WHO RUN THE WORLD: The Shirewolves Talk About That Spectacular Entrance!


It’s finally here. This weekend the Schmoedown Spectacular 3 dropped in all of its glory and while everyone will have their favourite matches and moments, personally the moment – and match – of the Spectacular was watching the Shirewolves become the first female team to defend the team belts.

Before that win however, Rachel & Clarke decided to do something a little bit different with their entrance and gave us what many, including myself, are arguing should easily win entrance of the year.

In a stroke of incredible female empowerment and showcasing the amazing female talent within the Schmoedown community, many of the present and past Schmoedown players, heel and face alike, entered with the Shirewolves as a show of support. Players like Brianne Chandler, Stacy Howard, Mara Knopic, Taylor Robinson, Jenn Sterger, Jeannine the Machine and many more all entering with the defending champions in character, as iconic movie characters.

And I was lucky enough to sit down with Rachel Cushing & Clarke Wolfe to discuss that how that moment came to pass!

TriviaSD: Congratulations of a fantastic win. Can you talk a little bit about the entrance? How did that come to be and where did the idea of showcasing all the fantastic and wonderful woman apart of the Schmoedown come from?

Clarke Wolfe: That was Rachel’s idea.

Rachel Cushing: Well, you know as people who saw our original belt-[winning] match, that was a very big and involved entrance with the Thor and the Hela and Emma’s Odin. This time around, it’s funny, we were sorta going into it like, let’s not go that big. We had our big moment and all that sort of stuff and it literally started from “What’s easy? What do we own that we can make into a costume?” The Holly Golightly, Clarke was like “I own all of this stuff already” and you know Marilyn Monroe is a cinema icon and I was able to get like a discounted Halloween costume for next to nothing, and Jenn Sterger always makes me amazing and we were like, okay, we can do that, two classic icons.

I was ready to fall asleep like almost a week ago and I was just thinking to myself there’s a lot of female icons out there and there’s a lot of women in the Schmoedown this year and a lot of people who’ve been wishing us luck who have been hoping we were gonna defend and I thought, it’d be really cool if these people [became] a part of this with us. It was just this like fleeting idea and I was like, I’m just going to run it by Emma and Clarke to see if I’m crazy and they were like, no you’re not crazy that’s pretty cool. Do you think anybody will want to do this, it’s kinda last second? I sent an email out that afternoon and the response honestly floored me.

CW: Oh my god, me too.

RC: It brought tears to my eyes that these women jumped at the chance. They were like “I got this costume, I can do this?” “I don’t have a costume, what do you have?” They started lending each other clothes. The email chain was growing by the minute. It was everybody wanting to be a part of it and the women who couldn’t – Sabina, Roxy, Alicia – we reached out to every woman who’s ever been a part of this and every single one of them, even those who couldn’t come were like “Girl Power!”

We want a part of this, we want to be a part of this moment. Win or lose it’s about solidarity. It’s about showcasing that women are just as important in this league and integral to the growth of the league and I have to say it came to be better than I [even] imagined it would. The love in that room and the strength I got from all of those women who came out with us was so important.

CW: It was really like, with the Thor entrance, that was very similar, I was like “I don’t wanna do anything crazy” but I’ve always wanted to be Lady Thor and “The Immigrant Song” is such an anthem so we were like why don’t we do it? Again very last minute. I loved that we f*cking won the belts and we were dressed like that. That was our badass moment and so going up again to defend the belts we knew if we lost, the internet was going to be a sh*tshow and so for me I really liked entering this way because it made me feel like win or lose this is how we are setting the stage. This is how we are making a statement.

RC: This is part of the legacy we’ll leave.

CW: That’s exactly right. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, that was important. The fact that we won was even better for many reasons but I hope it becomes a moment that stands out in the Spectacular and in Spectacular history, that we were able to fill the studio with women and we were able to keep the belts.

RC: That was a statement that needed to be made. Many people will accuse us of doing the whole SJW, soapbox thing but where else can we? This is the place to do that. It’s an important cause and it’s important to get to a place where women don’t have to work twice as hard to get the same respect as men. Where we don’t have twice as many of the trollish comments as the male competitors, where we are respected for what we bring to the table as any other player out there.

CW: I don’t know if any of that will change after we did this but I don’t care.

RC: If we change one mind it’ll be worth it.

CW: Even if we don’t, we used our time. That was the thing that was really important to me. It also really helped that we won again.


  1. That entrance just added to my excitement as a female fan of the Shirewolves and Fyffe Club. I loved it, and it was moving in a way. Thank you for being a light in the MTS!


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