A TOAST TO KNOST: Matt Knost’s Top 5 Schmoedown Moments!


Matt Knost is one of the legends of the Schmoedown. He might never have won the singles belt, or even come close, but he has been a mainstay of the game. Part of the first faction, a former team champion, and a fan favourite, Knost has finally hung up his… what do you hang up in the Schmoedown? Your whiteboard pen?

He’s retired is what I’m trying to say, and so it’s time to look over his career, and count down “Mighty” Matt Knost’s Top 5 Schmoedown Moments!

5. Matt Knost vs. Kristian Harloff

Never much of a character guy, Knost still found himself wrapped up in a number of high-profile rivalries. And while, as a part of Top 10, Knost faced off against The Lion’s Den and their flagship team, the Patriots, his most notable feud was with a man he never got to play a singles match against: Kristian Harloff. And despite the fact that Knost seemed to be the one putting fuel on the feudy fire, he doesn’t seem to know where it came from. In his match against RB3, Knost takes his customary shot against Harloff, explaining that it is Harloff that has been calling him out rather than vice versa.

Of course, this is a feud that Knost won, beating the Schmoes twice as a part of Top 10.

4. Top 10 vs. Top That

Matt Knost has a dedicated base of fans, but he has also had his detractors, and going into season 5, a number of people had decided that Knost wasn’t a good enough player, that he was letting his team partner down. However, in the first team match of the season, Top 10 played Top That for a #1 Contender spot, and both Rocha and Knost scored a perfect round 1 and hit the bonus question, something the pair needed to do to beat a team as strong as Top That. The “Mighty” one outscored round 1 monster Vejvoda, and Top 10 went on to win the match.

Put simply, Knost shut his detractors up with that performance, and proved that he has the movie knowledge to compete in the Schmoedown.

3. The Five Horsemen

The reveal of the Five Horsemen was a huge moment for the whole Schmoedown. The reason that it features on this list, however, is for what it symbolizes about Matt Knost. After he joined the Five Horsemen, it was clear that it would be the end of Top 10, with Rocha partnering up with Murrell to form the Founding Fathers. Despite this, Knost remained by his buddy’s side, as he has throughout Rocha’s entire career.

While he’s never had a singles title run to pull focus, Knost has always been there to support his teammates and faction mates. In a league that is becoming increasingly competitive and cutthroat, this is a quality that will be missed.

2. Winning the Title

An obvious highpoint of Knost’s career is his team title win, a victory that was all the sweeter since it was against his rival Harloff, part of team Schmoes. And while he might not have been able to defend his title, by becoming the Team Champion, Knost guaranteed that he will always be a huge part of Schmoedown history. To date, there have been four team champions, and Knost is one of only eight people to hold the team belt.

There’s no arguing with it: Knost is one of the Schmoedown greats.

1. The Cinemaniacs

Knost’s most recent Schmoedown moments have been his best. Faced with the question of how to use a non-character player in the character-driven Anarchy tournament, the Schmoedown came up with a great answer. Paired up with King-of-the-Entrances William Bibbiani, Knost consistently stole the show by refusing to take part in the theatrics around him. Deflating the ball in their entrance and his little dance are perhaps his most memorable moments, but against Who’s the Boss, Knost turned his nonplussed attitude into an advantage when he returned a Bateman barb with a deadpanned “good one.”

As part of the Cinemaniacs, Knost reminded us all that he is also one of the funniest players that the Schmoedown has seen.

Honourable Mention: Entrance Timing

Never one for a showy entrance, Knost somehow managed to impress by always timing his singles entrances really well. Most notably, in his matches against Dewberry (back when he was “the Mechanic”), RB3 and Dagnino, Knost enters at the exact moment where music like Bombtrack and O Fortuna have built to a perfect crescendo, at which point Knost appears from behind the curtain. Go back and watch some of those matches, it’s weirdly exciting, and perhaps Knost’s oddest accomplishment, that in a league full of clunky and awkward entrances, he should be the best Schmoedown player at perfectly timing his intro. Go figure!

And with that, we bid goodbye to Matt Knost. He will undoubtably be missed. Tell us your own personal favourite Knost moment in the comments below!


  1. Knost as a commentator would be amazing, yes. 🙂
    The #1 moment doesn’t really work if you haven’t seen it, but if you did and you’re reading this, you can’t help but crack up again. It was sooo funny when Knost, without moving a muscle in his face, let out “good one”. The entire room took 1 second to breathe and then EVERYONE cracked up. It was such a typically Knost response and it was played perfectly. I will miss these moments with him a lot!


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