THE SINGLE GHAI: Who is Andrew Ghai’s Mystery Partner?


During the Schmoedown Spectacular III, one of the biggest shocks of the day came when Andrew Ghai, after a moment of honesty from Ben Bateman, turned on his former teammate in yet another shocking act of violence on the Schmoedown. Lets call it “The Tackle Heard Around the World.”

But more shocking than that act of violence was something Ghai revealed to Ben in their conversation about disbanding Team Action altogether (in favor of Ben continuing his run with Mark Reilly on Who’s the Boss?). Namely, that Ghai has a new teammate, though he didn’t reveal who.

Ghai must have seen the writing on the wall as Ben began his tear through teams with Reilly, and he has now allied himself with a new player, probably in the hope of having a collision course with Who’s the Boss in the team division later this season.

Now, lets make no mistake, Ghai is a bit of a loose cannon as far as the Schmoedown is concerned. So anyone teaming with Ghai also needs to be aware that he comes with a lot of baggage. A few acts of violence and a rather explosive personality does tend to paint one in a rather colorful light. So it only makes sense that whoever this mystery team mate is, they have to be someone who can keep up with Ghai’s personality, and someone who could show heel-like tendencies.

This won’t be a good cop, bad cop type scenario. Whoever Ghai is with now is going to have to be big, be loud, and also great at trivia. If they aren’t, how else can Ghai make a run for Ben in teams? This is a revenge mission, make no mistake. For Ghai, this is personal, not just business.

Brianne Chandler

Brianne has been a face for the league for a long time, and one of the most beloved competitors the game has ever seen. Her entrances are the stuff of legend, and she’s whip smart when it comes to trivia. After her team loss this year we haven’t seen much from Brianne, outside of her trying to take control of the league from Thadd, as everything was beginning to whirl out of control.

More than that, after Kalinowski turned his back on her, Brianne certainly seemed hurt by what he had done. So to see him with Chance Ellison, and making quite a name for themselves in teams, she could potentially want a teammate who could help take them down. After Mike’s Korruption of the league, it would be enough to push anyone heel.

Chandler would be the perfect balance to Ghai’s explosiveness, showing a much more thoughtful and cutthroat side that could make them a lethal force. The two would also compliment each other’s playing style well, and could prove to be a very strong team in the league division. Time and again, Brianne seems to be facing some sort of battle in the league, so maybe its time she teamed up with someone who can help her – – a blunt instrument, if you will – – and for Ghai, it makes sense to team up with someone who already stood up to Schmoedown leadership once before. He’s gonna need it if he keeps tackling people…

Drew McWeeny

Following the Anarchy tournament, McWeeny, much like Brianne, finds himself teammate-less and alone. After winning the team belt, and then defending it against the Patriots with Samm Levine, Levine stepped away from the league entirely, leaving McWeeny out to dry. Imagine being a belt holder who is stripped of your belt because your teammate no longer wants to play? Well, that would be just the kind of thing that could push a gentle giant like The Godfather over the edge into heel territory.

So if you’re going to wreck shop in the team leagues, who better to do it with than Andrew Ghai, a man who embodies chaos as a lifestyle choice. Drew is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and Ghai has proven to be as well, and the two could very well match each other’s strengths, creating a pair that would be hard to beat.

The Godfather also possesses a personality that could compliment Ghai. He’s shown to be loud, mouthy, and quite the showman when needed. It’s not hard to imagine Ghai could push him to the next level, creating one of the most memorable heels the league could ever see. The idea of McWeeny and Ghai playing together feels too tantalizing to pass up. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Robert Meyer Burnett

Could there be a more explosive duo than Burnett and Ghai? Honestly, probably not, and the thought of it is the thing Schmoedown dreams are made of. Ghai knows that Burnett holds a personal grudge against Finstock, which we saw come to fiery light at the end of the Spectacular III as Robert stood outside the studio laughing manically over Dagnino’s lost mask, while he burned it. With Dagnino as the manager of Who’s the Boss, it’s a match made in heel heaven for Ghai and Burnette to take them on together.

There’s also the fact that the two together would be an absolutely electric team, and I can practically hear my eye drums being blown out by them trying to scream over each other in the promos.

The only drawback is that the two together may not be the strongest team, as both players have shown chinks in their armor on more than one occasion. There’s no saying whether they’d compliment each other enough to really make themselves pop in a way that would push them far in the team league. But hey, stranger things have happened, and this would be the most entertaining team the league has seen since The Wildberries, that’s for sure!

Ethan Erwin

Ethan hasn’t shown a lot of heel tendencies, but he has shown to be an absolute monster when it comes to trivia, and that’s just what Ghai needs by his side to tear apart the team league. Ghai is a sweet talker, and I could see him talking Ethan into a potential team up. It would be great to see Ethan potentially dig into the darkest side of himself and bring a fiery heel to light. There could be a creature brewing underneath that quiet demeanor, and Ghai could pull it out of him. More than that, Ghai teaming with the current Movie Trivia Champion of the World would be a huge get for him, and would already make them one of the most anticipated teams of the 2019 season.

Ethan doesn’t have a lot of stock in the Ghai/Bateman rivalry, but teaming with Ghai could potentially give them a team run that could land Ethan another belt, and that I’m sure he’d be very interested in. Few people in the Schmoedown have been double belt holders, so why not roll the dice on a potential team up?

Samm Levine

Now this would be wild. Following the events of the Schmoedown Spectacular III, where Rocha and Erwin missed a question regarding Samm Levine being in Inglorious Basterds, now is the time for Samm to come out of retirement and tear the league down. After being away from the league for less than a year, the competitors have already clearly forgotten about him, so now is the time for him to make a fiery entrance back into the team league with Ghai at his side.

Samm has what it takes to be a heel, and he could bring a fiery vengeance down on the league for them not remembering he played PFC Gerold Hirschberg in Quentin Tarantino’s World War II epic. That alone is enough for me to believe that Ghai could pull the former dual belt holder out of retirement. It’s not business, it’s strictly personal, and I’d love to see the two of them stand against the league.

What do you think? Who do YOU want to be Andrew Ghai’s new partner…?


  1. All good theories. I’m thinking it’s Jeanine the Machine though. She’s been part of the Action Army for a while now. She has beef with Bateman after he defeated her. Both are around a similar skill level. They would be a good team.

  2. I agree with Leo. Has to be JTE because he’s gonna have beef with Tom because of his alliance with Bateman which would seem like abandonment and it writes itself because they can call their team “Dastardly Evil” if it happens.

  3. Story would be great if Tom stays with who’s the boss and JTE joins Ghai. Maybe not the best pairing because would have a lot of overlap. I think Jeanine would be an interesting pairing. They could work with Jay and him playing the heel/face game as manager.

  4. JTE, Jeanine, and Burnett are all good ones that I’d love to see. Also, what about Stacy Howard? She’s got that sophisticated sass, she’s been without a good partner since Brianne left Jay’s faction, and I think she’d be a great compliment to Ghai, filling out his gaps in Romance, Dance, and Musicals.


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