MACHINE MONDAYS: Fight to the Finish!


F*cking blue mutants… (forehead smack emoji).

Last week I talked about the whole NY experience. But today I’m gonna get into the match against Chance itself. At this point it’s kind of a blur and it’s always hard for me to go back and watch myself so this is all just from my recollection of events and emotions while competing live.

So as I mentioned, walking out to that energy was insanity. I fed off of it. The love I was getting was more than I ever expected. Thinking about it makes me glad my complexion hides my blush. Once I got to my seat I was resigned to that fact that at this point I knew what I knew and there wasn’t much else I could do but just stay focused. Round one we just kept hitting it toe to toe. It was crazy, I didn’t expect it to honestly be so close right at the start. When I missed finally I was worried, but then Chance missed too and the balance was restored, I was still in this. Oh my gosh I was actually holding my own.

Round 2 came and I let him go first. When he got rom coms I was happy and disappointed. As that’s my best category, I would miss out on some potentially easy 2 pointers, but it’s not his specialty so it opened it up for steals. I got a one point steal and had a chance for a 2 pointer but I couldn’t remember the actress’s name for the Proposal question. When I got my spin for 2000s I was a little concerned as it can be very broad, but there was still a hope I could pull ahead after Chance’s average round 2.

And then the challenge. Strangers…as soon as I said it I thought “is there a THE? I think there’s a THE. But as far as I know there’s no issues with articles and there’s no such movie as just STRANGERS.” The fact that Mark paused and had to think about it made me realize that they didn’t know if it was outright wrong. Jay saw Mark’s hesitation as well and rightfully challenged, which I think was a great example of managers really taking care of their competitors. People tend to think it’s just for the show and managers don’t do anything, but Jay was watching everything and did his job perfectly.

I won the challenge and was in the lead going into round 3. I felt the nerves come on a bit. He missed his 2, got his 3 and then it was my turn. I got my questions and I was feeling good but still really nervous. It bounced back to Chance. And when he took so long to answer I knew he was trying to pull Bateman’s trick(eye roll emoji) So I wasn’t surprised or fooled when he knew it. Back to me. They said comic book movies and I was feeling really good. I heard X-men….“YES!” Apocalypse “F*ck!”

I get the question, I still have all 3 repeats, I know Angel for sure but I just can’t even fathom to think who the other is. That movie was a huge disappointment and I didn’t retain much from it. I still had one repeat left but I knew I wasn’t gonna get it. It wasn’t a matter of needing more time to remember or going blank. I honestly didn’t know. I tried to conjure the scene in my head and nothing manifested. So I just guessed Mystique as I vaguely remembered a scene of her being in Berlin to find mutants. As soon as I heard nightcrawler the scene became clear. A loss by one word. Ugh it was hard to take.

But I played my heart out and the reception I got from the fans, Jay, my amazing friends and my fellow competitors was enough for me to keep my head up and feel good about what the Machine could do this season going forward. This Machine will be a nicer one but I can’t promise I’m not gonna get sassy from time to time. I was just honestly so honored to have this experience. I was proud to be a female in this league getting a moment like that.

I’ve felt the reach of this show at its highest after NY live. Kind messages from a band in Copenhagen, a fan from Croatia, to my coworkers at home who knew nothing about Schmoedown but are now texting me asking me question about the competitors and the storylines. When you get a text at midnight from a coworker asking if “that Bates guy” is just as hot without sunglasses on because they are binging the show, then I know we’ve done something right. Thanks again for letting me kick off the new season in such an amazing way.

Xoxo, Machine


  1. Great to see you grow in popularity. Keep on bringing all the different aspects of the schmoedown in one package!

    ps. I’ve heard people gasp “I didn’t realize that was the same guy” when they see Ben without his glasses, so I’m guessing people prefer him with glasses on :D:D

  2. You killed it, even in the loss! Always look forward to watching you compete because of the energy that is brought and the matches are ALWAYS entertaining and competitive. I can’t wait to see where you can go this year, and that team of Machine/Erwin will be LETHAL!


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