HE’LL BE BACK: What’s Next for John Rocha?


Love him or hate him, it is undeniable that John “The Outlaw” Rocha is one of the pillars of the Schmoedown and will be until the day he dies or rides off into the sunset. He has always been determined to hold any belt he can and has, at separate times, been the champion three times, the most out of any player in the game (even though he has never defended the belt).

Rocha will almost definitely be coming back to season 6 in full force, hungry to take his title back, but it’s going to without a doubt be his busiest and possibly biggest season yet.

Something that we’re likely going to see him do is finding a new competitor to join The Five Horsemen. Since Matt Knost announced he’s stepping down from the game, there has been much speculation about who will join the super-faction. And as the leader of his stablemates, it will be Rocha’s responsibility to find a competitor that gels well with Murrell, Reilly, Inman, and himself.

There is also the possibility of Rocha trying to find a full-time manager of the Horsemen. He does a lot for the faction, but at a certain point it all may become too much for him to handle, and he may have to find someone that can be a manager like Emma Fyffe, and bring the Horsemen together into an even more cohesive unit.

Something I’ve seen tossed around as an idea a lot is Alex Damon joining them. After all, the one thing missing from the Horsemen is a Star Wars player. However, Rocha has stated on Twitter that this season he will be joining the Star Wars league, which I think will be a very interesting sight to behold. Many fans know Rocha’s history with a certain Star Wars question in the league, but it’s more than just Bespin. The questions in the Star Wars league have become incredibly deep cuts. It’s knowledge that it seems could only come by pausing each movie every second and writing out everything that is seen on screen, or finding copies of the screenplay online and burning it into one’s memory. It will be interesting to see Rocha holding his own against giants in the league like Napzok, Scrimshaw, and (if he should get there) Damon.

Despite this, I believe this season Rocha’s main focus will likely be on getting the singles title back and getting the team titles as part of the Founding Fathers with his stablemate “Dangerous” Dan Murrell. We also know that both are hungry for belts, and Murrell is getting his chance at the New York live event to reclaim the singles title. If Murrell is successful and if Rocha works his way to a title shot, we may face the possibility of these two stablemates and teammates going against each other.

This could very well cause a rift in the Horsemen, seeing as both Rocha and Murrell are competitive with each other, and a singles title match between the two could bring up some old feelings, but I have a feeling that the two will handle it the same way they handled the possibility of Murrell winning the singles tournament and facing Rocha at Spectacular. If we do wind up getting Rocha/Murrell III, it’s going to be a great fight between two titans of the game, and at the end of it, they’re going to shake hands and continue on with their partnership as the Founding Fathers.

Speaking of the team, it is very likely that the two will continue their quest for the tag team titles. Although no #1 contender shot appears to be anywhere in the immediate future for the pair, Rocha is so determined to play and to win that he will likely be banging on the Chairman’s door every day until he gets either himself or his team a match. He could be offered the chance to play a handicap match in the Innergeekdom against Rachel Cushing and Mike Kalinowski, and he’d still take that match, because he is just that determined. He is truly one of the most passionate and admirable players in the game.

What do you guys think is next for The Outlaw? Could we get Rocha/Murrell III? Do you think The Five Horsemen will get a manager? Leave a comment about what you think we’ll see next from him!


  1. Side rift to the 5H…Who’s the Boss. With Reiley’s success alongside Bateman, this could cause some issues. Or they bring Bateman into the 5H and just powerhouse their way with these two teams to meet the Shirewolves at some point.

  2. I love the idea of Who’s the Boss joining the Horsemen. Minor spoilers for other articles ahead.

    With Inman stepping down from the Inner – Geekdom league, he could make for an interesting team leader. But like Emma Fyffe, I think a call-up for Jenn Sturger is long overdue. Call me crazy, but that seems like an interesting fit. Of course, with a stable called Five Horsemen, they need a fifth active member. And I can think of no better player than Hector Navarro. Think of the improvement he could make with Rocha Murrell Reilly and Bateman to help him train. He could easily mount a comeback tour and earn the Inner-Geekdom belt for the Five Horsemen.


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