THE PREDICTION GAME: Your 2018 Schmoedown Awards Ballot is Here!


The biggest awards show in the world… of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown… is almost here! The Schmoedown Awards finally go live on Friday, January 25, and we want YOU to play along at home!

Your ballot for The Schmoedown Awards 2018 is right here, with every nominee and every category. Print it out at home and compete with your friends to see who can predict the most winners!

Will you play your favorites? Stick up for some long shots? Anything could happen at the Schmoedown Awards, and this Friday… maybe it will.

Let us know who you’re predicting, and how many winners you got right!


  1. Got my $10 patron sorted in time for Live in NYC livestream, been looking forward to the awards for a while. Last season was a weird one for me I must admit. It was tough to watch to begin with, combined with changes to my personal situation, I lost touch with the league until about August.

    Glad to be back, and so thrilled for Clarke to have a belt! One of my fave players ever! Can’t wait for this season to begin for real.


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