THANKS, SHEEP! An Interview With Mike Kalinowski


Mike “KO” Kalinowski, the fomenter of KOrruption, the purveyor of Anarchy, the face who turned heel so hard it rocked the Schmoedown to its foundations. He set the Innergeekdom Tournament in motion, and he made it all the way to the final match, only to be eliminated by newcomer Mara Knopic, who went on to win the belt from Jason Inman, and whose epic winning streak has made her a frontrunner for this season’s Rookie of the Year.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Mike Kalinowski, who claimed to be striving to root out the KOrruption in the Schmoedown league, made a surprise appearance at the last live event, interrupting Mara Knopic’s victory speech and grabbing himself a title shot at this year’s Schmoedown Spectacular. 

To say it was a controversial moment would be a massive understatement. With the big day looming ahead, we sent P.J. Campbell to interview Mike Kalinowski and find out what he’s thinking, how he’s training, and whether he’s scared of the “Amazing”‘ Mara Knopic!

TriviaSD: All right guys, I am here with Mike Kalinowski, who you know from the inner geekdom in the schmoedown! It’s got to be a pretty exciting day for you right now. You’re going up for the belt, and you’ve been here before.

Mike Kalinowski: A pretty exciting day? This is the day! This is what I did all year, what this has all been leading up to. This is it this is the moment, it’s this right here.

This right here?

No, not the interview right here. Jesus Christ. You give a fan a microphone and this is what he does. Okay let’s hear the next question.

Look I’m just here to talk to you about how you’re feeling about going up the match… I mean you were so close to the belt before so it’s got to feel good to be back in the ring to try and win it again.

I’m just taking what is owed to me, what is what is my right, what I’m due. I’ll say that… I’ll say that I deserve to be here. I told everyone from the beginning I had a plan from the very beginning, and I was going to see all the way through and it doesn’t end till that strap is on my waist so here I am. Here she is and we’re going to go where the cards fall.

How are you feeling about going up against Mara now?

Hey, I’ll say this. Mara is the champ, and deservedly so. You know she’s played fantastic this year. Every match she’s gotten better and better. Many would say she’s close to Rookie of the Year from how she’s playing. I would absolutely say that. Look at the polls in the Schmoedown group, I would absolutely vote for that. I would one hundred percent support her as rookie of the the year. She came in and blew everyone away. You know people like to throw in my face that there would be no Mara Knopic, no rookie of the year, if I didn’t do what I did. But you know that’s how goes it was all fair play. Fair play! I wanted to give people a shot, she got the shot, and she took it and played it.

You clearly see Mara as a fierce opponent, so leading up to this have been doing extra studying for this match or are you just feeling very confident in yourself?

What do you work for everybody? You trying to get my weaknesses out there, get my secrets out of me? Lets just say – I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – I don’t have weaknesses. I have varying degrees of strength. And you know, looking at my last match… I like to look at every match when I’m done, and see okay, where was I not strong in, what could I do better in? It’s interesting because with DCEU, you know, there’s only what, five films? But they’re going deep in those questions, so you know it’s more strategy than what I studied. It’s strategy playing into the game. We saw whats happens with me when I get on that speed round, I dominate. I’m going to dominate again. That’s not going to be anything I needed to work on. I’m feeling great!

I’m very excited for the matches today, of course Innergeekdom because that’s where much of my passion is, but it’s a big day for matches all together for the entire Schmoedown. Huge, huge day! So what are you looking forward to yourself?

That teams belt. I want to see what happens with that. That was something that we got close to getting. We came close to that one, we had a great match against The Founding Fathers, and you know Big Mouth and Reilly.You know, they played well. They played well. It was what it was. What’s the saying? The chips fall where they may? The dice roll where they go? I’ll say this: Ben’s getting too big for his britches. I don’t know if you know, he’s feeling a little spring in his step from carrying Champ’s Lunch on his back there. It’s been nice not to hear that voice in of the place, you know? Reilly’s a great competitor, but Clarke…

You know Clarke and Rachel, they are not one to mess with. I just want to see Clarke and Rachel win because I’m sick of the of all that talk about them being paper Champions. Who knows, I might be facing the same thing down the line. People might say I’m that because I manipulated the system to get this Number 1 Contender’s match against Mara. If I win you know they might say I’m a paper champion too. But I don’t give a shit what people say. The girls, they deserve it! They played like Champions and I hope they have the straps at the end of this Spectacular.

One final thing before we go today. I’ve got to ask you, with how you’ve talked about the fact that you’ve been playing the system, are you at all nervous about Thadd’s match today? He could potentially lose his power, and so could you.

Come on! Am I nervous about that guy and his Hawaiian shirts? I don’t get nervous. I don’t get nervous. But there does seem to be some rumblings going on. I did what I did and if they’re going to do what they’re going to do, I want them to strap on a pair of balls finally and do what he’s going to do. If you’re seeing this Thadd, tough guy, take your shot.

Alright, well Mike good luck out there today. I know that we’re all looking forward to seeing how the match goes. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to – apparently – just a fan on a mic…

It’s always a pleasure! Thanks, sheep! Bahhhhh!


    • easy mike is playing a great heel, heels don’t believe they are heels and mike is the same he believes in fairness (even tho its corrupt) so in order to do that he put thadd in the match to make things in his mind fair


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