ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Dan Murrell vs. Stacy Howard – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the last 1st Round match in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Division!

After three exciting matches, will this last one be the same? Who knows what could happen especially with this showdown between the original GOAT of the Schmoedown and one of the underrated bests to play the game.

This is somewhat of a rematch to the opening Anarchy matchup at the live event last September. It is “Dangerous” Dan Murrell versus “Sassy” Stacy Howard!

With what she has given in her matches this season, the “Sassy” one of the Viper Squad is looking to extend her season forward in this tournament. She is one of those competitors many say that is long due to be given her run for top contendership in this league.

After shocking everyone with her marquee victory over “Baby Carrots” Mark Ellis in last year’s Singles Tournament, Stacy opened her season with two solid victories over RB3, via TKO, and Josh Macuga. They were enough to place her into contention at the triple threat match in the Collider Collision for a spot in the #1 Contender match. Unfortunately, she was the first eliminated in a performance that was not up to par with her two victories.

Stacy aims put her singles campaign back on track in this tournament, but she will face her toughest opponent yet: the original GOAT himself, who eliminated her and her partner Winston with his team Founding Fathers at the live event. For Stacy to do well, she needs to keep playing her game and keep her movie knowledge up-to-date. That is what Stacy needs and it needs to be done almost perfectly against a titan.

A major upset here will not only increase her reputation, but it will help her manager Jay Washington have a Semifinal between his two Viper Squad competitors to face the winner of the other Semifinal between the two Fyffe Club competitors.

Stacy has shown flashes of being an elite competitor, but will she give it her best against her opponent?

Surprisingly, this will be “Dangerous” Dan Murrell’s first appearance in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament, and as the top seed. That’s because after defending the title against Clarke Wolfe two years ago, Murrell decided as then-champion to play the winner of the Singles Tournament instead of competing with his title on the line in that tournament.

For this season, his return marked a glorious excitement within the Schmoedown community. However, it was not great as many have thought. It began with the most devastating of upsets when he lost to Andrew Ghai by TKO in the Collider Collision. It was that match where he showed some considerable ring rust. Later on, with John Rocha as his partner, he came back to his form when they defeated Howard and Winston in the 1st Round match of Anarchy at the live event… only to lose to KOrruption in somewhat controversial fashion.

With this 1st Round match, what Dan Murrell needs to do is prove why he is the original GOAT. He has to show dominance in this match against Stacy, a competitor that will surprise everyone if she does well and hit her categories in Round Two. A calm mindset and a determined approach to the questions are the keys to Murrell’s victory. With that loss to Ghai in mind, can he back up Rocha’s claim that a Murrell that lost is a Murrell that is dangerous? Can he regain that edge that we have witnessed years ago? As the Ultimate Schmoedown’s sole representative of the Five Horsemen, he is here to prove his stable’s fame and to show that he can still run with the best.

Again, this is something of a rematch between one of the members of Founding Fathers and one of the members of Wait I Know This. One thing worth noting was Stacy’s performance in that live team match: it was very impressive how she stood her ground against two “Olympic” competitors, but can that transfer to this 1st Round match here? This is the biggest stage for Stacy to prove that she is worthy of being called elite, and the biggest stage for Dan to prove that he is back.

Between the two, it is certain that Dan Murrell will be the favorite. Still, do not count out Stacy Howard. It could either be a nail-biter or a no-doubter, with the winner advancing to face Ethan Erwin in the Semifinals.

We will find out as the 1st Round concludes this Friday in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!


  1. Much respect to the GOAT…But how many champions retire, come back, and don’t quite have the same footing as before? I’m not saying Howard will win. But I am saying Murrell is at his lowest, most vulnerable moment. This is the Sassy One’s best and probably only shot at taking down a Legend, and one of Washington’s last few chances in 2018 to show up Dagnino and Fyffe as Top Manager.

  2. As always in the Schmoedown, ya never know what’s gonna happen. Dan could easily KO Stacy or she could do the exact opposite. This is what this tournament has done fantastically so far by giving us believeable matchups and a even playing field. Cant wait for the match!

  3. Dans not gonna be upset again. Idk if he will win the tourney because there are so many other good players but I don’t see him losing to Stacy.


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