LET THEM FIGHT: The Singles Matches We Want in 2019!


The Schmoedown has come a long way from its early days and one of the more notable ways it has changed – aside from the look of the show – is the roster of talent available. Each season we see the roster growing and growing as new talent joins the league. Just look at this year’s rookie class, which includes Mara Knopic, Ethan Erwin, Jeannine the Machine and Chance Ellison to name just a few, while other stars like Mark Reilly and Dan Murrell have also returned from breaks.

One of the best bits about an increased talent pool is the ability to schedule more matches between competitors who have never played each other before. There will always be matches that people would love to see for a number of reasons, ranging from potential storylines, to tests of who is the better of two superstars… and then other matches that will just be downright fun! As we come towards the end of the season, I have put together a list of matchups that we don’t appear to be getting this year that would likely provide some great matches in 2019.

Rachel Cushing vs. Dan Murrell

Everyone always gets excited at the thought of Dan and Samm Levine facing off to see who truly is the GOAT, but as they have already faced each other before Samm’s incredible run, I have had to look elsewhere for a worthy opponent for Dan. Last year’s Rookie of the Year has been one of the stars of the Schmoedown over all 3 of the main divisions, with an accuracy percentage that very few can match. It’s just a matter of time until she comes into the GOAT conversation, so what better way to get things rolling than with a match against “Dangerous” Dan Murrell?

William Bibbiani vs. Lon Harris

Two titans of movie trivia whose Singles records don’t really represent their ability. Bibbiani (5-5) and Harris (3-2) will be facing each other early next season in the Teams Division, but a Singles match could also be fantastic! Harris has made it clear that he wants several less mainstream categories brought into the league, but I get the feeling that if anyone could know the names Harris throws out, it would be Bibbiani. Interestingly, both competitors are very impressive in Round 1 but a bit more hit and miss in the later rounds… so how about we make this an Iron Man match and see if “The Beast” can school “The Professor?”

Drew McWeeny vs. John Rocha 

Two titans of the Schmoedown who have at times proved to be inconsistent in the Singles Division. Rocha and McWeeny both have vast ranges of knowledge and their strong suits seem similarly matched. I can almost guarantee categories like Biopics and Westerns will be on the Wheel for this match and, as a one-off, maybe McWeeny go back to his original nickname of “The Sheriff” in order to take down “The Outlaw”?

Brianne Chandler vs. Stacy Howard 

Former teammates going against each other will always make for an interesting story. With Brianne’s only match outside the Teams Division this season being her Free 4 All victory, there has not really been a chance to see her take on any of the Viper Squad since she walked out on Stacy and Jay at last year’s Spectacular. Will time have been a healer, or will the Viper Squad be looking to get the one up on Miss Movies? One thing we know for certain: we’d be getting some great entrances in this match!

Ken Napzok vs. Tom Dagnino

Like Chandler vs. Howard, this match would see former faction mates going against each other. Napzok famously walked away from the Lions Den at this year’s Collider Collision and took Mark Donica with him, and he has also been heavily involved in managing Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison as part of KOrruption. Dagnino meanwhile kept hold of JTE and is currently working with Ben Bateman and Mark Reilly. We got a tease when the two faced off between rounds as Who’s The Boss? faced KOrruption. If you had these two face off in a match, the trivia would probably be okay, but the lines we’d have from these competitors could make it one of the most fun matches to watch next season!


  1. I’d love to see Clarke Wolfe vs. Rachel Cushing. It’ll not create a rift as I expect them to have co-ordinated entrances a la Clarke vs Mark. Just like JTE vs Sneider, it’ll show the rest of the league why the shire wolves are a dangerous team.

  2. Apologies for the spelling:

    Samm Levinne v Dan Murrell (GOAT)
    Sam Witwer v Ken Napzok (1 hour ironman star wars match)
    Sam Witwer v Jason Inman (Star Trek)
    Rocha v Mantz (The Final clash)
    Rocha v Knost (Sammartino v Zbysko)
    Viper squad v Fyffe club (survivor series match)
    Knopic v Cushing II
    Collider v Screen Junkies (survivor series match)

  3. I just REALLY want to see Marc Edward Heuck back in the league, either in singles or teams. His character was so mystical and entertaining and I think he has so much potential!

  4. Cushing vs sneider
    jte vs ghai
    witney vs Reilly
    ko vs Inman (IG)
    mcweeny vs murrell
    Erwin vs bibbiani (although bibbs vs harris sounds amazing)
    macuga vs mantz
    Bateman vs chance

  5. If there’s no more Team action should Who’s the Boss win the belts then Bateman/Ghai would be amazing. I do hope Action stay together though, so I’m fine without that.

