2018 SCHMOEDOWN AWARDS PREVIEW: Who Will Win, and Who Should?


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here and a delayed Happy New Year to everyone around the world. While this is not a match that I’m accustomed to covering usually, this is a special preview to the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Awards of 2018. There are many memorable moments, legendary matches, and mighty superstars that filled out Season 5. This season is no doubt the biggest and greatest of all the seasons in the history of this league. A lot of these nominations are deserving of these awards; but only a few will be selected by a committee of writers (including me), hosts, interviewers, competitors, and patrons in the various categories we have on awards night. All of that hosted by our beloved comedian and color commentator Mark “Baby Carrots” Ellis. The Shirewolves lead the teams with seven nominations, and both Clarke Wolfe and Andrew Ghai lead the individual competitors with six nominations each. Will they win their nominations? It won’t be easy with other well-known competitors that have great chances of getting the awards such as Samm Levine, Rachel Cushing, John Rocha, Ben Bateman, and Mike Kalinowski. Let’s find out who the nominees are in each categories for a day with a passionate live crowd in Los Angeles’s own Comedy Store.

First, it is worth putting some attention to the absence of one notable competitor: “The Amazing” Mara Knopic. With a record of 5-1 in the Innergeekdom League and a former Innergeekdom Champion, she was nominated in Upset of the Year, Match of the Year (the memorable sudden death shootout with Rachel Cushing), Innergeekdom/Star Wars Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year. However, Mara announced her early retirement due to commitment issues as well as health issues both physically and mentally. Also, she requested that she wants to be taken off as a nominee in both Innergeekdom/Star Wars Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year to let the league grow with active award winners. That led to a re-vote weeks later in those two categories. While we acknowledge her commitment to improve her health, we will also miss her deeply for what she has done in the Schmoedown for just a season. By being the first 5-0 Innergeekdom competitor and one of the few to be crowned champion in a debut year, she has shone brightly as the spunky superstar for many fans around the world. Personally, she should be given a special award for just how much Mara was able to accomplish and contributed to the league in general. We thank her for providing amazing memories and her reasons for leaving and letting the other top competitors shine in a league that she helped in making it bigger.

Next, we also have the Yodi Award to be given to amazing Schmoedown competitors who have given their greatest moments in their careers. For this year, who else should be more deserving of this prestigious award than to the late great Jon Schnepp. While his Schmoedown career wasn’t the greatest, his commitment to showcasing comic book films and his love of all things in superheroes, science-ficiton, and fantasy will be deeply remembered by both Collider and Schmoeville. He was a great man that passed away too early. Jon was not just a great man here in our Schmoedown community, he was also a great man in the comic book community and in the history of geek culture. His contribution with his documentary of a lost Superman film production is one many will remember. It is right that this year’s Yodi Award goes to Jon Schnepp who has done a lot. Thank you, and until we meet again.

With that, let’s get into these categories and their nominees:


William Bibbiani vs. Jeff Sneider (Clue)
William Bibbiani vs. Mark Andreyko (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Brianne Chandler at Free For All 2 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Andrew Ghai at Free For All 2 (as Dan Murrell)
Jeannine the Machine vs. Ben Bateman (Misty Knight)

Will Win: William Bibbiani vs. Mark Andreyko (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Should Win: William Bibbiani vs. Jeff Sneider (Clue)

These nominees have certainly done a lot with their entrances, but overall it is William Bibbiani that will win this award. The question is, which one of the two entrances that he did will win? Although Clue should be the winner in my eyes just for how hilarious it was with the music, MST3K will win the award for tickling the nostalgic bone despite the ridiculous length of that entrance. I look forward to when he sets up his “entrance talent agency.”


Critically Acclaimed AND Modok (Bill and Ted & Bill and Ted)
The Self-Righteous Brothers AND Take The Cannolli (Hellraiser & Logan)
The Shirewolves vs. Sick in Head (Thor: Ragnarok)
The Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss (Girls Run The World)
Wait, I Know This vs. The Founding Fathers (Jurassic Park)

Will Win: The Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss (Girls Run The World)
Should Win: The Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss (Girls Run The World)

The Bill and Ted entrance and the Jurassic Park entrance (complete with a nearly shirtless Coy Jandreau) are both amazing nominees that can win this award. However, this should go to The Shirewolves with the “Girls Run The World” entrance at Spectacular. It was both exciting for its presentation, and a powerful statement to the league that anyone can compete and be the best regardless of gender.


