MACHINE MONDAYS: All the Ladies, All the Belts


Schmoedown Spectacular III saw an epic entrance from current team champions, The ShireWolves. As the first female champs, this belt defense had a lot riding on it, so it only made sense to precede it with a powerful, female dominated opening. With an email from the “Crusher” herself, Rachel Cushing, plans were underway to assemble as many female competitors as possible.

She told us they would be coming out as iconic old Hollywood actresses and they wanted other female competitors to come out with them as other great lady characters. One by one we messaged back with our characters and the excitement grew. We knew this would be a beautiful statement and nothing the Schmoedown had ever seen.

I thought about who I could portray. A strong, confident, female character. I had already been a few: Shuri, Harley, Misty. What did I already have that qualified, that I hadn’t already done before, that would make ME feel confident enough to represent these amazing competitors? Hmmm, nothing screams confidence like a skintight black catsuit and corset! (winking kiss emoji).

With cat ears, paws, mask and attitude in toe as Gotham’s resident cat burglar, I was joined by an original agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. , a girl on fire, a “Drinkerbell”, a Woman Of Wonder, an intelligent Hogwarts witch, a badass space lieutenant and the “inventors of post-its.” As the Empowering Bey track “Run the World (Girls)” played us in, the ever awesome Jenn Sterger and Marc Andreyko “directed” the scene. Curtains opened and every female competitor entered in body and spirit.

In Schmoedown, men were the majority. As a female fan, watching at home a year ago I loved seeing fun, smart and badass ladies compete more and more. They brought the creativity, the style and the knowledge. It’s not an easy thing to be a lady in the league either. You’re on a platform where you get ridiculed for how you look, what you say, how you act and feel. So to see these ladies come out and show out always, win or lose, not only made for a richer viewing experience but was a huge inspiration for me on how to overcome adversity, represent diversity and they continually give me the confidence to compete myself.

Clarke And Rachel C. worked hard to get where they are and deserve to be champs. I was honored to be asked to stand by them and show the impact women have had on the league. I hope the fans loved the entrance as much as us competitors did. Not just for the entertainment value but for the statement behind it. I think this one is going down in Schmoedown history as one of the most memorable and meaningful entrances ever.

– Machine


    • Great article! I also listened to PJ’s podcast that you guested on and he briefly mentioned you guys almost had to do that entrance twice. Would you be able to share a BTS story on why that was?

      Also sometimes, not too frequently, but frequently enough that it bothers me, when I write a comment on the FB Schmoedown group, some dude responds to my comment with a mansplaining “well actually” and they’re never even a factual correction, so as a fellow lady, I understand.

      • By the time I heard the commotion about having to do it again we had already gone backstage. I think they thought they didn’t get it. But all us ladies were like hell yeah! We’ll do that again! And thanks for the kind words and for “getting it.” Waxing poetic about female empowerment here, really the time to show how smart you are? Lol

  1. Damn, that was a great entrance. I just read this article and the interview Rachel and Clarke had on how it was organized, interesting that it was done at the last minute, I thought it was maybe planned weeks in advance. How long does it usually take you to plan your entrances?

    • I have tons of ideas. So not long I just kinda pick out of the basket of ideas in my head and go for it. I researched all the elements, see what I already have, estimate how long it will take for things to come. It takes a day or 2 to decide then a few weeks to put it together. Thank you!!

    • I have tons of ideas bouncing around so I pick something fairly quickly. Then it’s a few weeks to put it together. Such a great idea from them!

  2. From a fan’s perspective, I didn’t understand the entrance at first with Jenn and Marc coming out and doing their bit, but as more and more female competitors marched out of the curtains and the song kicked into full gear I got it, I was touched, and I felt really proud for all the wonderful ladies that really put so much effort into the league. It’s one thing to look back on a year filled with excellent female competitors (Mara’s insane IG run, Stacy Howard going shot-for-shot against Dan Murell AND John Rocha, Jeannine and Stacy holding their own against Mark Andreyko, just about every Shirewolves match, all that just to name a few) But to see it physically out there on the big stage of the Spectacular just about brought tears to my eyes. It was a powerful follow up to “We are the league!”

    Also just as an end note, I can’t recall a live event in recent memory that hasn’t featured at least one female competitor, which is another incredible and awesome feat. Including the NY premiere!! Good Luck, Machine!

    • Thanks for the comment!! Yeah as we were all female movie characters and the ladies themselves were classic hollywood icons they wanted to reinforce the whole film aspect I think. So glad you took the time to see the meaning behind it after some hesitation!! And thanks for the kind words!!

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