ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN SEMIFINALS PREVIEW: Clarke Wolfe vs. Marc Andreyko – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the second Semifinal match preview in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

The second match of Semifinals week pits both members of The Fyffe Club against each other in what should be a friendly but competitive match among friends. The winner will go on to the Finals and face Ethan Erwin. The loser on the other hand will go to the #1 Contender Qualifier and face Dan Murrell for a spot in the #1 Contender match at Spectacular.

We have another friendly civil war on our hands as “Classy” Clarke Wolfe takes on Marc “The Android” Andreyko!

After an admirable performance in the Anarchy Tournament, Marc Andreyko moved back to Singles play against a great competitor in Drew McWeeny. This was his first singles match since missing Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship by a single actor’s name. It’s a true gut check against a great competitor to see if he still has it after that championship match. It was a close fight for the first two rounds, but Andreyko was able to put together a solid Round Three to defeat his opponent and end Drew McWeeny’s season.

This Semifinal will be an interesting one for The Fyffe Club’s first prospect. He will be facing his fellow stablemate and good friend Clarke Wolfe. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s that he cannot underestimate how skillful Clarke is with movie trivia. He has faced difficult opposition before but facing a friend and fellow stablemate could be a different thing for Marc. His keys to victory is to focus on his game and enjoy the moments.

As for Clarke Wolfe, it was an epic, going-the-distance battle between her and Ben Bateman. In her third Singles Tournament appearance she was determined to finally end her 1st Round curse. She gave it her all with one of her best singles performances, harkening back to her rookie year, when she mowed through many competitors until facing Murrell. With a perfect Round Three Clarke won, thanks to Ben missing a crucial question in that round, to finally advance deep into the tournament.

Now, she is in uncharted territory in the Singles Tournament, but it will be against her fellow stablemate Marc. As I said earlier, what they expect with this match is to have fun and enjoy every moment in a friendly bout between The Fyffe Club members. Between the two competitors, Clarke will have the hot hand. If she can maintain that confidence from the victory over Bateman, then she will be one step closer to holding the singles title belt along with her team title belt.

The theme for this match is Fyffe Club. For Clarke’s and Marc’s manager Emma Fyffe, this is a dream matchup for her to bolster her stable’s reputation. Whoever wins in this Semifinal, she wins no matter what. What she wants is to see which one of her prospects in this friendly bout will be the one to face Erwin in the Finals for the title shot. It will do wonders for her claim of Manager of the Year if both competitors do well here, in the Finals, in the #1 Contender Qualifier, and possibly in both the championship and #1 contender matches at Spectacular.

For this to be really impressive, both Fyffe Club members must make the match go the distance. If both of them really flex on their strong movie knowledges, then they could prove that this faction is the best of the season. Between the two, Clarke Wolfe will be the slight favorite to go to the Finals and face Ethan Erwin, but no matter what, this is a win-win scenario for Emma Fyffe as her two competitors will put on a great match for all to see.

Don’t miss this brilliant matchup as the Semifinals conclude with Wolfe versus Andreyko!



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