Rachel Cushing
Alex Damon

Mark Donica
Jason Inman
Mike Kalinowski

Will Win: Mike Kalinowski
Should Win: Alex Damon

With Mara Knopic out of this category, this becomes a much harder decision to choose the winner. While Rachel Cushing shouldn’t be counted out as a contender for this award, Alex Damon should be the winner for just how powerful his knowledge of Star Wars is from all things lore to all things trivial. We are all looking forward to that fateful matchup between him and Sam Witwer. However, against my will, it will be the corruptor himself Mike Kalinowski for not just winning the Innergeekdom Championship in a solid matchup, but for also twisting the hand of ex-Commissioner Thadd Williams to have an Innergeekdom Tournament that led to its much needed enrichment. Despite that, he did win the title from an opportunity made possible by his questionable abuse of power. The questionable champion has a long road ahead to prove that he is a legitimate champion in a division that he himself has corrupted.


Mark Andreyko vs. Ethan Erwin
Ben Bateman vs. Lon Harris
Emma Fyffe Wins The Commissioner Bowl
Andrew Ghai vs. Mark Reilly
The Harris Brothers vs. Take the Cannoli
Adam Hlavac vs. Hector Navarro
Mara Knopic vs. Rachel Cushing
KOrruption vs. The Founding Fathers
Dan Murrell vs. Andrew Ghai
World’s Finest vs. Team Trek

Will Win: Dan Murrell vs. Andrew Ghai
Should Win: Mara Knopic vs. Rachel Cushing

There were many upsets indeed, from competitors that either made their debut or had their breakout year. The match between Knopic and Cushing should be the one to win because of how iconic it was to see the emergence of a new superstar in the Schmoedown. The match that will win Upset of the Year is unfortunately Murrell vs. Ghai, with Ghai pulling off what many saw as the impossible over the original GOAT in the Collider Collision. It was this match that established Andrew Ghai’s breakout year and a disrespectful persona that I personally rooted against.


Dedicated to Art
Late to the Party
Schmoedown Central
Schmoedown Rundown
Take 3 Productions

Will Win: Schmoedown Rundown
Should Win: Schmoedown Central

They are certainly worthy nominees with people that I have the pleasure of knowing. I also had the honor of being a special guest in both Schmoedown Rundown and Take 3 Productions. The winner will be Schmoedown Rundown thanks to the great hosting of both my fellow Houstonian Brad Gilmore and Chicago’s finest Frank Janisch, as well as Chris Clark with his brilliant producing for each episode since the start of Season Five. Who should win is Schmoedown Central by Brad Thomas. His work in just his first year is just amazing with the simple breakdown of matches, simple previews, and excellent production of his videos. It provides the best outside-of-the-matches content that I have seen for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, despite the low viewer counts. I recommend everyone to go check out this after show because Brad Thomas is amazing with what he does with Schmoedown Central, and I look forward to more of them next season.


Emma Fyffe
Ken Napzok
Roxy Striar
Jay Washington

Will Win: Emma Fyffe
Should Win: Emma Fyffe 

From this brilliant list of nominees, including Roxy for her breakout year as manager of The Odd Couple, the top two contenders are no doubt Finstock and Emma Fyffe. You have Finstock (aka Tom Dagnino aka Bobby Gucci) who led two amazing teams in The Patriots and Who’s The Boss, and Emma Fyffe with the most dominant faction of the season and possibly the league in its history. They are certainly winners of this award, but Emma will be the one to claim it because of how she was able to bring out the very best of her competitors. That has led to Clarke’s and Marc’s best seasons of their careers in the Schmoedown. Since her dedication last season to beat the villains and to show that heroes exist, Emma has been a knight in shining armor for all faces to rally around. With multiple #1 Contender victories, marvelous championship appearances, and the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship for the faction to call their own, it is the most obvious pick for Emma Fyffe to be Manager of the Year.


