TRUST NO ONE: Is Brianne Chandler Secretly an Agent of KOrruption?


An integral part of the KOrruption storyline this season has been “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler.

At the beginning of the season, she seemingly had an alliance with Mike Kalinowski, but when he turned heel, he seemingly left her in the dust.

Since then, Mike’s  concern has been with making commissioner Thadd Williams’s life as hard as possible, while Brianne hasn’t been doing much in front of the camera. Until recently, when she went to Thadd with a demand that Mike must be stopped or else competitors would walk. She claimed that she had gotten signatures from them and their managers, and named her demand to Thadd. So it seemed as though Brianne was now taking a stand, in direct opposition to Mike.

Unless… and hear me out… this is all part of the plan.

Two recent credits scenes showed us Brianne talking to Emma Fyffe and Tom Dagnino, getting their signatures to confirm that they would walk if Kalinowski was not stopped. A scene that played after Brianne had spoken with Thadd. Granted, competitors and managers can be unpredictable, so maybe Brianne wanted to get the demand in first and the actual approval second. It seemed, however, like a very underhanded trick to pull.

A trick worthy of Kalinowski even…?

But their split seemed pretty rough. Kalinowski was even taunting her at the third live event. [CORRECTION: Chandler says she was taunting Mike, not the other way around.] How would that even work?

Well, like I said before, hear me out, because I have a kind of complex theory about this, and all begins at Schmoedown Spectacular II

At the end of the first Spectacular video, we saw Brianne ditch The Missfits and ride off with Kalinowski. So that could mean one of two things: either Brianne was turning face, or Kalinowski was turning heel, and obviously we would eventually learn which it was. Right before that, however, we saw an unknown crash Inman’s interview, saying that his reign was over. And which competitor was only two robot names away from potentially ending his reign as champ? The guy we were about to see drive off with Brianne.

The awards roll around, and Kalinowski and Brianne are the first to be interviewed. Both are acting incredibly coy and playing things very close to the chest. When asked about what the 2018 season would be about for her, Brianne answered “There’s a lot of questions about 2018 that I’m not prepared to answer right now”, with Mike giving a small laugh and grinning like a madman. Kalinowski backed her up towards the end of the interview, saying “There’s a lot of stuff we cannot talk about right now,” but both of them seemed like they were in on a secret.

Could that stuff have possibly been KOrruption?

Mike begins playing in season 5 and starts off with his worst performance ever. He then gets an opportunity to play Clarke Wolfe in a #1 contender match after Fyffe issues him the challenge. I went back and watched this exchange between the two of them, and Mike seems… a little too happy to take a match against a player like Wolfe. He starts off by talking about how strong of a player she is and how strong the Fyffe Club is in general, all the while still grinning through it. Almost like he knows that even if he loses this match, something really good will come out of it.

And you might be asking yourself why, in an article about Brianne, I’m focusing so much on Kalinowski. That’s because it’s important to get the full picture of what happened in the Schmoedown pre-heel turn, because the KOrruption storyline began earlier than any of us thought it did.

Brianne then goes on to win the Free-4-All, and the first person to ask her for the title shot is Kalinowski. Except he doesn’t ask for a singles title shot, he asks for a shot against Inman. The person who was told his reign would be over by… the mastermind behind KOrruption. Brianne denies him the shot which, if this twist turns out to be true, must have been a planned moment between the two. Because it sets up even more the anger that Kalinowski would be feeling towards the Schmoedown.

That anger is only exemplified when Mike loses to Wolfe and Team Action, and the latter supposedly sent him over the edge, turning into a heel. However, with what I’m theorizing, he’s been a heel since Spectacular II, he just hasn’t revealed it to the community at large yet.

In the very next match, a pre-credits scene shows Brianne going into a room to try and talk Mike out of turning heel, but he goes on a rant that she wasn’t there for him, and even through the beginning of that, there’s a bit of a grin on his face. He storms out of the room angry, but there are a few things that interested me about this scene that again, if this turns out to be true, could be amazing little moments of setting up another twist for Mike and Brianne.

When Mike says to Brianne “it’s all manufactured bullshit”, the camera pans over to Brianne, slightly shaking her head and giving Mike a look of understanding. Now, this could be interpreted as Brianne understanding what Mike is going through, but to me, this now reads as something different. If Brianne is an agent of KOrruption, and the fight between the two of them was all “manufactured bullshit,” then that shake of the head and look could mean “pull back a bit, you don’t want to give away our plan too far in advance.” If so, this could be one of the most underhanded and brilliant ways that heels work together.

Mike is now at the forefront of KOrruption, forcing Thadd to create the Innergeekdom tournament and Anarchy. With their alliance now seemingly frayed, Mike and Brianne are forced to pretend as though they are at odds with each other. This results in them getting digs in at each other any chance they get, but they still give each other little nods once in awhile. For example, in the post-match between Inky and the Brain and Korruption, Mike says “you actually said something right for once.” That could be a bit of a wink-wink-nudge-nudge moment to Brianne, letting her know that the two of them are still in this together.

And now we get to the cutscenes that we’ve been seeing more recently. Brianne went to Thadd and told him that she had a list of competitors that said they and their factions and teammates would walk from Spectacular III unless Thadd told Mike “no.” Well, he did, but now we see that Brianne is going around and getting competitors to sign saying they won’t show unless Mike is fully stopped.

But Brianne already got what she wanted, didn’t she? Mike didn’t get his way for once, so what’s her game here?

Well, there was another cutscene that happened recently, where Mike was on call with someone, talking about how they would make Thadd “dance one more time.” We later found out that the person was that guy from last year’s awards, but could Brianne have also been on that call?

Maybe she’s getting competitors to sign something else for her, something that would benefit KOrruption. We’ve already seen that she was able to sneak something past Thadd, and if she can sneak it past the king of contracts, why shouldn’t she be able to sneak it past a few competitors?

So the question now becomes: what is the endgame for KOrruption? Obviously something big is going to have to happen at Spectacular III, but what? What was Brianne getting people to sign if she had already gotten what she wanted? Heck, is she even actually an agent of KOrruption? And if not, what does this thing she’s getting people to sign relate to?

Let me know what your predictions are for the rest of the season, and whether or not you think Brianne is secretly part of KOrruption!


  1. Good theory, but I won’t believe it until it happens at Spectacular. Something tells me if you’re giving the people a twist, you don’t want as many clues to it as they hinted at all year. But as I read through the article, I did have a thought. Mike said to Rocha that he didn’t like factions, hoping Rocha would play Reilly. If Brianne and Mike are working together and she is having anyone sign a contract to benefit KOrruption, it could be every faction breaking up. If there are scenes where Brianne is going to every manager and every faction member, then maybe the big things over the horizon is no more factions.

  2. This is so crazy that it just might be true. And if it’s true, then I think Spectacular is going to top Ken’s heel-turn storyline, and I am very biased towards that storyline because I absolutely loved it.


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