CLARKE WOLFE VS. DAN MURRELL: Schmoedown Spectacular Preview – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the fifth part of six in this special preview to the Schmoedown Spectacular! It’s the match that will determine who the #1 Contender will be when the Singles Title Match is played in the bright lights of New York City. Two of the best competitors, who just had great runs in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament, will compete, and it’s they faced each other before years ago for the title.

It’s an amazing buildup to next year’s season premiere in the city that never sleeps. Who will go there and face the champ? It’s “Classy” Clarke Wolfe versus “Dangerous” Dan Murrell!

Making his second Spectacular appearance, Dan Murrell is aiming to end this season on a high note after a road of ups and downs. When he returned as part of The Five Horsemen, he wanted to teach Andrew Ghai a lesson for not respecting legends like him. That was all he wanted from the Collider Collision. However, during that event, Murrell struggled with ring rust and could not keep up with Ghai where he eventually suffered his first big loss via TKO. That loss sparked a competitive drive in him to stay and compete because there’s now more for him to prove.

After spending some time in his second teams appearance with Rocha in the Anarchy Tournament where they got eliminated in the 2nd Round, Murrell suited up with renewed desire for championship gold in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. After earning a perfect KO over Stacy Howard in the 1st Round, Dan faced Ethan Erwin who was having one of the best rookie years in the Schmoedown. Despite giving it all he could, he could not pull off the answers to several unfamiliar questions and fell behind Erwin’s relentless consistency towards a TKO loss.

However, that was not the end of his season. He was given one more chance in the #1 Contender Qualifier against Marc Andreyko, and he did not hesitate to utilize it to the upmost degree. In that match, he held onto the lead for all two rounds and won by TKO to be in this matchup at Spectacular.

To get to the title match at New York City, Dan Murrell will have to face Clarke Wolfe. Again. The last time they faced off was in 2016, during the early days of his first Singles Championship reign. But the Clarke Wolfe he will face is a different Clarke Wolfe. She will be more experienced with the game, so he needs to bring his best. From this season overall, Dan had mixed results and was not performing as consistently as the competitor he was in years past. Dan needs to be more consistent and find what categories he can take advantage of in the moment. If he can play a better game plan, then he will keep this competitive. For Dan, going to New York is something that he can add to his stellar, hall-of-fame career; but it will be against a formidable and elegant competitor.

This season has been Clarke Wolfe’s best season in her career. From both her singles and team campaigns, she has been phenomenal. From her team campaign, she and Rachel have been dominant in the Teams Division. No one was able to slow down The Shirewolves. They truly earned the team titles and are looking forward to defending them against their greatest test earlier in the Spectacular.

For her singles campaign, it has been a vast improvement from her previous one last season. She was able to make it to the Singles Championship match against Samm Levine, only to be one Sudden Death question short from taking the belt away from him. Then she had her best tourney appearance in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. At the Singles Finals she was making Ethan Erwin earn his stripes among the elites, something that hasn’t happened since he faced Marc Andreyko on the 5-point question. It was down to the wire, where Clarke had a 5-point question that she knew. The 5-point question to send her to the main event against John Rocha for the title. She said the answer but fell short by just one word. It’s the shock that has rocked the world.

Because of that one pronoun, she will face Murrell once again since 2016 and Ethan Erwin will face John Rocha at the main event.

The last time she faced the original GOAT for the title, she didn’t have her best performance. This time, she is coming into this rematch with much more experience in the Schmoedown. For her, to win this match and go to New York for the title, Clarke needs to focus on maintaining that level competitiveness and trust in her experience with her repeats and challenge call. If she used that repeat in her previous match, things could have been different.

With that in mind, Clarke Wolfe has to move on from that devastating loss and focus on Murrell. Any relapse into that moment, and she could be distracted from her opportunity to face the champ in New York. Also, because it’s her second match, it’s crucial that she maintains what mental stamina is left after the Team Championship match. A win here can cap off Clarke’s best year in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown and be in the debate for Overall Player of the Year.

This singles match will be enticing to watch, just like all the other matches on the card. Sure, these two did not win the tournament, but they still represent the very best of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Between these two, Clarke Wolfe will be the favorite due to having a more consistent season than Dan Murrell. Depending on where the categories fall, this could go long or short.

We will know who will be the next #1 Singles Contender, where he or she will play in the season premiere live main event for the title at New York City!


  1. Sucks because I want Dan to reclaim his former glory but man I’m pulling for Clarke, I might even be pulling for her against Rocha and he’s my favorite competitor.

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