MACHINE MONDAYS: You Like Me! You Really Like Me!


I’ve just picked up my gown from the cleaners, fixed the bow on my favorite pair of heels, rummaged through my jewelry box and in less than a week I’ll be attending and presenting at my first Schmoedown Awards and I couldn’t be more excited! I wasn’t sure I’d get any nominations. While I was proud of my rookie season run, surely there were some far superior moments to anything I did. To then see I had two noms, had me totally geeked (nerd glasses emoji)! I’ve had people ask me how I’m feeling about it, so here it goes.

The slim chance… Singles Entrance. As you know I’m a fan of the flair. I put time and thought into gathering all the elements, picking the right song and bringing all the sass and swag I have in me. Misty, as previously stated, was the strongest I felt in my whole run and to be nominated for portraying a bad ass, black female “Hero For Hire” feels incredible. The other nominees will be stiff competition, especially the likes of Bibbiani and Brianne who are, in my opinion, the most creative in the league.

Rookie of the year… just an honor to be considered. Like me, a lot of other competitors felt great about their debut season too, I’m sure, like current champ Ethan Erwin… duh. At this point, while I’ve racked up some memorable moments and some close wins, if it’s about the record, I didn’t quite have that in my corner this time, but in perseverance, determination and attitude, as corny as it sounds, I feel like I’ve already won. I always scrapped ‘til the end, pulled out unexpected answers, and tried to give the fun and gameplay fans wanna see. I can assume from two nominations I’ve hopefully achieved that.

I know a lot of this I’ve said before, how amazing it all is and how geeked out I’ve been, blah-dee, blah, blah. But honestly being a part of this, for me, is not something you “come down” from. I feel silly getting sappy about it, but to be someone who was always the black sheep, the artsy, super shy girl, to being a “personality,” is crazy, humbling and so much fun and I take these nominations as a huge honor.

Win or lose, as a competitor, I’m proud of the things I did my first season out and as a forever fan, I still can’t believe I’m even here, nominated with the greats. I’m expecting nothing short of an excellent show and a great time with others who love The Schmoedown just as much as I do. I’m Just excited to be all dolled up in a room surrounded by fans, friends and the people who have given me this awesome part of my life. Cheers!

– Machine



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