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