Above The Line
The Founding Fathers
The Shirewolves
Take the Cannoli
The Wildberries

Who Will Win: The Shirewolves
Who Should Win: The Shirewolves

Above The Line and The Shirewolves are the top two nominees of this category for showing both friendly banter and some sassy lines to throw at their opponents. Between these two however, it’s The Shirewolves as the clear pick for this award. They have shown that a team can show both classy elegance and total dominance without going to one side or the other. This team is the clear babyface team, and no hater can bring these two women down.


The Harris Brothers
The Kingsmen
The Patriots
Team Action

Who Will Win: KOrruption
Who Should Win: KOrruption

Except The Kingsmen, these nominees are the rightful definitions of a heel team. You have the legendary Patriots and their 9-0 run as team champs, and last year’s winners Team Action whose devilry with psyching opponents out are amazing. However, they are pale in comparison to this heel team-up of Mike Kalinowski, Chance Ellison, and manager Ken Napzok of KOrruption. They were the huge talk of the community when they were officially formed. Kalinowski the corruptive hero that gained a huge following, Napzok the manager who joined in the crusade for “the truth,” and Ellison the top-ranked amateur competitor from the fan leagues who made his debut to the delight of many hardcore trivia fans. They’re men on a passionate mission to change the game, and a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning for KOrruption despite being played as pawns by the Chairman himself.


Rachel Cushing
Samm Levine
Mark Reilly
John Rocha
Clarke Wolfe

Who Will Win: Clarke Wolfe
Who Should Win: John Rocha

All of them are heroes to many fans who fought to show that you can be the best by not being a jerk to others (well, mostly). From Samm Levine and his two title belts in the same season, to the return of the superhero himself Mark Reilly, they define the definition of a face. A rightful, dedicated persona that fans can be inspired from. While Clarke Wolfe will win the award for showcasing both classy elegance with some sass and her best season to date, the award should be given to “The Outlaw” John Rocha for his absolute dedication this entire season to reclaim a championship belt for both himself and his fans who stood with him for a long time. If that is not a babyface, then who else would it be?


Ben Bateman
Andrew Ghai
Lon Harris
Mike Kalinowski

Who Will Win: Andrew Ghai
Who Should Win: Mike Kalinowski

The top two nominees are definitely Andrew Ghai and Mike Kalinowski. You have Ghai himself who spat in the face of legends before taking them down in the most disgusting fashion (except Rocha) and tackling down his perceived “betrayer” in Ben Bateman, and Kalinowski who became obsessed with ridding the entire Schmoedown of its “corruption” to finally become a champion after the failure of his own League. They were the heels of Season Five, and the best heels we have seen in the history of this league. While Mike should win because of how his truly corruptive methods changed the game, it’s a sure bet that Andrew will win because of his passionate devilry to rile up everyone and defeat his opponents in the most shocking ways possible. His evil behavior is what makes him the Heel of the Year.


The Harris Brothers
The Scream Queens
The Shirewolves
Who’s The Boss

Who Will Win: The Shirewolves
Who Should Win: The Shirewolves

There were many great teams that debuted this season in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, making the Teams Division to be the premier division of the season. Even though we had great teams in KOrruption and Who’s The Boss, the unanimous pick will be Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe of The Shirewolves. This superteam has done what Wolves of Steel failed to do, be consistently dominant and become champions of the Team Division through Spectacular. Their performance this season has raised the bar for incoming new teams to reach and surpass in the next seasons to come.


Mark Donica
Chance Ellison
Ethan Erwin
Jeannine The Machine
Eric Zipper

Who Will Win: Ethan Erwin
Who Should Win: Ethan Erwin

This season saw the introduction of amazing rookies that changed the game of the Schmoedown. Chance Ellison, the top amateur competitor from fan leagues such as Full Metal Trivia, Multiplex Trivia, and Jack of All Trivia who made his much-anticipated debut in the Schmoedown. Jeannine The Machine, a passionate fan from the Schmoedown community that defied expectations to be very close to title contention. And of course Ethan Erwin, the movie executive that showcased his mighty consistency to be the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion of the World in his debut year. Despite the request of Mara for her nomination to be scratched off from this category, the unanimous pick will be Ethan Erwin. From his dominant run in the Singles Division, his amazing performance in the Free 4 All, to taking the entire Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament and the singles title, he is the definitive Rookie of the Year.


