ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Clarke Wolfe vs. Ben Bateman – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here as we preview the third 1st Round match in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

This the most intriguing of the four 1st Round matches, where multiple storylines are in play. It’s certainly one you cannot miss, where one competitor seeks to finally escape the 1st Round doldrums, while the other competitor aims to capitalize on his massive momentum in this tournament. It is “Classy” Clarke Wolfe in her third Singles Tournament appearance, taking on the Playoff Gauntlet winner Ben “The Boss” Bateman!

This matchup is certainly the preview, and possibly a prelude, to their Team Championship match at the Schmoedown Spectacular. The rivalry between the managers Emma Fyffe and Finstock reignites here, with each putting their support for their respective competitors.

Since becoming manager of Who’s The Boss, Finstock has experienced a resurgence to the prestige he hasn’t seen in a while. What he sees is opportunity to rebuild his managerial expertise in this tournament, along with his success in the previous tournament, to compete for the Manager of the Year award.

As for the other manager, Emma Fyffe is seeking to keep building her success with her faction by having two of her competitors do well in this tournament and her superteam defend the titles to get locked in for that award. Whoever wins this match will have the psychological edge going into their team championship match, so this Tuesday’s match will have certain stakes in mind that neither cannot let slip away.

Ben Bateman, the latest top horse in Finstock’s stable, is on a tear these last couple months in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. By outlasting every top team in the Anarchy Tournament with Mark Reilly as his partner, and doing extremely well in the Playoff Gauntlet, Bateman has the momentum to go all the way in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. His expertise in almost all categories including Movie Release Dates is one that competitors now cannot underestimate.

What we are witnessing is Bateman’s evolution into an elite competitor, ever since Team Action was split up by the Anarchy drawing. Now, he is aiming to subdue all doubts about him (if there any, which is unlikely at this point) and take this tournament to get his revenge on John Rocha at Spectacular. If he can outlast Wolfe with his knowledge and manage his mental gameplan of stalling until the last second, then it is certain that it will be victory for him on Tuesday.

However, he needs to be careful because his opponent will not back down.

For Clarke Wolfe, she is certainly playing for her faction to prove that Emma’s the top manager over Finstock, and to go undefeated against Bateman. However, there is a personal stake for her in this match. This is her third Singles Tournament appearance, and unfortunately she’s bringing baggage with her. If you’ve followed her matches for some time, then you know that both of her singles tournament appearances resulted in some of the most shocking upsets in Schmoedown history.

In 2016, Wolfe was eliminated in a reasonable upset against Josh Macuga. It makes some sense since he was well known to pull of upsets against better competitors. Then, in 2017, her elimination was one hardly anyone saw  coming. That came from “Miss Movies” herself Brianne Chandler.

Now, Wolfe will be competing against the toughest competitor she’s ever faced in a 1st Round. If she wants to avoid pulling the unfortunate hat trick of not making past the 1st Round, then she needs to be ready and have her movie knowledge be at its finest. It’s certain that her manager Emma Fyffe is helping Clarke practice with every possible time available, so if it appears here then there is a good shot that she can escape the 1st round doldrums and shed the chains holding her back.

This is a match you cannot miss, considering the number of storylines that will play out. Although Clarke is the higher seed, the momentum Ben carries will make him the favorite to pull off this upset.

Don’t expect it to end early, as these two know their movie trivia well. Whoever wins this match, he or she will have the psychological edge in their team championship match at Spectacular.

It’s personal stakes that are in play as we continue the 1st Round in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!


  1. So torn because Clarke’s had her ups and downs, and she hasn’t played in a while. Bateman has the momentum and CLEARLY has been studying HARD. It’s not easy to beat The Professor and he did it one-on-one. Don’t want to underestimate Clarke but Bateman’s too hot right now, I’m ready for him to surprise me. Batement takes it.


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