MACHINE MONDAYS: No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn!


With the live event in NY and my match against “what’s his nuts” less than a week away, my excitement to start the new season off with a bang is through the roof! Thought I’d just share what has gone into preparing myself for competing live!

As random and broad as the Schmoedown can be, it’s difficult to nail down a clear study regimen. But I’ve put in as much time as I can when I’m not designing or working a full time job, to watching movies, having study sessions, playing trivia games and looking up everything I listen to, hear about etc. If “Hungry Eyes” plays during my morning commute, you best believe I’m looking up the key points of “Dirty Dancing” as soon as I stop.

My favorite thing of course was coming up with an entrance! These are the first entrances of the new season! You guys deserve something fun, creative and badass. I hope what I bring to the table is just that. I was thinking on a few general “Machine” concepts but then I saw a certain movie and got totally inspired. I ordered some customized elements, some real props to complete the look and working on a mix for the right entrance music! I’m so stoked for you guys to see it!

Just days away and I Feel Good! I’ve done all I can do to prepare and that’s my very best. This is such a crazy, scary, but super exciting experience that I’m so glad I said yes to. Prepare to see me coming out swinging. Fighting Hard always. I Won’t Let You Down (fisted hand emoji).

See you soon.


P.S. Shout out to Brianne Chandler. The Schmoedown could not have accomplished as much as they did without her superb work running the Patreon. Thank you for everything you contributed Miss Movies. You ROCK!


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