Marc Andreyko
William Bibbiani
Mike Kalinowski
Dan Murrell
Clarke Wolfe

Who Will Win: William Bibbiani
Who Should Win: William Bibbiani

The three nominees who define this category perfectly are Marc Andreyko, Clarke Wolfe, and William Bibbiani. Marc and Clarke had mixed results from Season Four, but thanks to the dedicated work of their manager Emma Fyffe, both had their best season to date with brilliant victories and title shots. However, the one to win this award has to be William “The Beast” Bibbiani. After losing to McWeeny earlier in the season, he was faced with the threat of being eliminated early from title contention in the Singles Division. That was due to a disappointing Season Four where he was supposed to have a breakout year. With nothing else to turn to, he pressed his luck in the Free 4 All and earned his #1 Contender shot by being in the greatest number of rounds. What that led to was a miraculous comeback with a little bit of luck to rise back to the top and win the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship. The title that many expected him to win since 2016. He is the true definition of the comeback player, and no this is not because he’s my boss that wants praise be given to him.


Andrew Ghai Tackles Bateman
Andrew Ghai’s Entrance at Free For All 2
The 5 Horsemen Revealed
Samm Levine Becomes Double Champion
The Shirewolves Post-Interview: “We are the league!”

Who Will Win: Andrew Ghai Tackles Bateman
Who Should Win: Samm Levine Becomes Double Champion

There’s a lot of moments to choose from in Season Five, many that have shaped the top stories of that season. While the winner will come down to between the reveal of The Five Horsemen to the delight of Outlaw Nation and New Murrell Order, and Andrew’s tackle of Bateman that shattered the hearts of Action Army, the winner of this award should be Samm Levine becoming the first ever double champion of the Schmoedown. Since John Rocha said that he wanted “all the belts” in 2016, everyone waited for the moment when someone will hold two title belts simultaneously. We all got it with Samm Levine and his partner Drew McWeeny taking down the “First Dynasty” in The Patriots to win the team titles and make Samm the new GOAT of the Schmoedown. It was glorious to many watching around the world.


Above the Line vs The Patriots II
Clarke Wolfe vs Samm Levine
Ethan Erwin vs Clarke Wolfe
Lon Harris vs Ethan Erwin
Mara Knopic vs Rachel Cushing
KOrruption vs Founding Fathers
Take The Cannoli vs The Self-Righteous Brothers
Top 10 vs Top That
Who’s The Boss vs Shirewolves
William Bibbiani vs John Rocha

Who Will Win: Who’s The Boss vs Shirewolves
Who Should Win: Who’s The Boss vs Shirewolves

We were expecting some amazing matches in Season 5 based on the competitors coming into the start of the season. What we did not expect was this huge number of matches that are nominated for Match of the Year. There are so many that you can make this a season of its own, and many will argue that it will be one of the greatest seasons on display in the history of sports itself. The matches that can win this award are Wolfe vs. Erwin, Cushing vs. Knopic, The Patriots vs. Above The Line 2, Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss, Levine vs. Wolfe 2, and Bibbiani vs. Rocha. The match that should win this award is the unofficial main event of Schmoedown Spectacular 3, the team title match of The Shirewolves vs. Who’s The Boss. Both gave it their all in what many call the greatest team match in the history of the Schmoedown where it all came down to the 5-point question to decide the victors. It was this match that cleared The Shirewolves of all criticisms and made a point that anyone of any gender can be champions in the Schmoedown.


Above the Line
Critically Acclaimed
The Harris Brothers
The Shirewolves
Who’s The Boss

Who Will Win: The Shirewolves
Who Should Win: The Shirewolves

Three teams that can be awarded Team of the Year are Above The Line, The Shirewolves, and Who’s The Boss. These three have been dominant in their matches and helped make that division stand out above the rest this season. However, the unanimous vote will go to Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe of The Shirewolves. They have the victories, they have the stats, and they have the team title belts to be called the greatest superteam ever assembled. There is no doubt that these two women deserve this award for they have set the bar very high for not just new teams, but other elite teams to reach in the seasons to come.


