SCHMOEDOWN FAQ: Brianne Chandler Answers All Your Questions About Patreon!


It’s a new era in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! At the end of Schmoedown Spectacular III, Kristian Harloff announced that the Teams and Innergeekdom leagues would move to Patreon, and that those videos would become exclusive to subscribers (the audio versions of the episodes will remain free, as podcasts).

With the Movie Trivia Schmoedown becoming more important to the future of the Schmoedown, and to fans of the show, we’ve received many questions about the process and the perks. Fortunately, our very own Patreon guru Brianne Chandler is here with the answers to all your most frequently asked questions.

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Can I do a one time donation/payment? You can pledge our patreon for 1 month at any tier and then cancel your patreon account after paying for your one month. I recommend waiting for 3 to 5 business days before cancelling your account so that your payment goes through – you will still get your rewards for the rest of the month that you paid for. There are currently no “one time payment” options that work similar to Go Fund Me, Kickstarter, or Crowdrise.

How is payment taken out? When you sign up for Patreon, it will ask for a debit or credit card to keep on file as part of an internet payment processing procedure. It will use that debit or credit card to charge you monthly on the first of the month. You will then receive an email with a confirmation of your payment. Patreon also utilizes PayPal as a viable payment option. If you are an overseas customer, you may want to use a money transfer company like XE for a good exchange rate.

Can I pay with a pre-paid credit card? Patreon does not accept pre-paid credit cards. The only loophole that could help you with this is uploading a pre-paid credit card to paypal and then using paypal to pay for your monthly membership. I am not positive this will work but it is worth a try.

Can I pay for someone else? You are welcome to pay for someone else’s account. However, this takes a large amount of trust as they will have access to your credit card / debit card information. Also, they could up their patreon amount and not notify you until you get the bill from patreon. One way to pay for someone else is to send them money for the year or to send them money monthly to pay for their account. This would still require that they make their own account and for that they will need a debit card, credit card, or paypal.

How do I manage email notifications? Here is how you can adjust your emails from Patreon:

  1. Open email from Patreon
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the email
  3. Click on the word “settings” where it says, “you can change your preferences for Patreon emails under settings.” Voila!

How do I see a Lens video? To view our Lens clips, visit our profile within the Patreon mobile app. From here, select the circular icon where our profile photo normally is. When we have new Lens posts, you’ll see a preview of the clip and a notification with the number of new clips available.

The video that was posted says “video unavailable,” what do I do? Sometimes accessing videos through the Patreon app is problematic. Try accessing the video through a web browser such as Safari or Chrome and not through the Patreon app. On rare occasions, YouTube is the issue for a video being unavailable – this sometimes happens when an “Unlisted” video is set to go public the same day you are trying to access it. If this problem hasn’t been resolved in 24 hours since you first tried, let us know.

Can I watch Patreon videos on my TV? Yes. Here are some ways that you can watch them on your television: You can start watching the video on your computer. Then you can go to your YouTube history on your TV and continue watching on your television. Or you can start watching on your phone (either through the app or through the YouTube app) and you can cast it to your television.

I pay $10 a month but I am not seeing my reward, what is going on? Not seeing the early exhibition match or other reward but are paying $10 a month? Check your patreon account to make sure you are receiving the $10 reward. Sometimes people up their pledge amount but forget to click “get the $10 reward” which means they are paying $10 but only getting the $5 tier reward (or lower tier reward). If this has happened and you are unsure how to adjust your settings, contact patreon for additional assistance. You can contact them with this link:

Not seeing the match but are at the $10 tier and have double checked your account to see that you are supposed to be getting the reward? Contact patreon to make sure they are aware of the problem. You can contact them with this link:

If I pledge today, when will I be charged? You will be charged today! The Movie Trivia Schmoedown Patreon payment processing method is a pay up front model. This is what you can expect:

1) If you’re a first-time pledger, you will be charged immediately, regardless of when you pledge. On this note, if you are a first-time pledger and you pledge for a physical reward tier, please understand your physical reward will come the following month, but you will have access to appropriate digital rewards.

2) If you wish to increase your pledge amount, you will immediately be charged the difference between your current pledge and the pledge amount you wish to increase to.

3) Lowering your pledge amount after you’ve been charged will not result in a refund.

4) If you are a continuing patron, your pledge will process on the first of the month as usual.

I pledged at the $20 tier and/or up, when will I get my reward?

The simple answer is – if your payment for a reward is processed in December, your reward will come to you in January.

Ex. if you pledge at the $20 tier in December, your name will appear in the credits of one Movie Trivia Schmoedown match in January. It is usually the early release match that has the credits attached to it.

If you pledge at the $50 tier reward in December, your item will be sent to you in January. If you did not receive your reward, please let us know. Additionally, if you change your mailing address, please change it on patreon as well as send us a message through patreon that you have updated it.

If you pledge at the $75 tier in December, January, and February, your video will arrive to you in March.

Why do the patron numbers go down at the start of the month? Patreon charges all patrons on the first of the month. If a card is declined or labeled fraudulent the patron is removed from the number count until it is resolved. Therefore, you might see the number go down and then creep back up once payments are resolved.

At the end of Schmoedown Spectacular 3, Kristian talked about new Patreon tiers. When will the new Patreon tiers be available? We plan on having the new tiers available at the start of February. Kristian will make a video breakdown of all of the new tiers and what to expect before they are released.

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