Dan Murrell vs. Marc Andreyko – Singles Tournament 3rd Place Match – Movie Trivia Schmoedown


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On today’s episode of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the 3rd place match of the 2018 Schmoedown Movie Trivia Singles Tournament is up today! The GOAT Dangerous Dan Murrell fell short in his bid to put himself in the #1 spot for the title and now he gets a chance to get into the Schmoedown Spectacular by taking on The Android Marc Andreyko. The Android also came up short against his fellow Fyffe Club stalemate Classy Clarke Wolfe.

Now these two legends of the game slam into each other in the Schmoedown ring for a chance to fight for the #1 spot at Schmoedown Spectacular. One of these competitors will have a shot to win it all if they can get past each other today.

You know these two are going to put on one hell of a Schmoedown match and whoever comes out of this one could go all the way to grab the #1 Contenders slot. See which great competitor will be left standing at the end and move on to the Finals of the tournament.

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