SCHMOEDOWN LIVE PREVIEW: Ethan Erwin vs. Dan Murrel and Jeannine the Machine vs. Chance Ellison – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, this is Tim here, covering the much-anticipated premiere of Season Six! After weeks of waiting, it is finally here. The return of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. The return of the phenomenon where many people from all walks of life come to test their movie trivia might and compete to be the best of them all.

This season premiere is a very special one. It will be played in front of a instant-sold-out crowd and livestreamed to hundreds more across the world this Saturday night in New York City, the city that never sleeps. It’s in this city where some of the most historical moments in the history of sports took place, such as Ali vs. Frazier and “The Miracle on Ice.”

Now, it will have another historical moment, as it hosts the Schmoedown’s biggest live event in history. Specifically, in the Roulette Intermedium of Brooklyn. Two fights, one between upcoming contenders looking to start their second year strong, and a championship rematch between the new titan and the original titan.

This is the most explosive start of a new season yet, and the beginning of a new era of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. It’s Schmoedown Live with Jeannine The Machine taking on “The Cobra” Chance Ellison, and Ethan Erwin defending his Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship in the rematch against Dan Murrell!

The opening match of Jeannine vs. Ellison is already shaping up to be a hotly-contested one. The two competitors were both fans of the Schmoedown who entered the league through different ways. One was brought in as an invitation to compete, where she defied all expectations and got close to being a title contender. The other competed his way to the major leagues from fan trivia leagues, such as Full Metal Trivia, Jack of All Trivia, and Multiplex Trivia.

These two have been trading shots at each other for weeks, saying that he or she is the next-best-thing. Soon, they will finally show who of the two has the movie trivia superiority to make it to the next level. From the Schmoedown community, it’s these two that have the abilities to compete with the best. Jeannine’s season last year was filled with remarkable victories, proving that a Schmoedown fan can be considered a competitor as long as they put in the effort. As for Chance, he showed that hard work through the fan leagues can lead to opportunities to showcase your worth on the main stage.

Between these two, Jeannine has the experience edge over Chance, but don’t count out Chance and his brilliant knowledge of movies. Although he was defeated in his singles debut to Ethan Erwin, he put up a remarkable fight. For this match, Ellison needs to keep running the same game plan as before in that singles match last year, and Jeannine will need to keep confident in finishing the match strong which kept her from contending for a title belt. If she can deliver a strong finish, then she’ll be the favorite over Chance to win this opening match. Regardless, expect this to be an exciting start of this season before the main event.

As for our main event, this one is an epic showing in front of a sold-out New York crowd and a livestreaming international audience. It’s a battle between two titans, both whom have met before in last year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. In this special title match, who will have the upper hand?

First, let’s go over that initial match at the tournament. It was the Semi-Finals, where the legendary GOAT Dan Murrell was seeking another title opportunity, facing a mighty rookie (back then) in Ethan Erwin. In that matchup, Murrell struggled to keep up with the relentless consistency of Erwin and he lost via TKO. That led to subsequent victories over Marc Andreyko and Clarke Wolfe to compete in this match, along with Erwin’s unbelievable TKO victory over John Rocha to become the new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion. They’re meeting once again, and who knows what will happen next!

For Dan Murrell, this is a fresh restart after the mixed season he had last year. When it started with a devastating loss to Andrew Ghai, the path ahead got rocky. Murrell had a mix of wins and losses. What he seeks is to start this new season on a high note by winning the singles title for the third time. This is the first time someone will go after for a third championship title, and who else to do it than Dan Murrell himself? Also, what will be even also impressive is adding “competed in New York City” to his already stellar, hall-of-fame career stats.

For that to happen, he needs to keep up with Ethan Erwin. Dan cannot fall behind Ethan in every round, otherwise it will be déjà vu for him like the last time. If he can keep stacking the right answers and stay close to Erwin on points, then he has a great shot at evening the count with Erwin and take the title. However, that will be a daunting task to complete.

Coming off the greatest rookie season ever seen in Schmoedown history, the new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion Ethan Erwin begins his title defense with a rematch against the GOAT. With his manager Jay Washington in his corner, the movie-executive-turned-elite-competitor aims to have another great season. This time, the stakes will get higher for Ethan, and his obstacles will be greater than before for the new champion.

The hardest obstacle for Ethan Erwin is to not get overwhelmed by his past accomplishments of his rookie season. As brilliant as they were, they could potentially overshadow Ethan to the point of being over-pressured towards the “sophomore slump.” That is what Ethan cannot let happen against a mighty competitor in Dan Murrell. For his first title defense, Ethan needs to remember his best aspects as a competitor and move on from those past accomplishments.

Also, it is certain that Dan will face this match with a different way against Ethan, so he cannot be overconfident. If Ethan can stay true to his character, then it’s hard not to think that his title reign will be short. However, it’s just the start of what could be his toughest journey in the Schmoedown.

This first championship match of Season Six will be an exciting one as well as an interesting one. Can Dan Murrell be able to defeat Ethan Erwin in his second try? Between these two, it’s difficult to find the clear favorite. But, Ethan has the slight edge in keeping his title if his relentless consistency is there. With all the anticipation ready, the waiting done, and the fantasy rosters set, it is finally time to Schmoedown under the bright lights of New York City!



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