IT’S OFFICIAL: Schmoes Know is Now The Movie Trivia Schmoedown!


After more than a decade, Schmoes Know is getting a name change, in honor of everybody’s favorite sport. It’s officially “The Movie Trivia Schmoedown!”

But don’t worry, fans. It’s not the end… it’s a new beginning.

In 2008, Kristian Harloff began the Schmoes Know channel and took pride in being the average “schmoe” who talked about films the way friends did after a night at the movies. They started a brand called Schmoes Know on YouTube and the rest is history. The YouTube show turned into becoming regulars on the Adam Carolla podcast, creating their own popular Schmoes Know Live show and becoming regulars on AMC’s popular show Movie Talk.

In 2014, Harloff and Ellis developed the movie trivia show we all know today as The Schmoedown. In 2016, the show moved to the Collider Video channel and became a big hit, spawning over 200+ episodes and a huge following. Kristian Harloff took the drivers seat to develop the show and in December 2018, Harloff announced that it would be leaving Collider.

Harloff and Ellis moved the show back to the Schmoes Know channel but with major plans for the Schmoedown. The Schmoedown has now become the major focus. The YouTube channel became the Schmoedown Channel with the Schmoes still doing the reviews on the channel.

Fans of Schmoes Know can now follow The Movie Trivia Schmoedown across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (The Schmoes Know podcast feed, which hosts additional programs like Top Ten and Critically Acclaimed, will not adopt the title change.)

And of course, fans can also find all the most exciting Schmoedown coverage right here, at!


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