Hello Schmoedown fans! Welcome to Part 2 of my Schmoedown Spectacular III storyline recap, where I’m going to be taking a look at the major storyline developments that took place during the event. And today I’m covering something I know is still hard to talk about for those fans in the Action Army: the Civil War taking place between Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai.

At the end of video 1 of the Spectacular, we saw Ben Bateman get so close to getting the team belts with his Anarchy partner Mark Reilly. Unfortunately for him, the team lost to the Shirewolves, but he took the defeat in a way that we’ve never seen from Bateman. He complimented the Shirewolves on their game, and it seemed almost like he was turning a bit towards the light. So it seemed like things were going to be okay for Bateman.

And then Andrew Ghai showed up…

At first, it seemed like he was also playing into the more “respectful” persona that we saw during his match against John Rocha. It seemed as though he understood where Bateman was coming from when he said he might want to stick with Reilly. He even hinted at the fact that he has a new partner, and threw out a suggestion of the four of them plus Finstock starting their own faction. They hugged it out, and all seemed well and good between the two former teammates. They had been one of the most entertaining teams in the league, but maybe it was time for them to part w-

And out of nowhere boom! Andrew ran up and tackled Bateman into William Bibbiani’s coffee table, breaking it. Andrew stood over Bateman, exclaiming “Who’s the boss now, bitch”, and berating him for joining up with Reilly, telling him that he would see him in 2019 before being chased out by Reilly and Finstock.

Since the incident, we have been seeing Ghai and Bateman going after each other in the Schmoedown Facebook group, with the flames being fanned by Chairman Harloff. The Action Army is split, forced to pick a side: Team Bateman or Team Ghai? Whose side are you on? Well, I’m going to take a look at where I think their storylines could go.


Having tackled two different people at consecutive Spectaculars, the Chairman has promised that Ghai will once again be punished. How, he does not yet know, but he will be. My guess is that we’re going to once again see him return at the Free-For-All, though this time not pretending to be Dan Murrell. It’s there that he further teases his new teammate, seeing as he already mentioned something of the sort to Bateman.

Ghai then goes back into the singles league, refusing to play Bateman in singles until Who’s the Boss plays him and his new teammate at a live event. Who’s the Boss agrees to this, and there Ghai reveals his teammate…

“Little Evil” JTE.

See, JTE feels betrayed by Finstock. He was the only one from the former Lion’s Den that stuck by his manager, and now he’s been abandoned in favor of a shiny new team. So he’s going to team up with Ghai to take down the people who betrayed them.

And of course to win the belts.


After getting tackled by Ghai, Bateman may be starting to see the light. It’s possible that he could join up with the Five Horsemen, but I’m not sure how well he and Finstock would gel with the rest of them, especially considering the history between Bateman and Inman. At the same time, however, I don’t think Mark Reilly is going to abandon the super-faction. Instead, Who’s the Boss is going to be in a neutral zone, wherein Reilly and Bateman will continue to work together as a team but be separate in their singles careers.

I think Bateman will continue to work with Finstock as his singles manager where he will play up more of his heel persona, but when working with Reilly in teams, he will be more subdued. Bateman is one of the most active players in the league, so it’s incredibly likely that he will get a lot more singles matches this year and hopefully get his record up.

But the two will have to play each other in singles. This storyline already promises to be one of the biggest of season 6. So what I’m hoping happens is that everything comes to a head at the Collider Collision, where after months of smack-talk we finally get a Bateman vs Ghai singles match.

What are your thoughts on the civil war? Where will Ghai and Bateman go from here? Can Team Action recover from this dispute? Or if this is the end, whose side are you on?



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