Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here previewing the next match as we begin the Semifinals of the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

Just like in the Anarchy Tournament, all the top-ranked competitors have successfully advanced to the next round. What we should expect is intense, edge-of-your-seat action to determine our finalists.

However, the two losing semifinalists will not have their seasons ended here.

In a special twist by Co-Creator and Chairman Kristian Harloff, all four Semifinalists are guaranteed a path to the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship no matter how well they do. It can be a direct path, with the title shot against the champion John Rocha, or through another #1 Contender Match. Both matches will be in the biggest event of the season, the Schmoedown Spectacular. The two winning Semifinalists will compete for the title shot in the Finals, and the two losing Semifinalists will compete one more time to be in the #1 Contender match against the losing Finalist at Spectacular. This is a brilliant way to give these top four competitors clear paths to the title, and in my opinion well-deserved paths as well.

We begin these Semifinals with this truly epic matchup. The top singles rookie has proven that he is still as solid as he was all season, but he will be tested to his limits against the original GOAT who is back in his top form. It’s “Dangerous” Dan Murrell versus Ethan “Big Time” Erwin!

Ethan Erwin, the movie-executive-turned-Schmoedown-competitor, had a great start to this tournament against another rookie, Chance Ellison. The match was consistently close throughout all three rounds as both Erwin and Ellison matched power-for-power with their mighty movie knowledge despite both being rookies. However, Erwin won over Ellison, who tripped on an relatively easy question in Round One and then couldn’t pull it out with his 5-point question. With that win, Ethan showed that he’s still in his top form after recovering from his loss to Marc Andreyko in a #1 Contender Match last Summer. He’s now the only representative of Jay Washington’s Viper Squad for not just this tournament, but for the rest of the season. Unfazed and excited, Ethan Erwin looks forward, to show that he’s still here, at the top.

In this Semifinal, Ethan will stay in that top form, and possibly do better, to defeat his toughest opponent to date: the original GOAT, Dan Murrell. Ethan has to be aware of how Dan is back to his superior self, and be ready to match him point-for-point as much as possible. In the mental game, he should just focus on himself and not worry too much of how Dan will perform. If he wants to bolster his claim for the Rookie of the Year award over the Innergeekdom Champion Mara Knopic, this is it. A win here will not just fortify his resume for the award, it will also help him establish his presence as one of the new aces of the Schmoedown. While he is guaranteed a path to the title, it’s clear that he wants that title shot now, against Rocha.

As for the other Semifinalist, the singles tournament has been a clear show of dominance and return-to-form. Coming into the 1st Round match against Stacy Howard, there were questions and concerns about The Five Horsemen’s representative in this tournament. With the mixed results Dan Murrell has produced this season, can he prove he’s still the best? Can he get the momentum back? Will this be the beginning of the end for the original GOAT? All of those questions were answered immediately with a flawless KO to Stacy Howard. That perfect-game victory signaled his return to his “dangerous” form, on top, quite possibly declaring to the current GOAT Samm Levine that he’s not done yet.

Dan Murrell now turns his attention to Ethan Erwin. Although they are competing against each other for the first time, Dan is aware of how fearless Ethan is with the Schmoedown. For him to advance to the Finals, he cannot be clouded with overconfidence. That will be his top key to victory. As long as he keeps playing that superiorly-advanced gameplan like before, Dan will be in good position to take this match. A win here will put Dan one step closer to the rematch against his former rival and now teammate John Rocha for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship at Spectacular. Also, it will put The Five Horsemen back in the admiring views of the Schmoedown community, proving that The Fyffe Club isn’t the only great stable of this season.

This will be another great blockbuster match. You have two of the best competitors who know the movie industry well, providing what should be a nail-bitter for all three rounds. Between the two, they are arguably almost on even ground. However, Dan Murrell will be the slight favorite to advance to the Finals.

To whoever still has a perfect bracket and others who love brilliant matches like this, prepare for what could be another possible nominee for Match of the Year as the Semifinals get underway!


  1. It’s going to be close but I have Dan for the finals due to his experience, and my gut tells me he will win this one.


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