MACHINE MONDAYS: Machine on a Mission!


It’s a new season and a new year! That time where people set goals and make resolutions. It got me thinking about what my goals are for the Schmoedown and things I hope to see down the line. This might be a little lengthy so bare with me. 

  1. Be a part of a live event. Check! Just 2 weeks away from competing live. It’s a big step from where I started. I’ve come so far in trying to get over my natural shyness, and the Schmoedown, in general, is something I never thought I could or would ever do, so why stop exceeding the expectations I have for myself now? I always wanna grow, get better, represent and have fun, and participating in a live event checks all those boxes for me. 
  2. Be a part of more exhibition matches. I think these matches seem like tons of fun as the pressure is off. You can show yourself shining in categories you excel in. It also makes for some fun entrances. Black movie trivia could be fun or rom coms for sure. Inky and I are lookin’ at you Ghai and Macuga! 
  3. Call a match. While it’s definitely something I think I need to work up to, as it involves being quick witted and being clear on describing the rules and reading questions (i.e. reading aloud with people watching you and trying not to flub up your words), I’m up to challenging myself and depending on who I’m at the table with, it could be really fun. 
  4. More creative entrances. As I’m sure I’ve made clear, it’s one of my favorite aspects of the game. The theatrics and the creativity of it. Putting it together piece by piece is satisfying and I think it adds that flair and fun that the show is about. I’d love to portray some more awesome female characters and I have quite a few interesting ideas stored away. 
  5. Compete in Teams. While anarchy was a mess, for me, I can’t deny I liked the change of pace and having someone there to balance me out. Bryan Walton was great to partner up with, but because of scheduling and it being so rushed, we just didn’t have that time to really build up our chemistry. I hope I can partner with someone who I have a fun rapport with and can fill my trivia gaps and vice versa. 
  6. Create more Schmoedown art. First and foremost I consider myself an artist and graphic designer. I’ve made some things in the past and figured I was done. But I have gotten so much love for the #TeamBateman And #TeamGhai designs (thank you INTERN for the idea), that it would be fun to contribute to Schmoedown in that way again should the right idea arise. 
  7. Get a number one contender match and ultimately the singles belt. Obvious I know. But I started in singles and I think that’s the best place for me. I’ve played against some great competitors and while I didn’t win I think I definitely held my own and came close. I hope to work my way up through the rankings to show I excel in all aspects of the game. I put a lot of work into being THE MACHINE and I want it to pay off. 

Things I want to see this year and going forward: I would love to see more fan competitors. I know it’s not something everyone can do and you have to find people who are a good fit for the show, so it would be cool to see fans who not only know trivia, but have personality and are entertaining to watch. I really enjoy seeing fans who take on personalities, make trash talk vids and play along well. 

I hope the show gets a more diverse range of competitors and fans. It’s a niche thing, I know, not everyone is the right fit for something like the Schmoedown, So it takes some time to find people who can and want to do it. Would love to see more female competitors and geeks of color. Maybe that makes for a broader range of fans as well. Either way, I’ve loved seeing more females and people of color getting into the Schmoedown and I only hope it continues to expand. 

Patreon growth. It really warmed my heart Seeing all the generosity this past holiday season in helping people become patrons. The more the Patreon grows the more awesome things we can do! Also hoping to grow my own JEANNINE LC Patreon. Not only has it been an amazing support for my art, but it’s helped get me to Schmoedown, as I’m a few hours away. But I’ve had a blast doing fun stuff for Schmoedown fans who support me and it’s been great getting to know some of them more personally. 

Overall, I just hope this continues to be a year of growth for me in the Schmoedown. Looking forward to a year of fierceness, fun and the “Rise Of The Machine,” a way cooler version, (winking tongue face emoji). 

– Machine


  1. BELIEF + ACTION = SUCCESS! Jeannine, as long as you keep believing, and convert that belief into action by putting the work in, you will achieve your goal and become the NEW SINGLES CHAMPION! It’s a matter of when, not if, and I believe 2019 is the year of the Machine!


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