    I wanna see Chance vs Ben in a singles match, enjoyed their interactions in the team match so a 1 on 1 match could be great.

    Inergeekdom wise most of the best players have played, Inman/Cushing would be great though.

  6. Bibs vs Heuck
    Brianne Vs Thadd
    Macuga vs Arloff
    Bateman vs Ghai
    Witney Seibold vs Ethan Erwin
    Stacy Howard vs The Machine
    Cobbster vs Cody Hall
    Dan Murell vs Drew Mcweeney

  7. Great choices. Not sure if it will happen at Spectacular but I want Wolfe vs Rocha.
    Mara vs Wolfe – Horror themed match
    Dan vs Lon Harris
    JTE and Harris vs The Odd Couple
    Mike K Vs Kristian
    Mark Ellis vs JTE Sports Movie Match
    Emma vs Ken Inner Geekdom
    Oh and of course
    Roxy vs Brett Sheridan

  8. Erwin vs Cushing
    Erwin vs Bibbiani
    Erwin vs Hueck
    Cushing vs Bibbiani
    Murrell vs Mcweeny
    Lon Harris vs Bibbiani
    Bibbiani vs Seibold
    Jonathan Harris vs Matt Knost (mostly because it’ll be hilarious)

  9. I would love to see another manager battle between Ken and Dagnino. Also an Iron Man match between Bibbs and Harris would be incredibly entertaining even if I don’t recognize any of the answers they spout off, lol

  10. Cushing vs Murrell is a intereting Match, a Fan service Match, this would be more exciting in a live event like Rocha vs JTE,

  11. Kalinowski’s showing in his #1 Contender Match with Clarke makes me really excited about what his post-heel turn singles career could turn into. Would love to see him go up against someone like Stacy (both undeniable forces that have had a rocky season in singles) or even Dan (a stone pillar of old school Schmoedown facing a chaotic figure trying to shake things up).

    And also – first of all, I want Drew Ghai to have as many matches as his schedule will let him, (one I’ve always wanted is Knost vs Ghai for another round of Horsemen v Action, but also both are considered sidekicks to their superstar teammates – this could be a chance for them to break out of that) but the ULTIMATE match would obviously be Dastardly vs The Boss. A civil war for the ages.

  12. I said it on Twitter already but YES PLEASE, all of them are great, especially Bibbs vs. Harris and Chandler vs. Howard. Bring ’em on!

  13. Heuck vs JTE
    Duralde vs Knost
    Atchity vs Macuga
    Vejvoda vs Zipper or Miller
    Jonathan Harris vs Dewberry
    Bibbiani vs Kalinowski
    Seibold vs Jeannine
    Foutch vs Fyffe
    Ellison vs Howard
    Sneider vs Andreyko
    Just a few of many I’d love to see

  14. Exhibition: Murrel/Knopic vs. Cushing/Fyffe in a Two Out of Three Falls Match. First Fall = Traditional. Second = Innergeekdom, if a third round is needed = Iron Man mixed of both.

    Singles Division:
    Wolfe vs. Cushing
    Bibbiani vs. Erwin
    Mantz vs. Bernardin
    Sneider vs. Reilly
    JTE vs. Jonathan Harris
    Professor vs. McWeeny
    Rocha vs. Andreyko
    Ghai vs. Bateman (at Collision)

    Odd Couple vs. Korruption
    Paddington Two vs. Superhero News
    Scream Queens vs. World’s Finest

    Cushing vs. Knopic II
    Inman vs. Kalinowski
    Hlavic vs. Donica

  15. Dewberry vs Mantz
    Macuga vs Greg Miller
    Hayberg vs Humphrey
    Ghai vs Knost
    Sean Gerber vs Frank Moran
    Scarpino vs Dagnino(Battle of the 0-3’s)
    Cobbster,Sheridan,Strair (Patreon Exclusive Triple Threat)

  16. Of the matches you write about, I’d be most interested in seeing Miss Movies vs Stacy. Those two have gotten SO much better since they entered the league and they’ve really stepped up the entrances to another level It would be a fantastic match. If anyone saw their 1 v 1 movie fight, you know that when when they face off it is magic!

  17. For a great Single’s Debut Match, Alonso Duralde vs. Witney Seibold

    Marc Andreyko vs. JTE is a solid upper-mid rankings match.

    An another solid IG upper-mid rankings match: Eric Zipper vs. Mark Donica


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