THANKSGIVING THANKDOWN: What Are The Schmoedown Competitors Thankful For?


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Join the Movie Trivia Schmoedown competitors and crew as they take a moment to share what their thankful for this holiday season, and let us know what YOU’RE thankful for in the comments below!

Kristian Harloff (Creator): I’m happy for all of the competitors who put everything they have into this show and believe in it the way I do. I am thankful for those fans who have supported us along the way. From the fans who contribute to the Patreon so we can keep the show going to the fans who click like, share and comment on every episode. I am thankful for the wonderful 5 seasons we have had and for the many more to come.”

Jay Washington (Competitor/Manager): I’m thankful for the Schmoedown mainly because i got to meet a bunch of new dope people who I can call more than associates I can call them friends. I am thankful that I am HERE to say this because nine months ago I almost was not.  I’m thankful for Kristian and Mark allowing me to be ME …just a bit amped up and have fun in delivering something to the masses. I’m thankful for having a place that lets me for the moment forget about the hectic and chaotic world around me. So yeah there’s that APPRECIATE YA ALL!!!”

William Bibbiani (Competitor/TriviaSD Editor): “Times are hard, and you can say that again, but the Schmoedown makes it easier. I’m grateful that this strange sport we have keeps getting bigger, reaching more people, and entertaining our audience while educating them about cinema. The competitors and crew behind the Schmoedown are more than just co-workers, they’re a support system, and I cherish every day I get to take part in this wonderful endeavor with them. And I’m especially thankful for the behind the scenes team, who make all my absolutely ludicrous entrance ideas into a reality! I still can’t believe how good my MST3K sketch turned out!”

Alex Damon (Star Wars Champion): I’m so thankful to be a part of the Schmoedown. As a fan of the competition before I got to compete, it’s surreal every time I step into the ring. Or up to the table. Or however you want to label it. I have made friends through the Schmoedown. Every time I fly home it leaves me with a feeling that I’ve been a part of something great. A group of people getting together to celebrate movie trivia together. It’s the best feeling of camaraderie.”

Mike Kalinowski (Competitor): “What am I thankful for this year? Easy… all of you. I have made so many great friendships this year and it’s all due to the Schmoedown. From all the amazing competitors who put their hearts into everything, the crew who tirelessly bring it all together and the fans that make the Schmoedown possible. I have been able to meet and get to know all of you, which has has turned into friendships that I will have forever. My life has become richer for having you all in it  and I am honored that I get to call you my friends.” – Love, Mike.

Matt Iseman (Commentator): “I’ve never actually competed, but I’ve watched the Schmoes grow into a global force for good (and advanced the lost art of true cinematic knowledge and appreciation particularly as it applies to Nic Cage).  I appreciate that a family has formed through a shared bond of loving movies and trash talk and the world is embracing it. And Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time!”

Thadd Williams (Commissioner): “I’m especially thankful for the hardworking people behind the camera. All of the writers, producers, editors and technical staff work tirelessly each week to create this crazy entertaining competition series that we all love. Without them it would just be a few movie geeks sitting at the back booth of a diner testing each other’s memory recall. I’m consistently blown away by the magic that each of them bring to the table to make this series a reality.”

Rachel Cushing (Team Champion): “I never thought that, at my age, I could meet people and be a part of something that would change my life, but that is what playing in the Schmoedown has done for me. I can’t imagine my life without everyone I’ve met over the last two years in it, from friends I’ve met in the ring to friends who keep everything running behind the scenes to friends from the fan community. So I’m thankful for this chance to say thank you to you all – you know who you are – you enrich my life in more ways than I can count and I’m proud to stand beside you as we pour our heart and souls into this thing that encourages community and friendship through a shared love of film.”

Bonnie Somerville (Competitor): “My favorite thing about being a part of the Schmoedown is the glee I get from beating people who think I have no game!! But seriously – it’s such a fun group of people , and so completely individual to the Schmoe brand and style – there is nothing like it. I can’t wait to go back in and kick some ass! I’ve been a fan since the beginning and will always be one.”

Jeannine The Machine (Competitor): I’m thankful for the fans. I started as a fan and still am one. You help this crazy amazing think that is Schmoedown continue to grow. I’m thankful for Jay Washington. Will never forget you being there for my first match days out of the hospital to support me and guide me through. I’m thankful to the crew and competitors for all your hard work, you impress me always and have been kind enough to include me among you. Kristian and Mark thank you for allowing me to play in a world where I don’t have to have a last name. You’ve built something truly special.”

Marc Andreyko (Competitor): I’m thankful for all the great friends i have made through the Schmoedown – both fans and fellow competitors. Truly, some of my favorite people on the planet. I’m thankful for my great teammates – The Fyffe Club! To be the sole male amongst such smart, funny, great ladies is a privilege! And i’m thankful there was a Blue Wave in the midterms!!! Biggest voter turnout in a century! Looks like we postponed to apocalypse a little longer! A simple request: try to be nice to a stranger every day. Share love. It’s easy and feels great:)”

Jonny Loquasto (Manager): I’m thankful to see what Kristian and Mark have built over the past decade plus from scratch. Two dudes who love movies started recording their film reviews on a handheld camera in an apartment, and that has turned into a worldwide phenomenon featuring a motley crew of brilliant savants with a passionate fan base who really appreciate the pro wrestling aspect of the chaos. I’m just glad I’m able to talk into a microphone since my only true movie knowledge centers UHF, Dolemite, and The Big Lebowski. GOBBLE GOBBLE Y’ALL!”

