The Hardest Star Wars Trivia Questions in the History of the Schmoedown!


There are few things as intensive as the Star Wars League in the Schmoedown. In this league, you need a particular set of skills to keep up with the competitors involved. Guys like Alex Damon and Sam Witwer make their Star Wars knowledge feel like second nature, with the answers coming to them as naturally as breathing does, day by day. But for this writer who has known Star Wars his whole life, there’s times that these particular matches yield questions that make me feel like I’ve never seen the movies before. So it only felt right to take a look at twenty of the hardest questions that the Star Wars Schmoedown competitors have faced!

Who is the legendary visual arts guru who brought tauntauns to life in The Empire Strikes Back and headed George Lucas’ creature shop for Return of the Jedi?

Answer: Phil Tippett

Going back to the earliest matches of the Star Wars league, you might end up with a question about the cast and crew of the films. Sam Witwer unfortunately ended up on the other end of that, when he was asked who created the Tauntauns. Phil Tippett did amazing work with the creature effects, but he isn’t a household name, so it was no shock that Witwer couldn’t pull this one.

In Revenge of the Sith, what is the name of the outer-rim planetoid where Luke & Leia were born?

Answer: Polis Massa

Luke and Leia are born in Revenge of the Sith while Obi-Wan looks on, but could you have told me the name of the planet? This is one of those facts that you have researching the films after the fact, because the name of the planet isn’t actually said within the film. Hats off to our competitors who were able to pull it out of the deepest recesses of their mind.

In Star Wars, what does the acronym AT-ST stand for?

Answer: All-Terrain Scout Transport

It’s pretty common knowledge that the Imperials have AT-ATs and AT-STs, but could you tell me what those actually stand for? This is a pretty tough question, that much like the previous one, comes from years of studying Star Wars outside of the films. See, that visual guide you bought as a kid of all the vehicles ended up being useful after all!

What is the name of the character played by Simon Pegg?

Answer: Unkar-Plutt

You might find yourself saying, “Wait, when was Simon Pegg in a Star Wars film?!” when you hear this question asked. You might be surprised to find out that Unkar-Plutt, the junk salesman on Jakku in The Force Awakens, is actually Pegg hidden beneath the creature design. You may recognize the famed Cornetto Trilogy actor by sight, but you can certainly recognize his voice once you know he’s in the suit.

In Star Wars: A New Hope, at Mos Eisley spaceport, the Millennium Falcon was in which docking bay?

Answer: Docking Bay 94This is a question you may be a little surprised to be on the list, but to be honest, how many of us really paid attention to which docking bay they so casually mention in the film? If you aren’t paying attention, you might miss it!

In the Star Wars saga films, who is surrounded by droids before asking “Do we have a Plan B?”

Answer: Obi-Wan Kenobi

What be seen as a throwaway line in Revenge of the Sith became one of the tougher questions in the Schmoedown. Obi-Wan has many memorable lines that have crossed into the pantheon of pop culture, but it’s safe to say this wasn’t exactly one of them. This could have been uttered by any character in the universe, and feels more like something you’d hear from one of the battle droids, than Master Kenobi.

What is the first line uttered by Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace?

Answer: Tatooine is sparsely populated.

Another dialogue question, this time pertaining to the mostly silent Darth Maul. To be honest, we forgot he really has any dialogue in The Phantom Menace, so it may come as a surprise that the first thing he talks about is Tatooine’s population, instead of something more along the lines of killing Qui-Gon. For one of the baddest guys in the galaxy, that’s not the most exciting first impression…

What is the name of the imperial admiral at the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back?

Answer: Ozzel

Remember that Admiral that Vader chokes out in The Empire Strikes Back? Yeah, we do too. But did you know he actually has a name? His name is actually Kendal Ozzel, and he’s had a solid amount of appearances outside of The Empire Strikes Back. But if you’re just watching the movie, you may be surprised to find out he’s not just a random character used to show off Vader’s scary and deadly force skills, but a full fledged character of the universe.

What are the wings on an X-wing also called?

Answer: S-Foils

This is another one of those things that, unless you’ve been digging through a visual dictionary on the Star Wars vehicles, you may not know that the X-Wing Wings actually have a name! Cool, right? But in the heat of the moment of a match, you had better hope that’s common knowledge for yourself, because otherwise you’re likely to leave those points on the table…

Who said, “Greed can be a powerful ally.”?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn

This is one that definitely might throw some for a loop. A line like this feels more like it would be in line with someone like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader muttering it, but it’s more interesting that wise master Qui-Gon Jinn was the one who went a bit Gordon Gekko, talking about how greed could help people in a galaxy far, far away. We wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know it either.

What holding sector did Admiral Ackbar order Green group to stick close to, during the second Death Star Battle?

