CLASS OF 2019: Meet the Schmoedown Rookies of Season 6 – Innergeekdom & Star Wars Divisions!


The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is entering its sixth, epic season and there’s a whole new class of contenders joining the fray! Yesterday we met the Rookie Class of 2019 in the Singles and Teams divisions, and today we’re introducing you to the new players who are destined to conquer the Innergeekdom and Star Wars divisions!

Introducing… the contenders!

Andrew Dimalanta (Star Wars)

Father, Videographer (, YouTuber (, and lifelong Star Wars fan from Orlando, FL. Andrew Dimalanta may have a film degree from the University of Central Florida, but if there’s anything he knows it’s Star Wars. Calling him a nerd would be an understatement. The one thing he enjoys more than watching Star Wars is talking about it. There’s no better place to do that than in the Schmoedown, the ultimate place for fellow nerds to get together and celebrate the things they most passionate about.

David Moore (Innergeekdom)

My name is David Moore.
I’m a BLERD “black nerd.”
My strengths are Star Wars and Comicbook Movies.
I pay the bills as a freelance 1st Assistant Director.
I’m an aspiring film director.
I do movie reviews on YouTube at (my channel) The Reel Cool Dude.
On a personal note, I believe that the character Sgt. Fourleaf should be a staple in the black community.

Kevin Smets (Innergeekdom)

As for me – I’ve been a fan of Schmoedown for a few years but really amped up my fandom when my friend (and fellow TV editor) Rachel started forging her path to greatness. Through her I really kinda dove in and caught up, attended live shows and just fell in love. Fan of wrestling and movies so this is a perfect combo for me! Ready to bring my (almost obsessive) work ethic and charisma to the Innergeekdom division. 



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