LET THEM FIGHT PART II: The Team Matches We Want in 2019!


What a year it’s been in the Teams Division! The Patriots’ domination ended at the hands of Above The Line, leading to their breakup. Above The Line successfully defended their title but relinquished the belts when Samm Levine stepped away. The Shirewolves formed and went 4-0 to claim the vacant title. Oh, and a little thing called Anarchy saw a bunch of new teams form!

The Teams Division is probably the strongest it has ever been, with so many teams that could make a push for the belts. And the best bit about this depth: there are so many amazing match-ups that we are yet to see! Yesterday I picked five matches I’d love to see in 2019 from the Singles Division and now I give you five matches for the Teams Division:

Who’s The Boss? vs. Founding Fathers

A match that I think many of us expected to see during this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown. The Founding Fathers’ loss to KOrruption put an end to that hope but at least we can feature on this list! This match gives us the original three Singles Champions in Rocha, Murrell and Reilly, while Ben Bateman is a clear talent and I would argue that his 4-4 record in Singles doesn’t do him justice. Who’s The Boss looks like one of the strongest and most well-rounded teams in the league, but you’d never rule out a team containing Rocha and Murrell. This could potentially see a new record points score!

The Paddington Two vs. Top That

Two teams featuring competitors we have not seen much of this season. There is clearly a wealth of knowledge between them but perhaps a lack of experience in the league, so a match between these teams could be evenly matched. Add to that the history between Atchity and the Top That guys (Atchity beat them with Rotten Tomatoes back when they were still known as IGN) and this could be a chance for Goldman and Vejvoda to finally get some revenge on “The Kahuna”.

Wildberries vs. Kinda Funny

Kinda Funny made a great debut this season by beating Funhaus via TKO, and now… they need to challenge the Wildberries. Josh Macuga and Nick Scarpino put on a good match early this season in the Singles League and if you now add Greg Miller, Eliot Dewberry and manager Ricky Hayberg to the mix, you can guarantee things are going to get loud and boisterous!

Critically Acclaimed vs. The Odd Couple

Potentially a contender for match of the year, this match sees one half of the Patriots as well as Marc Andreyko – who has really started to reach his potential this season – facing off against former Singles Champion William Bibbiani and his partner Witney Seibold, who has yet to compete in Singles but has done great in Teams. There is such a wealth of knowledge between these four competitors and plenty of experience to boot. Could this be the match where Andreyko finally gets one over on Bibbiani?

Superhero News vs. World’s Finest

How great would it be to see a matchup between these two teams that debuted this season? Sean Gerber and Sabina Graves have taken over the mantle of Superhero News and worked their way to a 1-1 record before being split up during Anarchy. The World’s Finest have a 2-1 record which included a loss in a Number 1 Contender match to the Shirewolves and a match against Superhero News could be a great way to return from their Anarchy split. This match could conceivably come down to who manages to spin Comic Book Movies in Round 2!

Let me know what you think of these matches. I’d love to hear what matchups you’d love to see in 2019!


  1. I’ll tell you the team match I want, no, NEED… somebody tell Samm Levine to get his butt out of retirement because we were robbed of one of the greatest team matches EVER, Above the Line vs. the Shirewolves.

  2. I hope we see a title run from Founding Fathers in early 2019. 2-3 high profile matches leading into a title match if they win them. Perhaps starting off with a match against another 1-1 team in Take the Cannoli. I could definitely see The Founding Fathers in a title match come Collision, maybe even sooner.

  3. If Who’s The Boss loses, I’d love to see Team Champs vs Critically Acclaimed. If not, Founding Fathers vs Critically Acclaimed would be an awesome match to see.

  4. Well, Founding Fathers vs. Who’s The Boss is obvious, this HAS to happen. Critically Acclaimed vs. Odd Couple also HAS to happen. Wildberries vsm Kinda Funny, sure. Not sure about Top That, they kinda didn’t leave much of a mark for me. The Paddington Two MUST play again, though, if not just for having the greatest team name ever in the history of the Schmoedown.
    Some of the newer teams like Superhero News still need a little more character to get me invested, so yeah they should definitely play, and probably best not against gigantic superteams with SD legends, because it’s hard to establish a recognizable identity in the shadows


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