SCHMOEDOWN SPECTACULAR III RECAP – The Revenge of Robert Meyer Burnett!


Hello Schmoedown fans, and welcome to the third and final of my Schmoedown Spectacular storyline recaps, where I’ve been taking a look at the biggest developments to happen in storylines at the event! I’ve looked at KOrruption and the Team Action Civil War, but the majority of those storylines took place in the first video. With this, however, we need to take a look throughout the whole event, with everything leading up to the very end of the show.

The very first cutscene of Spectacular showed us that someone had taken Finstock’s mask, a thing he professed to be his “good luck charm”. Most of his pre-match interview for the Commissioner Bowl consisted of him talking about who his prime suspects were and eating his meatball sub. Throughout the rest of the event, we saw Finstock making wild accusations against anyone who talked to him. We even saw him break in to a fan’s car because, in his words, he was leaving no stone unturned.

The show appears to be wrapping up, and maybe you start to think, “I guess this was just for laughs, it’s going to be an unresolved storyline like the Gucci bag” (#whatsinthebag), when we get one final post-credits scene.

We’re finally shown the Finstock mask! Someone took it but we don’t know who yet. The person is walking into what looks like an abandoned warehouse and throws it into a garbage can. They light a match and let the mask burn. The camera pans up…

And there’s former Innergeekdom champion and former Lion’s Den member Robert Meyer Burnett, eating a sub and laughing maniacally.

At the beginning of season 4, “The Captain” joined up with Rocha, Knost, and Bibbiani to be the original Four Horsemen, but at some point along the line, Burnett saw a different path than the one with Rocha and Knost, and he decided to join up with their rival heel faction, The Lion’s Den. So Burnett went to join Dagnino, JTE, Sneider, Andreyko, Grace, and (eventually) Ken Napzok.

However at Schmoedown Spectacular II, after Dagnino lost the Manager Bowl and was betrayed by Marc Andreyko, the den turned on Burnett. Dagnino said that everyone in the faction was “essential” except for him, and they left him out to dry.

This did not sit well with the former champ, who began to exclaim his anger in a way only he could. At the end of his declaration, he shouted “NO ONE TREATS ME LIKE THIS! NO ONE! NO ONE! I WILL COME BACK! I WILL COME BACK! YOU PEOPLE WILL BE DESTROYED!”

However, we’ve only seen him one other time this year: at the Free-For-All, and it seemed like more of an in-and-out thing for him. He was scheduled to play in the Innergeekdom Tournament, but had to back out due to some conflicts, so he hasn’t had a big presence this Schmoedown season.

He is a film director, though (a sentiment he expressed during his Spectacular II outburst), and he knows that it takes incredible amounts of planning before beginning to execute a plot. Perhaps he’s been away this entire season because he’s so focused on getting his revenge on Dagnino. Stealing and burning the mask was just the first step in a long-term plan that we’ll see play out across season 6.

Something that I think could be a really funny twist is that Burnett has been away and planning for so long that he has no idea what’s been happening in the Schmoedown since he went away, and he has no idea that The Lion’s Den broke up, so he has specifically targeted revenge against all of the members of the former faction.

What do you think? How will Burnett return to the Schmoedown? What will be his revenge? And most importantly, will we ever find out what was in Finstock’s Gucci bag?


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