Answer: MV-7

Who knew that lines about sectors in a battle would be so important! Or, at least as far as movie trivia is concerned. When Ackbar belts out orders to the Green group in the second Death Star run, so much is happening, you may not have paid attention to this throw away line of where they should be staying close to. MV-7 sounds more like a droid than coordinates, but hey, here we are.

In Revenge of the Sith, what actor plays Owen Lars in the movie?

Answer: Joel Edgerton

While this might seem fairly obvious to eagle eyed fans, Edgerton wasn’t a household name when he took the role in the film. Most may not even realize he had such a small role in the Star Wars series before he became a more prominent household name. We’re still waiting for our McGregor and Edgerton buddy action film on Tatooine!

In The Clone Wars animated film, who conspired with Count Dooku to have Jabba the Hutt’s son Rotta killed?

Answer: Ziro the Hutt

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, there’s a Clone Wars film!?” In fact, there is! The original pilot for The Clone Wars animated series was a theatrically released film, and most have probably forgotten it exists, and even more so, that Jabba had an uncle, Ziro, who wanted his nephew taken out of power so he could gain power over their clan. It’s a little Shakespearian, but the character didn’t do much to leave an impression on most fans, and fading out of our collective memory.

In The Empire Strikes Back, whose call sign on Hoth was Echo 7?

Answer: Han Solo

Han Solo was known for many things, but having a call sign isn’t really one of them. So it might surprise some that Solo goes by Echo 7 very briefly in The Empire Strikes back when the Rebels coming looking for him and Luke after the storm. It’s easy to look over, but any good general needs a call sign!

What general was portrayed by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade actor Julian Glover?

Answer: General Veers

This one is a little two fold in why it might be difficult. First, you need to know who Julian Glover was, and you need to have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. At that point, it then becomes knowing what this blink and you’ll miss him General might be named! While Veers has had a much more prominent role in Star Wars legends since, we wouldn’t blame you for not having his name at the tip of your tongue.

In The Original Trilogy, who said, “I shall enjoy watching you die.”

Answer: Jabba the Hutt

The thing that makes this question so difficult for some is easily understandable in the fact that, while Jabba DOES say that line, he never says out loud in a way it may stick with the viewer! You keep trying to hear the character, but that’s hard to do when he has an alien dialect that you don’t quite understand… So we could see how you might overlook this one.

In what Central American country were the exterior shots of Yavin’s moon filmed?

Answer: Guatamala

Much like an earlier question dealing with behind the scenes talent, asking in what Central American country Yavin’s moon was filmed is a bit of a head scratcher. If you didn’t pay attention to the behind the scenes material, it’s easy to see why you might have missed that Yavin base was filmed out of Guatamala. It’s easy to see why this might escape many fans.

What does Threepio tell Uncle Owen he did at his first job?

Answer: Programmed Binary Load lifters

We all know that C-3P0’s primary function is communication, with him being fluent in well over six million-forms of communication. But did you remember that he also programmed binary load lifters? It makes sense with him being a communications expert, but that seems more like the job of a programmer than it does of a communications droid.

Which Indonesian actor played in The Raid Series and played a character named Tassu Leech in Star Wars the Force Awakens?

Answer: Yayan Ruhian

While co-star Iko Uwais is well known to many, Yayan Ruhian is much less recognizable name, even though he has a very recognizable face. So it doesn’t come as any shock that many fans may not know Ruhian’s name and the fact he played Tassu Leech in The Force Awakens in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo. It’s a shame too, because we’d love to see Ruhian in a much bigger role in the galaxy far, far away later on. Maybe we can finally get our Kanjiklub film!

What was the name of the Imperial General in command of the base on Scarif in Rogue One?

Answer: Sotorus Ramda

These Imperial Generals really seem pretty interchangeable, don’t they? A lot of the time, as far as the movies are concerned, these characters seem like nameless minions to Vader, Tarkin, and Palpatine. Ramda is another in that line, this time as the man who was the head of Scariff, whose hubris ended up being the down fall of the entire base. It just wasn’t his day…And neither was it for those who got this question, who probably had no idea Ramda had a name.

In The Last Jedi, what was the name of the bombardier on Paige’s ship at the beginning of the film?

Answer: Nix / Nix Jerd

Nix Jerd, we hardly knew ye. And that includes your name. While fans may remember the character, it’s safe to say most didn’t know his name unless they took in the novelization of the film. Don’t hold that against him though, he was a heroic man for the Resistance… We just wish we’d known you a little better so we could remember your name.

What giant beast of burden is spooked by a swoop bike as Luke Skywalker dives into Mos Eisley?

