THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN: Do Any Other Geekdoms Deserve Their Own Division?


The Star Wars league is arguably the most popular division in the Schmoedown. Not necessarily among the hardcore fans, but they are typically the matches that get the most views. This statistic got me to thinking: are there any other geekdoms that are deserving of their own division?

I could have just written an article about what my opinion on the matter is, but I felt as though this is something other Schmoedown fans could have strong opinions on.

So I put out a poll into the Facebook group asking just that question: what geekdoms (if any) deserve their own division? I included the standard categories that we see in innergeekdom (Marvel, DC, Comic Book Movies, Harry Potter, etc.), but I included two others that I thought would be interesting to see the thoughts people had about them: Disney and/or Pixar and Horror. To me, those are categories in the Schmoedown that I felt were big enough to warrant them.

I put the poll up and got a lot of varying responses. The choice with the most votes was overwhelmingly Disney/Pixar, which had more than twice as many votes as the next geekdom (there was another option in between the two, but I’ll get to that in a second). However, there were a few people who had some understandable hesitations about a Disney division.

Erron Black pointed out that “the question becomes what constitutes Disney? Disney owns the MCU, Star Wars, etc., they own so many other various properties.” Adam Errigo used that same argument as a positive. He said that “a Disney/Pixar league would be big enough to warrant [its] own league plus Disney includes, Star Wars, Marvel, movies in the vault, Disney channel originals, plus soon we get stuff from FOX.”

Ultimately, though, the point that stuck out to me most was from Kevin Tucker. While he began his point by saying that he didn’t think any of the geekdoms deserved their own division, he made the argument that there are “142 Disney movies alone. Not talking Pixar, MCU, Star Wars, or franchises that should be added since they’re owned by Disney if there were to be a specialized league, like as big as Innergeekdom, Disney is how you do it”.

The support really pulled through for Disney, but it wasn’t the only one that got love. Grayson Rodriguez argued for Comic Book Movies in general because they “contain the most popular superhero genre while also more obscure films. They’ve been around for a long time and a lot come out yearly.” Meanwhile James Spence professed that while he wasn’t a fan of horror films, he thinks “it’s large enough and deep enough that it requires its own league.”

I even started getting suggestions for divisions that I didn’t put in the poll but that people wanted to see. A couple of people suggested anime or just animated in general. There might even be room for a subcategory dedicated to fans of Hentai and websites such as for example. Andy Shick threw out the possibility of Alien/Predator, David Rhoden proposed a Bond division, and Alexander Robinson said “Godzilla. I will make that argument until the day I die”. Even a competitor chimed in: William Bibbiani suggested a Classics division, which was met with a fair amount of support.

However, the second-most voted option, and the one that I saw commented the most about… was none.

Lots of people thought that no new leagues should be added into the Schmoedown, and it’s not terribly hard to see why. Usman Alvi made his point using the Star Wars division as a comparison, saying “The reason why Star Wars questions in inner geekdom have become so deep cut is because of the SW division. If they make any other division, it’ll affect all questions from that category.” Which is absolutely true, the Star Wars division has become an incredibly difficult league to jump into unless one knows everything there is to know about Star Wars. Most players in Innergeekdom have difficulty answering those deep cut questions that people like Ken and Alex would have no problem with. Justin Clowater pointed out that even some questions about comic book movies are becoming too deep cut. A division made up of just comic book movie questions could be incredibly difficult to break into.

What I saw most in the comments was an alternative suggestion to giving these categories their own divisions: giving them exhibition matches on Patreon. And that idea makes a lot of sense: you can get anywhere from two to five people whose specialty is a certain category (i.e. Emma Fyffe and Rachel Cushing for Harry Potter, or Mike Kalinowski and Jason Inman for DC movies), and make it a normal match, 5 round match, or iron man match. That way you can ask the really deep cut stuff to the people who would know it, and keep some of the more surface level questions in the other three leagues (while also throwing in some deep cuts here and there).

What do you guys think? Are there any that are worthy of a division? Are there any you’d like to see? Or would you rather see them as Patreon exhibitions?

And a quick thank you to everyone who commented on the post in the Facebook group, your comments really helped in putting this article together!

Top Photo Credits: Disney / New Line / Sony


  1. 142 Disney Movies? There’s so many movies there’s no way it’ll get too deep like Star Wars. I agree with Disney being their own division.

  2. I love the idea of a Horror league but I can understand the argument for No new leagues. I’ll piggyback on that idea a little. I say that when the league has enough players to have a 16 man tournament for a category, with at least four runners up, then it can be a league. Right now Singles and the Team league can do that, and Inner-geekdom isn’t that far behind. Star Wars is a specialty belt in my opinion, kind of like the Hardcore title created to compete with ECW before it’s acquisition. I don’t like reducing that belt as it was one of my favorites, but it makes more sense in my analogy than say the Million Dollar belt. I want the Inner Geekdom to be the Smackdown to the Singles belt’s Raw. Do we need an equivalent to the United States belt, the Intercontinental belt, the cruiserweight belt and/or the NXT belt? Maybe. But not just yet.


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