ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Marc Andreyko vs. Drew McWeeny – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans! Tim here as we kick off the next Ultimate Schmoedown Tournament, this time focusing on Singles Competition. It is the premier tournament that put the Schmoedown on the popular map since 2014!

We open it with a blockbuster of a match. A battle of two fan-favorites, particularly the battle of Chris Clark’s favorite versus Linus Babcock’s favorite. These two know their movie trivia very well, and who could not ask for an epic opening match than this? It is 1st Round action that opens with Marc “The Android” Andreyko versus “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny.

After losing the opportunity to hold the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship (by just one name) to William Bibbiani, Marc Andreyko enters the tournament for one more attempt at earning the singles title at Spectacular. As we have seen in that title match, he was on fire throughout all five rounds. Throughout this season, Marc has had his best singles campaign to date with victories over Ben Bateman, Stacy Howard and Jeannine in the Triple Threat Match, and Ethan Erwin.

With a strong showing in the Anarchy Tournament alongside his partner Jeff Sneider, Andreyko is in prime position to go all the way in this tournament. He will represent one of the two Fyffe Club participants along with Clarke Wolfe to give this faction one more shot at the singles title in this tournament. As long as he keeps playing his game and not get distracted by what’s happening around him then it will be a good start for “The Android” in his tournament run.

However, it’s a tough start as he will be facing another top contender.

It has been a long wait for the former Team Champion Drew McWeeny, with numerous delays for his opportunity to the title in his third singles campaign. After suffering a loss to Ethan Erwin earlier this season and a huge setback when William Bibbiani challenged Jeff Sneider for the singles title shot instead of McWeeny, “The Godfather” finally has his path set for what is now his only chance to get the title shot for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship.

All it will take is three wins and he will be in the main event against the current champion John Rocha for the title in Spectacular. It has been awhile since we have seen him in singles play, but after losing to Lon and Jonathan Harris in the Anarchy Tournament, Drew needs to refocus his efforts. It will not be easy, as his first obstacle is gigantic in movie trivia scale. Marc Andreyko will be his most formidable opponent since Erwin, and he needs to stay on top of his mental play to avoid any easy mistakes. If he can get past Andreyko then it will be a great possibility for him to go deep into the Finals.

Just like McWeeny vs. Bibbiani and Andreyko vs. Bibbiani 2, this is an epic matchup to open this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. If both are at the top of their game, we could see this go all the way throughout three rounds and quite possibly Sudden Death.

It will be close, but Marc Andreyko will be the slight favorite to advance to the Semi-Finals. Just like McWeeny vs. Bibbiani, whoever wins the fans will win as we will have another fan-favorite match in the making.

With all the preparations done and the singles brackets submitted, it’s time to get the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament underway!


  1. I got McWeeny, but I could see this swinging either way, and I see it as the toughest to predict of all the first round matches.

  2. I’ve got Andreyko taking the win here because he’s had more recent singles appearances and he has played well. It really all depends on the Round 2 spin. Two top tier players starting off the tournament is gonna kick off the tournament with a bang!


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