CLASS OF 2019: Meet the Schmoedown Rookies of Season 6 – Singles Division!


Most of your favorite players are returning to the Movie Trivia Schmoedown in Season 6, but the world is full of potential champions, who know just as much if not more about movies than our top competitors. The Schmoedown has been scouring the entertainment world for talent, and we’re finally ready to reveal the first wave of new players for 2019!

The following players will make their debut in the Singles Division, where they will begin their uphill journey to Schmoedown supremacy. Which of these players will change the Schmoedown forever? And will any of them follow in Ethan Erwin’s footsteps, and take home the belt in their rookie year?

We’ll find out in the months to come. For now, let’s get to know our first group of potential champions!

Demi Adejuyigbe (Singles)

Demi Adejuyigbe is a writer and comedian who has written for Marvel’s New Warriors, NBC’s The Good Place, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. He was a host of the podcast Gilmore Guys and currently hosts the podcast Punch Up The Jam, and you can’t prove he wasn’t in one of the Star Wars films.

David Del Rio (Singles)

David Del Rio is an Hispanic-American Actor, Director, Writer and Producer. David has appeared and developed several well-known film, television and theatre productions. You may have seen David starring in Fox’s Grease Live!, Universal Studios Pitch Perfect, Blumhouse’s The Belko Experiment, Disney’s Geek Charming and on Broadway in In The Heights to name just a few.

When not in front of the camera, digging into his husband duties, auditioning or feeding into his cinephelia, Del Rio digs deep behind the camera, directing short films and on his way to directing his second feature after his directorial debut, Sick For Toys, garnered attention.

A native Colombian-Cuban of Miami, FL, Del Rio now lives in Los Angeles having dreams of New York City.

Brendan Meyer (Singles)

Brendan is a massive movie nerd and has been reading and researching facts about movies every day for most of his life. He’s thrilled to finally have a chance to hopefully put his movie obsession to some use! The only thing that keeps him from watching movies is working as an actor. Some credits include Netflix’s The OA, Disney XD’s Mr Young and feature films The Guest & the recently released All These Small Moments & When Jeff Tried To Save The World. Brendan is excited to try his luck with the whiteboard and get his spin at the wheel! 

LIZ SHANNON MILLER (Teams & Singles)

Who is she? We don’t know anything about Liz except this… She writes for Indiewire and she was recommended by the royal family. The champion Ethan Erwin’s wife Meredith called Kristian Harloff to let him know about Liz.

“Meredith told me that Liz knows more than Ethan and could beat him,” Harloff said when asked about his conversation with Meredith. Liz was at the Schmoedown awards, had a blast at the event and told the chairman that she was in once the show was over. Little else is known about her, which could be very scary. If she can indeed beat Ethan, maybe she will be the third rookie in Schmoedown history to capture gold in her first season.

Paul Oyama

Paul Oyama has been pegged by the Chairman as a Rookie to watch this season. He is the second fan to graduate from the fan leagues to now play in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. When Harloff was searching for new competitors in the fan leagues, the two names that were thrown his way the most were Chance Ellison and Paul Oyama. Paul made quite a name for himself winning tournament matches in the fan leagues. He says he is ready for the Prime Time and he will do what Chance didn’t do in his singles debut, win.


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