EMMA’S GONE: THE FINAL FYFFEMARE – What Will The Shirewolves Do Now?!


When Emma Fyffe won the Commissioner’s Bowl in December, several questions were raised after the match. Which league was she going to be responsible for? Would she have enough time to manage a league and an entire faction? Would it be a “conflict of interest” having competitors in the league she was responsible for?

Last week, Kristian finally brought these issues to Emma’s attention and gave her a choice: leave the Fyffe Club and stay a Commissioner, or resign and continue managing her faction.

Emma talked it over with Rachel Cushing and Marc Andreyko to ask what she should do. Both competitors pledged their full support for her to be the Team and Innergeekdom Commissioner. Once he became a free agent, Andreyko asked Roxy Striar if she would like to manage him again. She agreed wholeheartedly and they went to find Jeff Sneider. But while Marc Andreyko has found a new place in the Schmoedown, what is going to happen to the Shirewolves?

Every manager or faction leader would want to have two undefeated, reigning Team Champions. However, The Shirewolves have all the bargaining power in the Schmoedown and they can be picky about who they join. They could join any faction, get any manager, or have any competitor join them. The Horsemen are supposed to be made of the best competitors. Despite going after only men so far, Rocha would probably be more open to accepting The Shirewolves than Mark Reilly’s controversial choice, Ben Bateman.

What about The Viper Squad, KOrruption, or Ghai’s new faction? The Viper Squad probably has more appeal to Clarke and Rachel. Jay Washington may be loud, but he does support all his competitors like Emma. There’s just one problem: those are heel factions.

Then again, Clarke Wolfe didn’t give Emma her blessing to leave the Fyffe Club. We’ve already seen Drew McWeeny turn, could we see one of our beloved Shirewolves follow the same path? Probably not, and if they are not going to turn heel, they won’t join these factions.

Another option The Shirewolves have is simply being on their own. Critically Acclaimed, Harris Brothers, and Founding Fathers are all teams without managers (even though Founding Fathers are part of a faction), so why can’t Clarke and Rachel be like those other teams?

Maybe because managers keep their competitors on track when things get intense. We’ve seen Tom Dagnino approach his team often after they spin the wheel to consult on if they should take it or not. Top Ten were Team Champions without a manager but they were defeated by The Patriots, on multiple occasions.

With Ben seemingly joining The Horsemen, Tom Dagnino might be without a team. It is conceivable he could scoop up the team champions. After Emma defeated him at Spectacular III, Tom did something no one expected to do: he shook her hand and complimented her. Some will say, “Tom’s doing this to get back at Emma,” but that might not be the case. He has changed since managing Who’s the Boss and he might genuinely want to help them defend the belts against other teams.

One manager who has never been a heel and has a connection with the Fyffe Club is Roxy Striar. She would be an excellent choice to manage The Shirewolves. Tom might have more experience managing champions, but Roxy would probably be a better fit for Clarke and Rachel. Not to mention, how pleased would Roxy be if she was managing Rachel, and Rachel defeated Mike Kalinowski at the upcoming Throwdown?

They could even take a giant leap forward into the Schmoedown: build their own faction. With their experience, they could shape new recruits into great competitors. Everything Emma taught them would be passed on to the next generation, ensuring their knowledge will not disappear. If Kristian wants to grow the league, what better way to introduce new competitors, as led by masters of the game?

Some people might call this a nightmare filled with change and uncertainty, but you take some time to examine it, it’s not so bad. The Shirewolves are still together with the belts hanging on their shoulders. Emma is no longer managing them, which is sad to hear, but they have many options laid before them. Whatever their decision is to move forward, it will be a choice they clearly thought about and agreed on together.



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