Answer: Ronto

Those visual creature guides might come in handy right about now, huh? We all remember when Luke arrives in Mos Eisley, and you’ve probably seen the creature. But do you remember that this thing had a name? Probably not. Well, this is a Ronto. Ronto, this is the reader. Now that you know each other better, you’ll know this fun factoid the next time you watch A New Hope. It might even wow someone at a party!

Who was the last one to jump down the Death Star’s garbage chute?

Answer: Han

There’s some confusion when it comes to the question for some where they might picture Han jumping in first (he’s a space pirate, after all, so every man for himself!) or even Luke (since he’s the heroic type, likely to leave danger last). But in actuality, Leia is the one who shoots the grill and jumps down the chute first, followed by a complaining Chewbacca, followed by Luke, with the seemingly selfish Han nobly leaving last (foreshadowing the climactic revelation that he’s not as bad as he says he is)!

What did Darth Vader say after Luke fell into the carbonite freezing chamber?

Answer: “All to easy.”

Here’s one that is easy to get confused. Vader also says, “Perhaps you’re not as strong as the Emperor thought,” not long after also saying, “all to easy.” But most have latched on to Vader’s line about Luke being weak, so we can see where you might confuse the two.

What is the center switch on a speeder bike used for?

Answer: Jamming comlinks

This is one that honestly most probably don’t know unless they’ve tirelessly looked over a Star Wars visual dictionary. Did you know that Speeder Bikes could jam comlinks? Probably not! But there’s a button on board these flying motor bikes that’ll help halt communication between your enemies, and that’s pretty cool. However, it’s no shock that you probably didn’t know, unless you live and breathe Star Wars as hard as many of these competitors do! There’s a reason these guys are going after the belt, after all.

What was the name of the Rebel that Cassian killed so that he could escape from the stormtroopers at the beginning of Rogue One?

Answer: Tivik

British character actor Daniel Mays – who many may recognize from Ashes to Ashes, which you should watch! – quickly appears at the beginning of Rogue One, before quickly being killed off by Cassian. But how can we know his name when Cassian can’t even be bothered to mention before STRAIGHT UP MURDERING HIM! That’s cold, Cassian, just cold. Tivik, we hardly knew ye.

Whose podracer blows up on the starting line during the big race?

Answer: Ben Quadinaros

No matter how many times I’ve seen The Phantom Menace, I couldn’t tell you the name of Ben Quadinaros… but our Star Wars geniuses over here know it like second nature. I’m not sure though. He never really looked like a Ben to me. Not only is his name hard to remember, but the poor guy will always be known for being the guy who couldn’t even compete in a the podrace against Anakin. That’s a bummer of a legacy, no matter how you cut it.

What creature does Finn share a drink with in Jakku?

Answer: Happabore

Do I remember that Finn had a drink with a giant creature of Jakku at the watering hole? Yes. But for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you it was a Happabore. Did you know it was a happabore? I just called it giant monster thing that liked water on Jakku. That seems way more suitable.

Not counting young Rey’s screams, who’s voice is the first heard in Rey’s force vision after touching Luke’s lightsaber?

Answer: Yoda

So this one is a little bit tricky to me, not in that it’s necessarily that it’s hard, but more in the fact that at times, Rey’s force vision can be pretty overwhelming, you might have missed everyone’s favorite green Jedi master as he makes a small voice cameo. With a bit of sensory overload in the scene, we could see how you may not have heard Yoda in the background. But I’m sure you all caught him in The Last Jedi; that one is a little harder to miss.

While tending to the droids, C-3PO asked Luke if he could help him in any way. Luke responded by saying, “Not unless you can [blank],  [blank] or [blank]”. What were 2 of the 3 things Luke mentioned.

Answer: Alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock.

This is such a loaded question, just in the fact that you have to be very specific in remembering what Luke said specifically to C-3PO, and it’s a mouthful. No, he didn’t want to go to Tosche station, but instead, he wanted to either time travel – which isn’t really something that Star Wars films have delved into. (instead, see Rebels) – have the harvest sped up – but considering C-3PO isn’t a god until Return of the Jedi, he probably can’t do that yet – or just get off this rock. For a farm boy on Tattooine, Luke sure does have some big dreams!


  1. “who is surrounded by droids before asking “Do we have a Plan B?”” becomes even harder to answer when you remember Sam buzzed in before the quote was even given! Still one of my favourite moments

  2. Sam Witwer wasn’t asked the Phil Tippett. That question was asked to Freddie Prinze Jr. Nice work on these questions though. Definitely a good list of the tougher questions.

  3. As a UPF, questions 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 14, 15*, 18, 22, 23, 25, 27, and I didn’t think 30 were out of bounds for any regular Star Wars trivia quiz which shows how well the fans know the movies. “All too easy” is one of my favorite quotes though!!


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