EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: The Movie Trivia Schmoedown Season Six Preview!!


Hello Schmoedown fans. After several weeks of waiting since the end of Schmoedown Spectacular III, we have finally arrived to this week. The week where a new season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is upon us. What has started as a friendly competition in L.A. by two average-joe movie reviewers in a pizza place has grown into a sensational trivia league with diverse competitors and thousands of fans from all over the world.

For this sixth season, it will be the biggest and most daring ever presented by the co-creator and Chairman Kristian Harloff; and it kicks off on Saturday night in New York City to a sold-out crowd and an international broadcast all across the globe. First, let’s take a look into the major storylines to come in the sixth season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

First off, the major talk is the new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion Ethan “Big Time” Erwin. After fulfilling what is seen by many as the most dominant debut in the history of this league, he has accomplished the ultimate goal of reaching the top and being crowned champion. What Ethan did last season signaled the arrival of the next wave of competitors to take over the Schmoedown, take the torch, and continue the league’s success in the years to come.

For this season, he will be put back into the fires of competition with his first title defense against a titan who he’s defeated before, but is seeking redemption: Dan Murrell. After a dominant season last year, there is a question that will be on the minds of many fans: will Ethan Erwin continue his relentless success in this season?

It’s a question worth asking, because there’s this phenomenon that we have seen prevalently in the world of sports: The Sophomore Slump. It can range from bad luck struggles that affected Clarke Wolfe in 2017, from notable injuries such as the one that took baseball slugger Aaron Judge out of most of last year’s Yankees season, and even from regression such as the one that Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys experienced in his second NFL season. It’s a phenomenon that is difficult to avoid, and a phenomenon that takes much perseverance to shake off to remain phenomenal like Michael Jordan after his injury in his second season of the NBA.

If Ethan Erwin can maintain that relentless consistency of movie trivia superiority and stack those victories, then we could be seeing a new titan in the making. One that is supported by a passionate manager in Jay Washington.

Speaking of Jay Washington, there is an interesting development between him and his stable The Viper Squad. Since that triple threat match in last year’s Collider Collision and the Ultimate Schmoedown Tournaments, there has been little talk about his stable after Jay became the manager of Ethan Erwin. Once Ethan became champion, Jay never talked about the Vipers, like it they were an afterthought. Could there be tension brewing between Jay’s original competitors and his new favorite? That will be a development that we need to look out for, as it could lead to another major change in this field of factions.

Another faction in need of a major turnaround is The Five Horsemen. Despite its resurrection, this hardened faction faced a rough season. From shocking upsets of Andrew Ghai over Dan Murrell and Mark Reilly, the loss of Inman’s Innergeekdom Championship to Mara Knopic and Rocha’s Singles Championship to Ethan Erwin, to the retirement of Matt Knost, this faction is in an interesting spot going into Season Six, particularly with Reilly part of Who’s The Boss.

While Rocha preps for this upcoming season to reclaim the singles title, Dan Murrell will be the challenger for Erwin’s title belt at the live season premiere in New York. His performance in Saturday’s main event will determine whether the Horsemen will be projected for success or failure. It’s crucial for them to earn success and title belts early in this season or this iteration of the stable could fade away like its first counterpart.

As the future remains uncertain for The Five Horsemen, another shows confidence: the most successful faction of Season Five in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, The Fyffe Club. With multiple title appearances, multiple victories, and the Team Championship successfully defended, this faction is in prime shape to continue is brilliant run this season. While Rachel Cushing had her strong performance last season, as before, in three separate divisions, both Clarke Wolfe and Marc Andreyko also had the best seasons of their careers and all three are looking forward to keeping that success going. Thanks to the managerial expertise of Emma Fyffe, her competitors are in top shape to defend the team titles and claim the other three championship titles.

One question that needs to be answered, however, is how Emma Fyffe can keep managing this faction with newer responsibilities given to her as manager of the Patreon and as one of the two new Commissioners of the league? It will be interesting to see who will help Emma with the managerial role, but I do not see this faction content with where they are now. They want more, and for this season we should see them put up amazing matches to come with top-tier opponents.

With those out of the way, let’s talk about these two storylines that have clouds of doubt over them. First, the state of Team Action. The last time we seen them, Andrew Ghai violently let his frustration show about Ben Bateman’s decision to stay with Reilly by tackling him onto Bibbiani’s table. How severe the punishment will be depends on the Commissioners and Chairman Harloff.

As for the Action Army, the dedicated following to the two hot rods of the Schmoedown, this incident has shattered their hearts. They now must make a “Sophie’s Choice,” do they go with Ben Bateman or go with Andrew Ghai? This has been on the minds of a lot of fans, with many already deciding which “Action Man” they will side with. As for everyone else, what they could see is an intense and hot-blooded rivalry between the two. Previously considered brothers, they are now enemies, and each wants to prove that he is better than the other. This will be an interesting storyline that will playout in Season Six, and if it gets to a point where Ben and Andrew face off in a match, my goodness it will be a blockbuster of a match. This could be the Action Civil War.

The other storyline concerns Mike Kalinowski and his KOrruption. No doubt about it, what Mike did in the latter half of Season Five was remarkable and made him somewhat of a superstar. That was until we found out that Mike and his KOrruption crew of Chance Ellison and Ken Napzok were all used as pawns by Chairman Kristian Harloff to oust Thadd Williams from the Commissioner role.

For this season, who knows what to expect from this bunch. Will it be revenge and retribution? Will this KOrruption movement continue now that Harloff has his watchful eye under them? It’s a fascinating storyline that will develop as the season progresses through the year. What will be interesting is how Mike Kalinowski will begin his reign as Innergeekdom Champion after defeating Mara in their rematch at Spectacular. As thrilling as it was, you cannot shake the fact that it was conceived by his abuse of power, power that is now taken from him by the Chairman.

Now, Mike will defend his title by the whim of Harloff and whoever the Commissioner will be for the Innergeekdom Division. This could be played out in a way like how in the early 2000s, WWE SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long put then-WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield through numerous and difficult title matches to see if he was truly a “Wrestling God.”

How will Mike respond to the upcoming title defenses he must face until he loses? Only time will tell of how long his dedication to rid the “corruption” will be. He may be safe with the belt when Mara Knopic announced her retirement, effectively cancelling their immediate rematch; but he will have to be careful with how much he has burned in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

And it’s in this season of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown where everything will be elevated past 10. Season Six is what Chairman Harloff hopes to be a record-breaking season. With creative and financial control now under his watchful eyes, there are lofty goals he wants this league to reach. One of them is to bring the league to more cities such as Chicago and Orlando along with New York, and another is to begin broadcasting the league live to fans around the world.

It’s a challenging idea to face, but it is one that I am personally is excited for and I am confident in its success; especially with a new wave of competitors to come from those within the league, from those from other successful ventures who want to prove their movie trivia superiority, and even those from the fan leagues that want to take it to the next level. This is indeed a new era of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and it all begins this Saturday in New York City with two epic matches to kick off the new season.

See y’all next time when I preview this epic season premiere of the Schmoedown!



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