Mark Donica (Competitor): The community of the Schmoedown has been a very welcome and open one. I’ve been able to share my love of pro-wrestling, music and movies in one character to move the story along. The Innergeekdom division saw its biggest year in Season 5 and I’m beyond thankful to be apart of it. Also Ken Napzok. Always Ken Napzok.”

Josh Macuga (WILDBERRIES!): I’m thankful that the berries remain wild and the wild remain berries. I’m thankful that we have none of the belts and all of the fans who like to yell and buy t-shirts. I’m thankful that Bad Boys 2 was made and even more thankful that Eliot Dewberry is the most complete teammate in the history of the Schmoedown. I’m thankful that every competitor in the league is my friend and I’m thankful that Macgruber killed Dieter Von Cunth.”

Lon Harris (Competitor): “I’m thankful for Truffaut’s Antoine Doniel series, Fritz Lang’s detour into German Expressionism, the pioneering experiments of Dziga Vertov, Bressonian minimalism and Emir Kusturica’s humorous and richly detailed ‘When Father Was Away On Business.’ Also to Kristian and Mark for creating the Schmoedown, JTE for inviting me and suggesting that I compete, and the fans for supporting a loftier, more intellectual future for the entire enterprise.”

Ken Napzok (Competitor/Manager): I’m thankful for the community that sprung up around a silly way to decide a feud between two podcast staff members years ago. It’s amazing. Between the podcasts like Take 17 Reactions, The Party Already Started, and the Brad Gilmore and Friends Variety Hour now featuring Numbers McGee the community keeps growing and growing. I’m also thankful for countless hours put in by the production and post-production crew, whether in-studio or on location. I’m also thankful for that one-time superfan Trappy Jenkins brought a poster to a live show with my name on it.”

Roxy Striar (Manager): “I’m thankful for anyone who puts their time, passion and energy towards something fun and healthy, like schmoedown. I’m thankful that despite being awful at trivia, there is a place for me in this league. I’m thankful to have been able to watch Kristian, Mark and the schmoes crew grow this show into the beast that it is. I’m thankful to the friends I’ve made, the people I’ve managed, the behind the scenes team that makes it all happen, and every person who watches and contributes.” – xx Rox

Chris Clark (Producer): “The Schmoedown has given me friends and family I’m forever thankful for. From my Rundown brothers Brad and Frank, to Pat, Alex and Sarah, to the Take 3 crew, to lifelong friendships I’ve formed with Bibbs, Witney, and RMB. It’s been amazing. Im also forever thankful for the friendships I’ve formed with the competitors and trust i’ve formed with the Collider crew. The work is always worth it. Keep Rocking guys, till the end of time.”

Matt Knost (Competitor): There is so much to be thankful for this holiday not least of which is the entirety of the schmoedown family: fans, writers, competitors, cast, and crew. The tremendous warmth and community that has sprung up around this little trivia competition that could is a joy to witness and one that I hope continues to grow. I would feel remiss for not taking this opportunity to bust Kristian’s chops, but alas this does not seem the time nor place. I’ll save that missive for the Christmas newsletter.”

Patrick “PJ” Campbell (TriviaSD Contributor): “I’m thankful for so much that the Schmoedown has given me over the last two years. After being invited by the Wild Man himself two years ago, I’ve gained incredible lifelong friendships that I could only dream of, all wrapped around what some might see as a silly online game show. My life is fuller for having you all in my life. I’m a proud of this show, and all the people – – both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras – – who endlessly pour their all into every single match. Thank you Kristian, Ellis, and everyone else for letting me, the plucky little fan who, according to Emma, ‘has seen the most live matches,’ be a part of this, and here’s to many more years of fun, chaos, and WILD BERRIES to come!”

Clarke Wolfe (Team Champion): “I am thankful for my incredible friends in the Fyffe Club, the hardworking Schmoedown crew and YOU! Thank you so much for the continued support over the years — it’s always a treat to interact with people who love the game as much as we do.”

Mark Reilly (Competitor): “When the Schmoedown started, it was just a fun bit we did on the Schmoes Know Show. Everyone was already pretty tight because of the show in general. When the game expanded to the league, new competitors were introduced. The league grew, it changed, it evolved. But the most consistent thing that stayed the same was the quality and class of the competitor. Once you competed, you became a member of the family. A brother and sister at arms. We, the competitors, share a bond in a way that you have each others’ backs. You understand what it’s like to be under those lights. To study trivia. To lean on each other after a loss; to celebrate after a huge win. I am so damn thankful to each and every person who competes, cheers, laughs and even cries during this crazy rollercoaster of a league. My colleagues in Schmoedown are my family. And to the fans, you make this all possible. So thanks to you as well.”

