INNERGEEKDOM CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Rachel Cushing vs. Mike Kalinowski II – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here previewing the main event of the first ever Schmoedown Throwdown!

This is not just an epic Innergeekdom Championship match, but the most epic rematch everyone waited for since their first clash several years ago. A true battle of good versus evil. This Saturday, live from the Collider Studio, the “First Lady of the Innergeekdom” finally gets her shot at the title to earn what she really wanted since her debut, and the Champion begins his title defense with something to prove since corrupting the division to take that title belt.

This is the title match everyone’s been waiting for, five rounds between the two triple threat competitors for the Innergeekdom Championship. It’s the rematch between Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski versus Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing!

To understand the gravity of this rematch, we must go back to their first matchup two years ago. It was an Innergeekdom match to qualify in the Fatal Four-Way #1 Contender match. With Mike Kalinowski dressed as Captain America and Rachel Cushing as Lady Galadriel, both triple threat competitors fought tooth and nail in what they see as their true division. It was an extremely close fight with Rachel maintaining her lead by the end of Rounds One and Two. Mike had the chance to beat her in Round Three, but the inability to figure out the opening credits theme of Deadpool gave Rachel the win. It was a thrilling match that many enjoyed watching. A war between what was then two of the top contenders of the Innergeekdom Division. Now this Saturday, these two meet again.

For the true face of the Innergeekdom Division, Rachel Cushing now has her chance to win her most coveted championship title. While she now holds the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship title alongside her partner Clarke Wolfe, Rachel is determined to take the title that Mike Kalinowski holds closely. For those who are new here, Rachel Cushing is the most fearsome competitor to play in an Innergeekdom match. Her geeky knowledge of many movies from Star Trek to Lord of the Rings, and everything else in-between stands tall above all others. She is what many call the rightful people’s champion of the Innergeekdom. The only times she would falter was from close battles (such as the loss to Jason Inman) and bad luck (i.e. the sickness she had in her epic match against Mara Knopic). Other than that, she is almost unstoppable.

For her to finally claim what is rightfully hers, she needs to trust in the strategy of the game from her ex-manager Emma Fyffe. The reason I say “ex-manager” is because Emma Fyffe can no longer manage Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe due to her new roles as Commissioner of the Teams and Innergeekdom Divisions. The question to ask is can she be able to win this championship matchup without Emma’s aid? As long as she understands the teachings Emma gave to her, and do well in the speed round, she will have a great shot at taking away the championship from Mike and restore balance to the Innergeekdom Division. However, her opponent has a chip on his shoulder.

Since taking the title away from Mara before her retirement, Mike Kalinowski is now enjoying the spoils of finally becoming champion despite the controversial moves he made behind-the-scenes. With those powers taken away from Chairman Harloff, Mike now must prepare the number of competitors who are hungry to take his title away by the whim of Commissioner Emma Fyffe. It begins with his toughest test in Rachel Cushing.

Just like Rachel, Mike sees this division as his true calling since being a triple threat contender like her. Since a change of heart last summer, Mike was on a roll with brutal KOs and solid victories in that Innergeekdom Tournament of that summer. He was close but lost to Mara, only to defeat her in that rematch for the title. He is a solid competitor with a solid knowledge base of geeky movies, particularly with comic book movies. Mike is part of the very few competitors alongside Jason and Mara to truly compete with Rachel Cushing.

Make no doubt about it, Mike will have a lot to do in order to keep up with her and defend his title. If he doesn’t get caught in the moment and trust in his knowedge of geeky movies, then he has a shot at keeping his Innergeekdom title. He lost to her before, now feeling reinvigorated with KOrruption he is determined to defeat Rachel and even the score. It’s the start of a gigantic climb to be considered a legitimate champion for what he has done last year.

This championship bout will be thrilling from beginning to end. Both will duke it out in a close fight. Given how these two have done in the Innergeekdom Division and in their first matchup, Mike will be at a disadvantage. Rachel Cushing will be the favorite to win her first Innergeekdom Championship, and become the second Double Champion in Schmoedown history since Samm Levine. No doubt that Mike is one of the titans of the Innergeekdom, but Rachel is the destined champion of this division. If she plays a great game, no one will stop her. This is the battle of good versus evil, the heroine and the villain, for the Innergeekdom Championship live in the Schmoedown Throwdown!


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