INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Rachel Cushing vs. Adam Hlavac – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown Fans!

Tim here, previewing the first Innergeekdom match of this season, and what a match it is. It’s two of the top contenders of this division, battling it out this week to be the #1 Contender and the next challenger for Mike Kalinowski’s Innergeekdom Championship. One returns after a torrential run in the Innergeekdom Tournament last year, and another aims to be the next double-belted champion after defending the team titles at last year’s Spectacular.

Which one will it be to face the corruptor of the Innergeekdom Division? It’s the #1 Contender match between Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing and Adam “The Haymaker” Hlavac!

When Adam pulled off the surprising upset over the former Innergeekdom Champion Hector Navarro in the 1st Round of that tournament, we saw the arrival of another powerful contender in this division. He went on a run that ended in a close defeat to the eventual champ Mike Kalinowski. The comic book movie expert from Hyper RPG is seeking to continue his path to the Innergeekdom title, facing the top contender herself: Rachel Cushing.

Adam Hlavac is unafraid to go against the fearsome competitors. With nerves of steel like Superman and a determined mindset like the Martian Manhunter, Adam wants his rematch against Mike and wants to take the title, to even this matchup.

First, he needs to get past the icon of the Innergeekdom in Rachel Cushing. If he gets answers right in comic book categories such as Marvel, DC, MCU, and DCEU, then he has a chance to defeat Rachel. However, can he get the momentum going like in last year’s tournament? That’s his key to victory: use the mindset from the tourney and give it his all.

It’s great that we have another top contender in this division, but will he gain victory over “The First Lady of the Innergeekdom?”

Coming off of her successful team title defense against Who’s The Boss at Spectacular, Rachel Cushing is making her return to the Innergeekdom Division. The last time we saw her in an Innergeekdom match she went the distance against now-retired former champ Mara Knopic through all three rounds and over ten Sudden Death questions. Rachel fought tooth-and-nail, not giving up her chance for a shot at the Innergeekdom title, until Mara’s last minute victory.

After that epic match, “The First Lady of the Innergeekdom” returns to this division for another chance to earn her first Innergeekdom title shot and this time she’s in top shape. Rachel said that this is the division she calls home, where she can flex on her brilliant knowledge in every geeky category available.

This week, Rachel is looking to defeat a formidable contender in Adam Hlavac in a great matchup, and potentially face her Innergeekdom rival Mike Kalinowski once again. For her to do so, she needs to maintain that deep understanding of the game and the mindset that made her successful. The knowledge is truly there, so what strategy she comes up with must be crucial to avoid a slip-up and another delayed path to the Innergeekdom title. Will this be the time for Rachel to have her Innergeekdom title shot, and be the next double-belted champion?

This #1 Contender match will be an excellent opening to Innergeekdom play this season. Both are very knowledgeable geeks who will make this a close one. Between the two, Rachel is still a lot for Adam to compete with, thus making her the favorite to earn her first title shot for the Innergeekdom Championship; a title that will be defended in the upcoming Schmoedown Throwdown.

Get ready for a powerful showdown with the chance to face Kalinowski on the line, as the top two contenders are back to compete in Innergeekdom play!


  1. I think Rachel is going to kill it. She has the best chance to be the second double champion by holding both the tag and innergeekdom championship belts. I’m rooting for that to happen.

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