Chris Skalicky (Question Guru): “I’m thankful for the opportunity that Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis provided to be on the ground floor of something exciting and very special. The friends I have made and people I’ve met and the over these past few years have been nothing short of spectacular! The Schmoedown has helped this small-town guy from the midwest break out of his shell a little more and has allowed me to share my love of movies in a whole new and awesome way.”

Ben Bateman (Competitor): I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend meaningful time around other movie enthusiasts that love movies the way I do. Movie fans that find refuge in the calm of reliving our most cherished moments in those films together through discussion and competition. I’m thankful for the fanbase that keeps us all feeling justified in our borderline psychotic commitment to the game. I’m thankful for Kristian and Mark creating something so unique and engaging. I’m thankful to have been a part of 2 separate teams that have made an impact on the league. Finally, I’m thankful for the satisfying win against John Rocha that I will someday get. It will be glorious.”

Brianne Chandler (Free For All Champion): “Thankful for the variety of roles I’ve been able to do for the Schmoedown ever since starting as a question writer in season 2.  Schmoedown has given me new friendships that I hope will be everlasting. Lastly, I’m thankful for where I’m going and the positive impact I will make on others in the near future. Philippians 4:6-8”

Paul Galliano (Conspirator?): I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of something great and to have met so many talented, warm, fun, and funny people! These days, life is busier for everyone, with many wheels in constant motion, so I’m grateful to be welcomed into the fold from time to time. I love how everyone involved works together under the guidance of Kristian to create something that, on a simple level, is just good fun, and on higher level, is an amazing community where enthusiasts can connect, compete, debate, react, and cheer for the hero (or heel!) of their choosing.”

Samm Levine (Champion, Retired): “I’m thankful for so much this year. The wonderful, ever growing family of cinema nerds the Schmoedown brought into my life – especially my ride or die, and greatest movie trivia mind I’ve ever known, Drew McWeeny. The incredible and passionate Schmoedown fans, who so lovingly support and engage with the show. And, last but not least, my fantastic agents over at TalentWorks for making sure I was so busy this year, I couldn’t really compete anymore. Thank you all, and happy Thanksgiving!”

Andrew Ghai (Competitor): First and foremost, I am thankful for the #ActionArmy! This group of amazing individuals has proven to me that the MTS is comprised of the greatest collection of viewers and competitors. I can’t thank Kristian and Mark enough for creating this amazing community. It has become a pivotal part of my life and career. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to showcase my lack of movie trivia knowledge and my excess of douchebaggery. Love most of you, loathe some of you, couldn’t live without any of you. #ActionArmy for lyfe.”

Emma Fyffe (Competitor/Manager): When I was first was asked to jump in one day and do post match interviews on a Friday in early November 2016, I never could have imagined how big a part of my life the Movie Trivia Schmoedown would become. I am thankful that Kristian and Mark took a chance on me and allowed me to grow along with the Schmoedown itself. I so grateful to be part of this incredible show that has become so much more than and yet continues to be about a bunch of nerds getting together and celebrating our love of movies. I am  so thankful for the incredibly devoted community that has grown around our weird little show and all the people who have come into my life because of it. And of course, I am especially grateful for the Fyffe Club and the incredible support we receive both from the people who make the Schmoedown happen, and the fans who make the Schmoedown possible.”

Chance Ellison (Competitor): I have so much to be thankful for this year. First and Foremost I’m thankful for all the fans, if you didn’t know me before Schmoedown thank you for all the support, if you did know me before Schmoedown from my days in the fan leagues you know I wouldn’t be here without you guys. I want to thank Rob and Vanessa from LTTP you guys gave me a platform to get my name out there I wouldn’t be here without you guys either. I’m PJ, Sarah, Alex, and Joe, for always giving me a place to stay even before you even knew me you guys are so kind. I’m thankful for my partner Mike, and my manager Ken, you guys are great you’re the best teammates a guy could ask for. As well as all the competitors, you guys treated me a 20 year old kid from Arizona with the same respect as you would someone who’s been in the league for years and I’m truly grateful for it, and I’m humbled and honored to call you friends. Getting to work alongside you guys has been a dream of mine for a long time, and the fact that I’ve made this far is a highlight of my life and I’m forever thankful for this opportunity given to me by Kristian. This year has been amazing and I look forward to all the good times the future holds.”


  1. Great article from so many of the people who make the show great! So thankful to everyone who contributed and everyone who didn’t. You guys are all amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you, all of you. From Kristian, to the crew, to the production team, to the competitors. Thank you for showing us the joy of movie trivia. Thank you for pouring your blood, sweat, and tears to keep us fans entertained. I truly appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. What a great idea for an article! 👏👏 In my “real life” I don’t have a lot of people who think of me as their go-to for having fun… but I’m grateful for Schmoedown as a community of people where I’m there to have fun like the rest of the crowd, and where we can all appreciate this amazing sports-entertainment production. And boy do I appreciate everyone who is involved. Thank you so much.


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