ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN SEMIFINALS PREVIEW: Dan Murrell vs. Marc Andreyko – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to Tuesday’s match of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!

As we approach the final week of regular season play, there is much anticipation about the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Finals match on Friday. First, we focus on this match that will give a second chance to the losing Semifinalists and set up for the most exciting season premiere next month in the live event at New York City. The road to the most stellar live event begins here with the #1 Contender Qualifier between “Dangerous” Dan Murrell and Marc “The Android” Andreyko, where the winner will face the losing competitor of Wolfe vs. Erwin in the #1 Contender Match at Schmoedown Spectacular.

In that friendly bout between two Fyffe Club competitors, Marc Andreyko and Clarke Wolfe were neck-and-neck through all three rounds despite missing crucial questions. However, Marc lost to Clarke when that film Ready to Rumble returned to haunt him, just as it did in his championship match against William Bibbiani.

Despite the frustrations with being unable to answer another question about that movie, Marc preps for one more shot at appearing in Spectacular. This time, his next opponent that he’s friends with is none other than Dan Murrell. While he expects to come in and enjoy the moment just like his match against Clarke, he is somewhat cautious of Dan, given how legendary he has become in the Collider years at the Schmoedown. However, his manager Emma Fyffe is confident that Marc can defeat competitors of this level just as he did against Drew McWeeny and Ethan Erwin.

If there are two things that Marc needs to do in order to keep his season going, he needs to keep his nerves in check and confide in Emma to get help in practicing for this match. His performance this season is astounding, and it should be enough for Marc to stand up against a powerful opponent as the original GOAT. It will all come down to not getting too nervous.

As for the original GOAT, his match against Ethan Erwin did not go as he hoped. Faced with the unlikeliest of questions, Dan struggled to keep pace with the consistent Ethan and suffered a TKO loss to him. While it was not the worst upset, it appeared that it was another case of “two steps forward, one step back.” Nevertheless, the original GOAT seeks to dust himself off and compete to keep his season alive.

For this match, Dan will be facing a competitor who is having the best singles campaign in his career: his friend, Marc Andreyko. Murrell understands the difficulty of this match against a member of The Fyffe Club, and he aims to stay on top of his game to be in the #1 Contender Match at Spectacular. If Dan wants to win, he needs to not let the last match shake his confidence. Dan Murrell has to trust the instincts that has made him who he is in the Schmoedown today, and for some luck to go his way with the wheel. Unfazed and unshaken, Dan Murrell is not giving up on this season despite the mixed results.

This is the first match between The Five Horsemen and The Fyffe Club, and it should be an exciting kickoff to the final week of the regular season. Both are seasoned competitors with the best movie knowledges around. We should expect them both to be in a determined mindset, ready to win. Unless one of them are off their game this should go all the way.

Between the two, Dan’s the favorite to be in the #1 Contender Match at the Schmoedown Spectacular. Whoever wins that match will be in the live championship match at New York in January. Will all that is said and done, it’s time to Schmoedown and begin the road to New York!


  1. I love both of these competitors, but my heart tells me to give the edge to Murrell here. At the same time, Mmy head tells me it’s Marc’s to lose. So far I’ve only picked one match correctly this tourney, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy with no expectations.

  2. I hope Dan takes this as I really want him to return to his glory days but I can’t be mad if andreyko wins that guy is awesome as well.

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