LET’S GET READY: 11 Schmoedown Matches That Will Get You Hooked!


It can be a daunting task for new fans to choose which Schmoedown matches to watch; especially when they’re first introduced to the game. Some people will say, “Just start from the beginning,” or “Every match is exciting.” But while some fans believe those statements, we want the matches where everyone was rushing online to immediately see them right when they dropped.

Fortunately, veteran fans helped us select eleven classicmatches to insure you and your friends will get addicted to the Schmoedown, and want to re-watch them after they’re done!

11. Dan Murrell vs. Ethan Erwin II / Chance Ellison vs. Jeannine the Machine

For those who don’t want to watch every single match on this list and just jump right into it, the Season 6 double header is the perfect match for you. Jeannine the Machine vs Chance Ellison, despite being an undercard match, was filled with so much excitement it could have been the main event. Dan Murrell vs Ethan Erwin’s match had the same intensity, with a surprise appearance at the end!

10. Drew McWeeny vs. JTE

JTE was considered to be a weak competitor throughout 2017 despite being a Team Champion. Fans were predicting that he would be knocked out by Drew McWeeny in their Single Tournament match. They were wrong: JTE held his own against The Godfather, leading into Sudden Death. Until the match between Mara Knopic and Rachel Cushing, Drew McWeeny vs JTE had the most questions asked in a Sudden Death Round!

9. Marc Andreyko vs. William Bibbiani

There are three reasons why fans choose William Bibbiani vs Marc Andreyko I to be on this list. 1) Both competitors debuted into the Schmoedown and both broke the previous high score, which was in Kristian Harloff vs John Rocha. 2) This match marks the beginning of three major plotlines for the Schmoedown. 3) Bibbiani’s old entrance style was definitely stunning to watch.

8. Kristian Harloff vs. John Rocha

The Singles Match of the Year in 2016 was Kristian Harloff vs John Rocha. After Rocha, who hosted a Star Wars Podcast, lost to Scott Mantz with a Star Wars question, he needed to win this match in order to redeem himself. John put on his blindfold to prevent the studio lights from unnerving him during the match and competed without taking it off. The match ended with a then-record high score 21-19, with both competitors playing their best!

7. Triple Threat: Mark Reilly vs. Dan Murell vs. John Rocha

In the first Schmoedown Collision, four matches were shown back to back but the greatest match in the set was a triple threat for the Singles Belt. Dan Murrell, Mark Reilly, and John Rocha were the first three people to hold the belt and fans argued who was better. This match would determine who was The GOAT!

6. Lon Harris vs. Cody Hall

For months, Lon Harris was harassing Cody Hall to a match in the hopes to “educate” him in movies. Going into this match, Cody was seen as the underdog because his opponent was more knowledgeable. Never in Schmoedown History has the in-studio audience cheered harder for a competitor than when Cody scored a point. He would ultimately have a perfect round one and have the lead going into round two!

5. Jason Inman vs. Mara Knopic

Mara Knopic was a great competitor in the Innergeekdom League. She managed to defeat Rachel Cushing and Mike Kalinowski when she wasn’t well. While those matches would be great additions to this list, the championship match between her and Jason Inman was her best. Even though she is no longer competing, it doesn’t mean fans can’t appreciate Mara’s skills!

4. Free 4 All I and Free 4 All II (tie)

The Free4All matches are always fun, because you never know who is going to show up or be eliminated in each round. The prize in this format is a championship match for any belt. Both matches had several surprises that left competitors and commentators speechless. Check them both out before the third one is released in March!

3. Blofeld’s Cat vs. Nerd’s Watch

One match that showed off how great Rachel Cushing was Blofeld’s Cat vs Nerd’s Watch. She faced Robert Meyer Burnett and Marc Andreyko without her partner, Ken Napzok. From a storytelling perspective, it had one of the greatest twists in Schmoedown history. It also setup an entire story arc for The Lion’s Den and The Fyffe Club!

2. Sam Witwer vs. Ken Napzok

The Star Wars Match between Ken Napzok and Sam Witwer was the first time the Schmoedown introduced the Ironman format. Fans were on the edge of their seats to see who would win this match as it went back and forth. If you think Star Wars matches are not exciting, it was awarded Match of the Year in 2017.

1. The Shirewolves vs. Who’s the Boss?

The last match on our list was filled with tension, which had accumulating for months. Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss had former partners facing off against each other, a rivalry between two managers, and the best entrance in the Schmoedown to date. Out of all the matches in Spectacular III, the Team Championship was the one match every fan was tuning in for, and it did not disappoint!


  1. This is a great list and I have no issue with any of these being on here. I do think the Patriots Vs Above the Line 1 is an omission. I couldn’t wait to watch but was in traffic so I downloaded the audio and was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Great list though. I’m going to pass it on!


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