William Bibbiani
Ethan Erwin
Samm Levine
John Rocha
Clarke Wolfe

Who Will Win: Ethan Erwin
Who Should Win: Erwin

These nominees have been outstanding in with their singles campaigns in this division. William Bibbiani: the comeback king who ventured through hell to finally claim the singles title he was destined for. Ethan Erwin: the greatest singles rookie whose relentless consistency with movie trivia made him skyrocket to the top of the ladder to become the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion by the end of Season Five. Samm Levine: the first ever double champion in the Schmoedown with two successful singles title defenses this season before retiring. John Rocha: the most popular superstar who accomplished his journey of reclaiming the singles title despite another failed title defense to Ethan Erwin. And Clarke Wolfe: the elegant and sassy competitor who had her best season in the Schmoedown thanks to her dedication and renewed inspiration from her manager Emma Fyffe. The unanimous vote will go to the singles rookie Ethan Erwin. He has done in one season what an elite singles competitor had to do in multiple seasons. He has scorched the Singles Division and set that bar extremely high to reach. A bar that Rocha has stated he will strive for to reach in his next singles campaign to reclaim that singles title.


Ben Bateman
Rachel Cushing
Ethan Erwin
Samm Levine
Clarke Wolfe

Who Will Win: Samm Levine
Who Should Win: Rachel Cushing

Now we get to the biggest award of them all. This award signifies the accomplishments the winner has done in his or her respective divisions of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, and the excellence of their performances in those divisions. Although he had a poor showing in the Ultimate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Tournament, Ethan Erwin’s dominant run in the Singles Division and his amazing run in the Free 4 All merited a nomination in this category. However, the top three nominees for Player of the Year are Rachel Cushing, Samm Levine, and Clarke Wolfe. Rachel’s excellent performance in Singles, Teams, and Innergeekdom this season with a team title to claim has made her the standard for all competitors who want to compete in multiple divisions. Samm’s ultimate accomplishment of being the first ever 2-division champion with an undefeated season before his early retirement cannot be overlooked with the stats he has, making him possibly the GOAT over Murrell. And Clarke’s mighty season in Singles and Teams with a team title to hold makes her one of the best versed competitors since the formation of this league. Samm Levine’s undefeated record, stats, and that amazing accomplishment of holding two belts makes him the Player of the Year in the eyes of many longtime fans and patrons of the voting committee. However, there’s a significant showing for Rachel Cushing to be Player of the Year. It all stems from Episode 106 of Schmoedown Rundown back in October 2018. The stats man himself Frank Janisch laid a humongous, passionate case for Rachel Cushing to be Player of the Year. He brought out every stat of her in the three divisions she played in; and most (if not all) have her as the best in each stat Frank provided in Singles, Teams, and Innergeekdom. Now that Rachel has the Team Championship to call her own, the title belt truly certifies her case to win Player of the Year. For me, this cannot be overlooked and I personally have her as Player of the Year.

So, who’s your winners in these categories? Be sure to name them in the comments below. Don’t forget, the Schmoedown Awards show will be in L.A.’s Comedy Store Saturday January 12 and YouTube on January 25. See y’all next time as I preview the storylines to come in Season Six of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!


  1. Here are my picks right here:

    Singles Entrance – Brianne as Buffy
    Teams Entrance – Shirewolves for “Girls Run the World”
    Innergeekdom/Star Wars Player: Mike Kalinowski
    Upset of the Year: Andrew Ghai over Dan Murrell
    Podcast/Aftershow: Schmoedown Rundown
    Manager: Emma Fyffe
    Babyface Team: Shirewolves
    Heel Team: KOrruption
    Babyface: Clarke Wolfe
    Heel: Mike Kalinowski
    New Team: Shirewolves
    Rookie: Ethan Erwin
    Comeback Player: Clarke Wolfe
    Moment of the Year: Five Horsemen reveal
    Match of the Year: Shirewolves vs Who’s the Boss
    Team of the Year: Shirewolves
    Singles Player: Ethan Erwin
    Player of the Year: Rachel Cushing


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