A (BROWN DWARF) STAR IS BORN! – An Interview with “Amazing” Mara Knopic


They call her “Amazing.” They call her “The Brown Dwarf Star.” But most importantly, they call her the champ. She’s Mara Knopic, she’s the Innergeekdom Champion, and she’s defending her title at Schmoedown Spectacular III!

We sat down with Mara Knopic in the build up to the main event, to find out how she’s been training, how she feels about Mike’s… “controversial” demand for a rematch, and whether she’ll ever consider joining a Schmoedown faction.

TriviaSD: It’s been several months since you’ve played. How are you feeling in the build up to Spectacular?

Mara Knopic: I’ve got a prep plan in place. You know, I’m watching some movies. And I plan to take a shower that day, so you are welcome.

The Innergeekdom is different from most of the other leagues because the content is really focused.


What is your strategy to train, besides simply watching the movies?

I have what I like to refer to as “The Bible.” It’s the only Bible this Jew will ever own. It is, top to bottom, front to back, a notebook full of notes on all of the movies I have watched.

Can you tell me a little bit about that? Are there sticky notes?

All handwritten. It’s quite legible. I used my non-dominant hand and I was very proud of myself for that.

Interesting strategy! What has been your biggest concern in the Innergeekdom, when it comes to the wheel slices?

You know, Innergeekdom is really unique because there are – spoiler alert, fans! – there are not very many categories that can even be applied to the wheel in Innergeekdom. There’s usually only a couple that are simply left off of the wheel, rather than a litany of [or] a multitude of choices that you have in Singles and Teams. So you kind of have to prepare for anything, because it’s probably going to happen.

Your match with Jason Inman was epic. It was legendary. And at the end you were rudely interrupted by Mike Kalinowski. How did that feel, to have the spotlight literally stolen?

Well, you know, I would have liked to have had a moment to celebrate and also to demonstrate what I think is, I think have a fair amount of respect for Mike and his game, and I wanted to show that same respect to Jason and his game in my post-interview. I didn’t really have the opportunity to say how grateful I was that I was so intimidated by Jason, that I studied so hard that I was able to sneak out of there with that belt. Because he played a great match.

Does that raise the stakes at Spectacular, because it’s a rematch with Kalinowski, who arguably didn’t even earn the rematch?

I would say that I think the stakes are higher in terms of what this means for the entire Schmoedown, because this is the first female singles belt-holder defending a belt. So, you know, this can say a lot of things. I’m certainly anticipating the Shirewolves match against Who’s the Boss, and that’s another first for the Schmoedown. It’s a female team defending their belts, and whether or not they’re successful… which, spoiler alert, I want to root for them. I love Mark Reilly, I love Ben Bateman, but you know, ovaries before brovaries.

Right now you are an Innergeekdom champion and yet you are not affiliated with a faction, unlike most of the other champs. Does that appeal to you?

Yeah. I generally do my own thing and I do spend most of my time with myself. If you want to count my two cats as members of my faction, then I think that works. Yeah, I think I can come up with some sort of cat pun for that.

I think they’d have to actually show up for the event…

They’re Skyping in for the event. That’s going to happen.


  1. This brown dwarf star is truly unique. I’m so happy she is a part of the league and the current Innergeekdom Champ! Thank you for the interview.


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