Hello Schmoedown fans (and sorry I’m stealing your introduction, Tim). Welcome to part 1 of my Schmoedown Spectacular recap, where I’ll be taking a look at the biggest storyline developments that took place over the course of the 8 hour show!

And we begin with the possible conclusion of the biggest storyline of the entire season: KOrruption.

Since May of 2018, we have witnessed one of the biggest heel turns in the history of the Schmoedown. Mike Kalinowski, a guy everyone thought was a vanilla hero, turned out to have some sinister plans, and spent the whole year torturing the acting commissioner Thadd Williams. Kalinowski injected his agenda into the league by creating the Innergeekdom and Anarchy tournaments, while also giving himself and his manager Ken Napzok title shots.

Things took a bit of a turn, however, when Mike’s former partner Brianne Chandler threatened Thadd with a list of competitors who said they would walk from Spectacular unless he told Mike “no,” which he did. It was then we learned that Mike was working on someone else’s orders the whole time: Paulie G, attorney-at-law, who we had seen crashing an interview at Spectacular II and last year’s awards.

We were led to believe that Paulie G had something on Thadd, which Mike had said would be revealed unless Thadd challenged and beat Kristian Harloff in a match for the title of Commissioner. That match eventually turned into a four-way between Kristian, Thadd, Emma Fyffe, and a maskless Finstock (don’t worry, that’ll get covered in another upcoming article).

Emma Fyffe won the match, which meant that Thadd’s secret, the thing that Mike had held over him for half a year, would finally be revealed. However, before it could get revealed, Thadd pulled a shredder out of nowhere and put the KOrruption letter through it.

But a shredder would not deter Paulie G. He came out from the curtain to drop the bomb on us, but amazingly it wasn’t the only one he dropped. He revealed to us that the whole time, he was also working on someone else’s orders.

Kristian Harloff’s.

It was here that Kristian revealed that this whole time, he had been playing Thadd in order to punish him for stealing the commissionership for a full year, and where he also revealed his new position of Chairman of the Schmoedown. He gave the announcement that Emma Fyffe would be a commissioner… but of what, we don’t yet know.

So Kristian Harloff was the real mastermind behind KOrruption? We finally got the answer. But not exactly. See, Kristian didn’t really care what Mike did to Thadd because he knew that at any time he could put a stop to it and play his trump card. Unfortunately for Kalinowski, he was nothing more than a pawn in Harloff’s game.

So that means that KOrruption is over? Once again, not exactly. While we didn’t get a ton of information about what Kalinowski’s plan was going forward, I definitely got the sense that KOrruption isn’t over. Rather, it’s in a new phase.

The question is, what can Mike get away with now? The whole reason Mike was able to do things like the Innergeekdom and Anarchy tournaments was because of what he had on Thadd, so is he going to try to find something on Harloff? And if he is, where is he going to go? Paulie G had apparently been allied with the Chairman for 5 years, so he might need to get a new lawyer. And he’s also got Ken and Chance on his side, the former of which was by Harloff’s side for the longest time and could have something.

As of now, who knows where KOrruption is going? Maybe it’s really ending, and maybe Mike has a new agenda that he’s going to try to push into the Schmoedown. Maybe he’s going to try to scoop up one of those commissioner slots that Harloff teased. Either way, wherever KOrruption goes from here is certainly going to be interesting to watch.

Join me next time where I take a look at an issue that I know is very painful for those in the Action Army…



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