BATEMAN BEYOND: Is “The Boss” Secretly Still a Heel…?


A developing storyline this season has been the rivalry between “Dastardly” Andrew Ghai and Ben “The Boss” Bateman. The brothers of the former Team Action appear to have split apart, with Ghai staying as a heel and Bateman appearing to have turned face.

However, I’ve always been one for far-fetched theories, which is why today I’m going to make the claim that Ben Bateman hasn’t turned face at all. In fact, his whole “reformed Boss” persona is just a way for him and Ghai to further infiltrate the Schmoedown and cause even more havoc.

First let’s take a look at Ghai. Be honest: does he really seem like the kind of person who would join up with a manager? No. He would say something like “you think I need a f**king manager? No way, I’m the greatest heel the Schmoedown has ever seen, they would be NOTHING without me. Where’s the belt?!” It’s even more odd that he’s teamed up with Robert Meyer Burnett, a guy who was largely absent during the reign of Ghai. It feels like he’d want to align himself with someone who manages champions, and with someone who he feels would truly respect his impact on the game.

But the bigger question here is Bateman. After seeing his appearance at the live event, and hearing how ready he is to go up against Ghai, it would seem as though he’s really reformed. But his turn seemed kind of sudden, don’t you think? I’ve seen people praising how his face turn was a slow process, but I think he was still the trash-talking Boss that we all know… up until he got tackled that is.

So what exactly am I theorizing here? Well, bear with me, because it might take a bit of explaining (and keep in mind this is all speculation). I think that throughout Season 6, we are going to see the “reformed” Bateman and Finstock team up with the Horsemen. Finstock will take the managerial position and Bateman will join them as a new singles player, as well as part of Who’s the Boss.

Then, as Ghai, McWeeny, and Burnett start to build up their superfaction of heels (which would include the Viper Squad, Bibbiani, KOrruption, etc.), we get a reveal at Collision that Finstock has convinced the currently unmanaged Fyffe Club to join them, to create a superfaction of faces to combat the heels.

This will also give us a gateway into the Ultimate Schmoedown Teams and Singles tournaments, where it becomes a battle of Good vs Evil (in the first round of each, a player from each faction goes up against each other, and the factions get to pick who goes up against who). This continues on… and all the while, Ghai is still taunting Bateman about everything.

And then we finally get to Spectacular IV, where we think that the mounting tension between Ghai and Bateman is going to explode. Something bigger than a tackle is going to happen, we’re going to get a huge plot line started for Season 7.

That’s when they shake hands and laugh to the camera. Ghai and Bateman each take a microphone, and Bateman says (in his classic Boss voice) “You losers actually thought that Andrew and I split up? No way, we’ve taken over this entire league,” and Ghai asks for Mr. Gucci to come out. Whereupon Finstock reveals that through some trickery during whatever Bowl happens at Spectacular IV, Harloff has given him the position of Chairman for the coming year, and that it’s time for Action to reign supreme again. We cut off as Bateman and Ghai have re-entered, wearing their too-small suits, arm-in-arm with Finstock, and laughing manically.

I know, it’s really far-fetched. But don’t you want it now?

Do you want to see Bateman and Ghai team back up? Or is Team Action really done for? Let me know your thoughts on my theory or if you have one of your own.


  1. I truly believe Ben Bateman is no fucking face. First thing he said to Jessica post fight after losing to the Shirewolves was “Action Army for Life” and called her Jenn. Like it was serious. It is cool you have brought life to the speculation happening in social media and made it part of the SD lore. “Fans speculate whether The Boss’ turn was real” and they can use that shit in the story. Brilliant!!

  2. Well the Ghai – Bateman re-teaming will definately come eventually. In what form, and after what time remains to be seen. It may be that it’s all planned but I think the storyline endgame is more or less fluent at this point depending on match results, availability, title wins etc. as they seem to always be.

  3. What I mean is that last year’s big chairman/commissioner storyline was a lot easier to keep on it’s intended trajectory when it didn’t really hinge on active competitors’ results in the game. Just hope the big players like Ghai, Burnett, Dagnino (maybe Grace?) would be available to act out their part in this sinister plan someone clearly has for this season.


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