NEVER TELL HIM THE ODDS: Interview With Star Wars Champion Alex Damon


The time is almost upon us here at the Schmoedown, as we gear up for the year’s big finale, Spectacular III, the culmination of a year’s worth of bitter rivalries, new alliances, and some absolutely incredible Schmoedown matches.

All roads have led for this, and no road may have been more intense than the Star Wars League.

With Witwer vacating the belt, all bets were off on who would come away victorious this year as the new Star Wars champion. But after a fantastic showing in the Star Wars three-way at Collider Live II, Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained quickly became a fan favorite, while also proving he was not someone to take lightly in this league. Alex showed that Star Wars knowledge came to him almost as easily as breathing, and after defeating Bruce Greene for the belt at the Collider Collision, it seemed like no one could stop him.

But now it’s now time to put that to the test. The time has come for Alex to defend the belt from former Star Wars Champion Ken Napzok, who not only has a very storied history in the league, but in the Schmoedown all together. Formally a hero, Napzok was Korrupted by Mike Kalinowski, sending Ken down into the depths of the Dark Side of the Schmoedown.

This won’t be the first time these two powerful forces have faced off in this league, and an anticipation of the match, I sat down with Alex Damon to talk about his upcoming match, and his thoughts on the future of the Star Wars Schmoedown League.

P.J. Campbell: Alex, thank you so much for sitting down and talking with us for the Schmoedown website! I’m really, really happy to have you here today. We have a really exciting match up between yourself and Ken Napzok, and this isn’t the first time you’ve gone up against him. How are you feeling about it?

Alex Damon: I mean like any match I’m nervous about it. I don’t think I’ve ever gone into one feeling super, super confident. Ken, I think he got kind of a rough draw like the triple threat, and I know that he can beat me so yeah, I’m not feeling overly confident.

Understandably, I mean Ken knows Star Wars very, very well. Obviously he has a long history with this league, so it’s easy I can see where you could be coming. Is there anything you’re in your own game that you’re using, like potential weaknesses in your game, you know make yourself better to maybe get one up on Ken in this match?

All the things that I’m focusing on… I mean, I think my biggest weakness – which maybe fortunately is also Ken’s – is quotes. I think both of us have trouble getting like exact quotes and [Chris] Skalicky does like to ask about that, so I’m trying to focus on getting my iconic quotes down pat. Anything that come out after Revenge of the Sith really, but the newer movies I’m very familiar with them, obviously, but like I just haven’t watched them thousands of times like I’ve seen the prequels in the original trilogy, so those are the two things I’m focusing on the most.

I mean, that definitely makes sense. We’ve had the Star Wars movies for a long time, at least the first six films, so it’s easy to not be as familiar with what we’re getting now so focusing on that seems like a great idea. But one thing I’ve got to talk to you about is what the future of the Star Wars division looks like right now.

There’s some fans who think that Kristian should shutter it all together just because it is going to be a lot of the same personalities over and over again. I mean, there’s no one [who knows] Star Wars the same way that say you know Star Wars, and that Sam Witwer knows Star Wars, or Ken knows Star Wars. But Kristian thinks that this division has a long life ahead, so what do you think the future of this division holds? Should it just be left for special one offs, or continue as is?

I mean obviously I don’t want it to be shut down, but I do understand [where] those fans are coming from because we had three, or were going to have three matches this coming year. We have the triple threat and then my match with Bruce, which obviously people found that one to be rough, and I found it to be rough. Now we’re jumping into another belt match which I’m okay with, but I can see why that’s frustrating for some people. Like I’m okay if they just wanted to do it like every Celebration and make a big thing out of it but I think Kristian wants to get some more people in it and it sounds like he’s actively looking for more people who know their stuff and I know that there are people that could beat me there out there so he’ll find them.

Yeah, absolutely, which brings me to Andrew Dimalanta, the new gentleman that Kristian has found to bring in, which is really exciting for the league. I mean he seems to know the Schmoedown, and on top of that, he clearly knows his Star Wars. Are you excited to see him join the league and see what he can bring to it?

Yeah, I’m really excited to see some fresh blood out there and he’s going up against Scrimshaw which, I mean, right out that gate that’s a tough match, because l know Scrimshaw could beat me and have the belt. I still think that in our Fatal Five way that, my first match, I think if he had spun “Who Said It?”, I think that [he] would have won the whole thing, but he just got a rough draw. And again at the triple threat I feel like he [got] a couple of rough questions that there was some that I didn’t know, and I just get those randomly assigned to me.

Sure, that definitely makes sense. Real quick, I wanted to ask this, which of the other matches in Spectacular III are you looking forward to outside of your own?

I love the IG league, so I’m really looking forward to Kalinowski and Mara’s match. I also love the Shirewolves. But I’m excited for all of them. [Laughs.]


  1. I absolutely think there are more people that can compete in the Star Wars division. If it wasn’t for the Patreon audition tier, I would definitely not have gotten the opportunity to join the league. It’s a bit of tough luck that my first match is against Scrimshaw, but I’ll give it my all and do my best to give the fans a good match.

    Give the audition tier a shot if you have the means. I thought my chances were slim, but apparently, Kristian thinks I have what it take to go up against the likes of Scrimshaw. I know there are more fans out there that would do well in the Star Wars division and I hope those people find their way to the Schmedown.


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